Monday, April 9, 2018

The History of Gun Control you never Knew

My good friend Gabby Giffords always shot an AR 15,
while I liked a Jew gun in the Uzi for up close work.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The New York Times had a most interesting historical account of Abraham Lincoln having his own shooting range on the Mall. In fact, Abraham Lincoln used to shoot his rifles with cabinet members on the location where the Washington Monument was to be built.

I got one of the first AR's. I knew John Jacob Ar personally
and we used to take our 15's out to shoot pike in the stream.

True to form, Lincoln prepared to personally test the Spencer. At the appointed time on Aug. 18, Spencer arrived at the White House and accompanied the president, his son Robert and an official from the Navy Department, who carried the rifle, target and ammunition, for a short walk to the Mall, near the site of the unfinished Washington Monument.

Nothing pleased me more than to jump in my Ford Roadster and
take along my Browning BAR's. I should have had them at Ford's Theater
where I would have shot that John Wilkes Booth. 

The target was a board about six inches wide and three feet high, with a black spot on each end, about forty yards away. The rifle contained seven cartridges. Mr. Lincoln’s first shot was about five inches low, but the next shot hit the bull’s-eye and the other five were close around it. ‘Now,’ said Mr. Lincoln, ‘we will see the inventor try it.’ The board was reversed and I fired at the other bull’s-eye, beating the President a little. ‘Well,’ said he, ‘you are younger than I am and have a better eye and a steadier nerve.’

My favorite gun was a Tommy Gun. I got my first one in Chicago
and used to fire a brace of them from the hip.

on August 17, 1863, I arrived at the White House with the rifle in hand, and was immediately ushered into the executive room, where I found the President alone. After a brief introduction, I took the rifle from its cloth case and handed it to him. Examining it carefully, and handling it as one familiar with firearms, Mr. Lincoln requested me to take it apart ‘and show the inwardness of the thing.’


  I started a civil war to preserve the union and 
I would use nukes to preserve the Second Amendment
- Abraham Lincoln