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The Dotty Donald

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After another fake chemical weapon's attack in Syria, the Jewish IDF attacked Damascus and had most of it's missiles neutralized by Russian air defenses in the hands of President Assad. The American people were promised that in about 2 days President Trump would have a response to Syria, and the following was a missile barrage of words on Twitter threatening Russia that the missiles were coming and then followed by the notice to Russia that their economy was in need of American assistance.

Trump's Russia "get ready" Missile Twitterstorm Baffles Netizens.

© REUTERS/ Joshua Roberts
Earlier in the day, the US President took to Twitter to call for Russia to “get ready” for “nice and new and smart” missiles in Syria as a response to the alleged chemical attack in Douma – the tweet was followed by another one, urging Moscow to stop what he described as an “arms race.”
After threatening to attack Syria, POTUS scaled back the rhetoric 40 minutes later with his next tweet reading that Moscow needed Washington’s help in economy, suggesting working together and ending what he called an “armed race.”

What followed were tweets and comments which concluded Donald Trump was nuts or dotty, as none of this made sense to people, but that is what the Lame Cherry is for, in explaining what is taking place so all of you do not fall into the abyss.

Forget for a moment if Donald Trump is crazy. Do you think Mike Pence is nuts? Do you think that  Sec. Pompeo is nuts? Do you think that Sec. Mattis is nuts? Do you think John Bolton is insane? Competent people would answer that none of these people are crazy and that should lead one to better than flat brain analysis of Donald Trump, who has been smeared as senile, mentally deficient, unbalanced and nuts by everyone from Nancy Pelosi to Ben Sasse.
He has been called a f*cking moron by Herbert McMaster, Rex Tillerson and John  Kelly, but a moron is a far space different than being nuts.

In my forensic psychological assessment of this, it appears that Donald Trump is acting out as President Ronald Reagan did, who was called senile, crazy and a leader who would nuke the world. In a room of very cut throat dictators from Putin, Xi, Kim etc.... Donald Trump is the one brandishing nukes like toothpicks, but if one examines the Trump record, the person who wanted to nuke people, escalate conflict was Herbert McMaster who has been removed and was neutralized by Rex Tillerson and Mad Dong Mattis as they were not interested in war.

Donald Trump has not fired one weapon in Asia or anywhere in the world, save he has quietly been dismantling Obama's and McCain's ISIS in the Middle East.

Donald Trump is utilizing a Crazy Ivan strategy to keep other nations uncertain as to exactly what he is willing to do and you will note in this that in Trump successes as against ISIS, he keeps his mouth shut in not calling attention to those operations or successes.

Crazy Ivan was a term by the US Navy for Russian submarines which US submarines were following in the Cold War in their baffles or directly behind their propellers as this was the Soviet deaf spot. The Soviet commanders would often turn their submarines or go full stop and cant their vessels enough to listen with forward radar for the Americans, which could cause a collision. They would also bring to bear weapons in a direct confrontation.

Crazy Ivan was a maneuver used by Soviet submarines to clear their baffles in order to see if they were being followed. The sudden, unexpected nature of the maneuver led to the term being used in the English-speaking world

When President Reagan was being accused of being that "crazy cowboy" who was going to nuke the world, things came to a head in the European exercises for NATO where the Soviets went to Defcom II as they were positioning for a Reagan first strike as Ronald Reagan had them so concerned that the Soviets were on edge.
President Reagan rolled the rhetoric back after this and what appeared next was Gorbachev and detente, but it was effective policy.


“For three days, the Russians were at DEFCOM 2 (preparation for responding to a nuclear attack),” Clauson said. “They were expecting nuclear war, and we had no idea, and when my father was telling me this, he told me, ‘Johnny, when I found out that they had gone to DEFCOM 2, I thought I could have been vaporized.’ Let me tell you, if your father tells you he was going to be vaporized, you’ll never forget that.”
Of course, when the 10-day exercise ended, the Soviets realized it had been only that – an exercise. But a double agent named Oleg Gordievsky informed CIA director William Casey that Russia had gone into DEFCOM 2 during Able Archer, believing the U.S. was going to launch a real nuclear attack. Casey then passed this information to President Reagan.
When Reagan learned how close the world had come to nuclear war, he began to change his tone, according to Clauson. He abandoned any talk of the Soviet Union as an “Evil Empire” and began to focus on cooperation and the two superpowers’ shared desire for peace.
“[Reagan] goes, ‘Did they really think I was going to nuke them?’ and that’s what ended the Cold War,” Clauson asserted. “Ronald Reagan started back-channeling to the Russians, saying, ‘Listen, I’m not crazy. We’ve got to look for mutual areas where we can agree.’ [Mikhail] Gorbachev surfaces 15 to 17 months later.

I do not believe for a moment that Vladimir Putin or the Russian Generals thinks that America is going to launch a nuclear strike against Russia or that America will strike Russia proper in their soldiers or assets. America has though bombed Russian mercenaries in Syria ad has been engaged in a very close crossing the red line to send messages to Russia which has Vladimir Putin concerned enough with his Generals to engage in threats of using first strike nuclear weapons and scorched earth Cobalt bombs on the American coasts in tidal wave torpedoes. If something goes wrong, it goes wrong in a huge way, but President Trump running the Dotty Donald strategy is proving he is an artful dodger. In this Lame Cherry assessment the greatest threat in all of this in triggering a nuclear war is Robert Mueller's witch hunt and attempting to make the President react by raiding the President's lawyers office. That is the threat in this, as the Kremlin weighs those realities of would a President persecuted by Robert Mueller and the deep state  actually start a war to divert his removal from office. That is what would unbalance Russia and is the real danger of this thug named Robert Mueller.

Donald Trump has a pattern of carrot and stick. I believe that Russia is astute to figure out that Donald Trump is running Dotty Donald and does not pay the least attention to Donald Trump's toxic tweets, but has the diplomatic genius to understand the President's message in this  that he is willing to throw a first and second punch, but he would prefer Russia complying with situations as China is complying with situations in North Korea and tariffs.
Up to a point, tariffs release pressure so the military does not come to the front. If one measures Donald Trump, he is actively involved in a Trump Strategy and that strategy is to get Peking and Moscow to agree to the Defense Intelligence Agency's description of the world.
For China it will mean the United States getting it's foot into the trillion dollar share of North Korean mineral wealth without a war and for Russia it will mean at the start that Mr. Putin will agree to Mr. Assad being replaced and Russia turning over her fortunes to be looted by the US stock market, as the next step will be to roll Russia to agreeing to NATO on her doorstep with nuclear arms reduction.

Putin Heeds Trump’s Warning to ‘Get Ready’ for Strike; Russia Moves 11 Nave Ships Out of Syrian Port

Brinkmanship never looks sane.  Ask how stable it is when a US submarine is within ramming distance of a Russian submarine and the submarine stops and everyone is sweating and you will find a crew thinking this is nuts, as it being a situation when American air crews are having Russian jets rocking their aircraft with afterburner blasts in flyby's.
This is how diplomacy is played when the diplomats have cemented a message of mutually assured destruction.

At this juncture, Donald Trump is far more stable than the murderous instability which Birther Hussein unleashed in all of those revolutions which are still a festering problem, but it is all part of the grand strategy in this of the cartel powers.

I have more confidence in John Bolton guiding Trump strategy with Mike Pompeo, even if they are warhawks, because the Russians understand this mentality and the appropriate responses.

Taking things from nuclear powers is not an easy task. It requires brinkmanship and that is what is being engaged in, in American policy envisioned by Donald Trump.

This is the Lame Cherry forensic psychological evaluation of this situation and scenario.

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