Monday, April 9, 2018

The HAARP Wolf

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

 I was most interested this past week just how HAARP was about to generate another massive storm on the northern great plains as there was zero evidence one could appear again.
I have not inquired, but in observing what is taking place I believe these snow dumps have the purpose of assisting the barge traffic in snow melt, but also to sucker farmers to not plant wheat, and by keeping winter around two weeks later than it should in this region, will force planting of soybean and corn.
The market speculation will go there. It appears that there is a drought building, as the winter wheat crops are in poor shape, and the cartel is about to place American farming and food supply under great stress.

The following is April 6th. I have never witnessed a 5000 mile storm line from coast to coast. Bear in mind that there is a predicted snow storm over the northern great plains, and yet this river of moisture reveals this is impossible again.

April 6th series

By April 7th, the 5000 mile current of moisture has disappeared, literally vanished. What has now appeared though is a two blob moisture presence over Washington and western Montana.

April 7th series

 The wolf of HAARP appeared on the evening of the 7th as suddenly a weather system appeared over Montana where none was, and this thing kept growing like a monster. By midday on the 8th, this weather bomb actually joined up with a two part system over Kansas and melded in a storm now moving southeast.

April 8th Series



Remember now this started with a massive west to east 5000 mile storm front.
That disappeared and a west to east blob carried from Washington to Montana. Once there it began moving easterly until it reached the Minnesota border when it plunged southeast.

It is of note in this, that the winds were NORTH at the start of this, but shifted to EAST again, while these storms moved east southeast. In other words, these storms again all moved into the wind. There is zero rotation to account for these winds, and yet the wind blows from the east and the storms move east.

 In the above series, it is as if you are observing weather systems from different periods of time, not periods of time of 12 hours.

At this point I no longer care about the discoveries or the observations of this as things of the grave are the gravest concern and what matters the weather from the grave.