Monday, April 16, 2018

The Dearth of Art Bell

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I want to convey my condolences to Art Bell's family now that he has passed on, especially his faithful wife, Airyn who has been there with him for the past difficult years. This though is not going to a eulogy though for Mr. Bell.

Mr. Bell has been ill for sometime with heart and lung problems. My dad suffered from similar enlarged heart and, there are only so many beats in a stressed out heart or soul before death is the solution and that is what life is.

Art Bell Condition Update

Thursday 7-07: Update From Art –
I am now home after five days in what must be one of the greatest hospitals in the world, St Rose. I am not in good shape, so weak I cannot dress myself. I want to publicly thank my wife Airyn who never left my side and helped every moment day and night and still is. I went through every test known to man. Had a hole punched in my lung, MRI, PET scans, X-Rays, more blood tests then could be counted, was on Morphine the whole time. Had so many IVs running it started to get hard to find a vein. If I make it I will have the best wife in the world to thank as well as the best hospital. Can’t really type more now but that is the current situation, more later.
— Art

What this is about though is the reality of Art Bell, who never bothered to ever reply to me as most celebrities do to fans, and the reality that Art had his world and it was his. He built a radio empire cult which was bigger and more loyal than Rush Limbaughs. He handled Jeff Rense with grace when things got interesting between them in the beginning. After personal problems and problems with radio monopolies, he moved away from the public eye and ended up married in the Philippines.
It was the the deep state seized the Bell franchise and installed that pathetic George Noury. Noury if he was legitimate would have been fired years ago, as he ran Coast to Coast into the ground. He lost multiple millions of listeners and all that is left is a program of Noury reading canned questions like a Ken Doll and guests that are so boring that one falls to sleep before they come on.

What disgusts me about George Noury was his milking the death of Art Bell on the night it took place. Noury kept teasing the audience that he knew something, but had to check it all out, but it was big and he kept at it in every break, until he had to move ahead with it, as the story had broken that Bell was dead.

What followed was Noury with crocodile tears, bawling on air, and his producer comforting Noury with, "Well you both never got along, but there was closeness there", or some kind of rubbish like that.

The fact is that Art Bell ORDERED George Noury to quit trading on his name, as Noury kept mentioning Bell in the credits trying to gain some listeners who were loyal to Bell to stay around. That is what George Noury is, and while I can not speak for Art Bell, I certainly can state that if some asstard took over this blog and ran it into the ground, abusing readers with stupidity and using my name for the deep state, I would be furious and tell the sod to go sod off and quit using my name.
It seems Art Bell got over Noury and the deep state destroying all he built, but what George Noury engaged in on Friday night was disgusting in him trying to portray that Bell and he were close and that Noury was bawling for real.

It became worse on Saturday night as Connie Willis or whatever that tards name is, did thee Noury in a skirt monotone of the worst eulogy ever spoken. It went like, "I wouldn't be here for Art Bell. Art Bell is dead. We don't know what killed Art Bell", and that was it until the break when she came back and said something like, "Wow I got so many compliments on the nice things I said that I almost lost it".

Those two frauds are thee most unscrupulous and disingenuous duo since Bill and Hillary Clinton. It simply is beyond the pale in primates acting this way in trading off a dead guy.

Whenever someone appeared who had talent on Coast to Coast like insider John B. Welles, Noury canned him. Noury is like Limbaugh in only putting on air thee most worthless hosts on the planet. I can not keep the nameless cast correct, but there are two hosts on the weekends in one from Canada and one from Minnesota who do have good guests and understand how to do interviews, but the rest are absolute trolls.

This is why I stated at the beginning of this that there was no praise in this for Art Bell, but instead this is something which had to be said about what a complete creep George Noury is, along with that girl image of him named Connie.

If the radio network is interested in a fitting tribute to Art Bell, they should have fired Noury long ago, instead of signing that buffoon to a long term contract, and hired John B. Welles and the two guest hosts for the weekend. That would have built the Coast to Coast audience again, but not to the heights of Art Bell, as Bell came along at the right time, with the right verse to blow boring Bruce and Larry off the air, with guests that were intriguing and were telling a story that Bell always said, "I don't know if it is true, but it is fun".

I would have that Art Bell was not so celebrity, but he had his walls and his wife and kids were happy with him, and that is all that matters in the end, as fans always want to be best friends or in my case at least a, "Don't bother me kid as I got important things to do", emails. He deserved though better in death, and especially his wife, to have some respect and not his corpse played upon for ratings.

I suspect the odds are  that Noury already is angling to get Mrs. Bell on the air for a fitting tribute that Noury can milk for all it's worth, as that is what Coast to Coast has become, trading on the dead.
If George Noury and this Connie Willis had any decency they would issue and apology to the family of Art Bell and then resign forever in disgrace for being the ghouls they are.

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