Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Brier Patch Doppleganger

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I offer the following experience in one of those oddities like slipping through a melding of time or a deja vu moment, as one really does not know what it was, but that it simply was and it led to perplexity as it makes one uncertain as to what one just experienced.

When I drive, I wave at people. I look at everyone in their vehicles and assess who they are as I always have. This past week in running errands, TL and I were taking our normal "truck route" through town which is a back street, off the main thoroughfare. It is not like we live in a metro, but I just take the back streets as there is less chance to get into a wreck or run across a cop usually, so I like most people around here, are skirting the edges as that is what we do by instinct.

So we turn by the grocery and are running up to the Catholic church, and when I turn the corner there is this woman in an SUV. TL and I are not talking as we are kind of both lost in the daze of thought, but I think as I pass this woman, that she has this weird fixed smile on her face, like TL says our happy cats have, and I ponder her short boy hair, her perhaps pushing 70 and just how pleasant it must be to be that happy to have a weird upturned grin on your face all the time.

So we travel about 3 blocks from this around some turns as the truck route meanders a bit, and another SUV appears, this one black, and I see a woman with that same grin, same hairdo, same pushing 70, same expression, same hands on the wheel, same sitting and it is enough, that it surprises me when TL and I both blurt out, "That looks like the same woman we just met!!!"

TL was pondering as we turned up to the stop light that there was not any way she could have gotten around what would have been probably 15 blocks to be in front of us again. The SUV's TL said in the first one was kind of bluish, but the second one was black. It is one of those perplexing situations when you know you both saw something, the same something exactly twice, and it makes zero sense.

We have a small community here, but it is not like I know everyone, but I don't know of any old twins cruising around here or sisters that look that close, or would ever want to be that identical as it pisses women off to have that kind of copying going on.

I never inquired as I do like the mystery of this in thinking we saw something of a Doppleganger. I like to think that just maybe we experienced one of those rare occurences when we slipped through time in that woman, was the same woman, but from different times by a few minutes. In one reality she drove a dark bluish SUV and in another she drove an exact model SUV.

She looked exactly the same so the personal choices of appearance were the same, but in that in random chance, perhaps when she purchased her new SUV, she was minutes behind in someone else bought the one she was in the first time line.

I like this story a great deal and intend to tell it to others around camp fires as it is part creepy and part a scientific experience, as TL and I both witnessed  this, it made zero sense in our dimension, and that leaves as odds on random chance of this being a dual time line we happened upon as we moved through time, or there are two odd sisters who do everything exactly the same, including drive down the same streets to the same locations.

It is just one of those Lame Cherry exclusives in matter anti matter which no one else ever would write about and can only be found here.