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The Forgotten People of Small America

Congress once set aside land trusts for communities to sell the land
in railroad communities to fund their schools.


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Like most people in the Brier Patch I  know people, but have no idea what their name is. A woman smiled at us in the grocery and said "I will probably see you in the thrift store". I had no idea who she was, but she knew us from there.

This is for Bones in a great part as he says we live by each other, but I am giving away a source of a most interesting woman who I have no idea who she is as she moved to the Brier Patch, but we get to talking (her daughter in Arizona tells  her, "MOTHER STOP TALKING TO PEOPLE AND TELLING THEM THINGS", but everyone here does that, and when we go places we are always nattering at people too.
Thing is one of the biggest chats I ever met in the metro was a gal from Arizona who got the hell out that Mexican invasion route.

I do  not know this woman's name so I will call her that white haired woman. I probably have my own descriptions as that person with TL, but we were talking the other day and  I asked her about her past.

She said, "My dad was from Minnesota. He wanted to farm more land, so he sold his higher priced Minnesota land, and moved to South Dakota. She said he purchased a half section of land, but there were no buildings on it, so they had to move to a house in town.
It took me a bit to find  this town as I was spelling it Alby, but it is Albee.

Albee was a railroad town. This is fascinating piece of American history in the late 1880's as speculation in railroads were the swindle of the day. This particular line is noteworthy as you remember that Dana Milbank of the Washington Post? His ancestor  speculated with Borden in condensed milk, got a government contract of  the Civil War and made their fortunes. Jeremiah Milbank was the speculator in this railroad venture and WC Albee was one of his officials.
The railroad used to name numbers of these rail towns after their investors.

This town in the middle of nowhere has 7 households and four families residing in it. I would probably bet those people would not be in New York City if you gave them a million dollars. In that though ,we begin  the tale of the white haired lady. The population is 16,  an entire town of 16 people who know more about their neighbors than themselves, as that is ok, as the neighbors know more about them than they know themselves.

She told me that in the 1930's that her and her older sister did not count sheep in trying to go to sleep, but were quite industrious in they counted people. She said there were 100 people in that town and her and her sister counted them every night. I was delighted and that and laughed in merriment in the games children play in their innocence and how things have changed. It reminded me a great deal of Little House on the Prairie books, and it should of because Laura Ingalls Wilder was raised southeast of there in Minnesota by Mankato on Walnut Creek (Black Walnuts) an Pa moved to DeSmet to homestead to try their fortune in Dakota Territory as other poor people did. That is where Laura Ingalls the Swede met her English sounding Wilder husband.
The white haired lady was a devout Swede and she mentioned an old hymnal I had at checkout  was from the Church she used to attend in another city.

I always think of all of the lives that made America, and how so many names are gone. We had a good Catholic family here that raised 18 children, and in a few years, that farmsite will be gone and that family barely known. We had another good Catholic family with a like brood, and they are all scattered to the wind.

People had such dreams in moving to a town in the middle of nowhere, because it was a nightmare where they were. Most never got rich, but they had a good life as it was in the railroad's interest to keep them poor and breeding. Now it is in the conglomerates interest to genocide Americans and replace them with foreign vermin.
Someday I hope to visit Albee just to see. I have been through a number of small communities, and always am saddened how most lose the grocery, then the school, then the post office and the Churches disappear. So many good American communities gone and the good people who built them, and all that is left are rocks on  a grave with writing on them.

I talk to people and I listen. I have done that as a child, in I was shy and relished older people telling me endless stories of their youth, as there was always some great adventure from their past, which was just an event, like the Waltons milking their cow on Christmas Eve. This time it was two little girls in the middle of nowhere in Christian virtue counting all the souls in a little town in people who were their neighbors.

As I like  statistics and trends, I found a listing of the population on this town, and what killed Albee was the year 1950, in FDR's industrialziation and war for America. The next fatal step came in 1970 when the Rockefellers created the petro dollar, drove up inflation and destroyed the family farms in America.
Another fatal low  is coming now with these Trump Visa Vermin and the not making America great again for the forgotten peoples in small America.

Two little girls never forgot Americans in 1930, but Americans were forgotten after that and are now being abandoned. Those are what the statistics prove.


1920 115
1930 94
1940 114
1950 75
1960 42
1970 26
1980 23
1990 15
2000 10
2010 16
Est. 2016 15 [11] −6.2%

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