Saturday, April 14, 2018

Trump Accomplished

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There is a fact in Syria that President Vladimir Putin drew a red line in the sand to once again protect Russian national interests and the Trump State could not allow that line the sand to stand to American dominance, so it was obliterated by Donald John Trump in a missile salvo costing the United States taxpayers in the short term almost half a billion dollars.

Pentagon Confirms Zero Evidence Of Syrian Chemical Attack ...

The Pentagon admits it used NGO reports on alleged recent chemical attacks in Syria and cannot confirm if they even took place. The lack of evidence, however, did not get in the way of the latest Russia blame game galore.

Alexander Sherin, deputy head of the State Duma’s defense committee, says Trump “can be called Adolf Hitler No. 2 of our time — because, you see, he even chose the time that Hitler attacked the Soviet Union.”
That’s according to state news agency RIA-Novosti. The Nazi forces’ opening attack against the USSR in 1941 was launched around 4 a.m.

Hysterics are not going to deal with a nuclear bomb after it goes off, because cold calculations are what set the bomb off in the first place.

- Lame Cherry

Hysterics were not involved with Donald John Trump, but lies were, as this attack had zero deterrent for the United States, but was meant to protect the Jewish state, in which Donald Trump's actions just placed every American in nuclear jeopardy for Tel Aviv.

“The purpose of our actions tonight is to establish a strong deterrent against the production, spread and use of chemical weapons.Establishing this deterrent is a vital interest of the United States.”

- President Donald John Trump

Truth always lies in the lie. In reading between the lines in this, there are certain facts which prevail in the common understanding of the current situation in Syria.
First, Syria did not use chemical weapons against her own people.
Second, this chemical weapons attack was once again generated by the cartel of MI6 and the CIA proxies.
Third, Syria was engaged in rearming with chemical weapons  for the expressed purpose, chemical weapons are the poor man's nuclear bomb. Syria was creating chemical weapons to defend herself against being annexed by the Greater Judea for the oil which is under the Golan.

Syria is in the worst place in history and the world, since the day the Assyrians marched out of Nineveh. The Jews want Assad gone as he is not a puppet of Tel Aviv. The Jews want the Russians gone as they can not win a nuclear war with Russia. The Jews want to control Syria to break the Iranian land bridge to southern Lebanon in the Hezbollah terror group. That is why fake chemical weapon's attacks are manifesting in Syria as an excuse to further weaken President Assad of Syria, and create the inferno for an excuse to strike Iran and wipe out Hezbollah and the Gaza Philistines.

Chief Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White said Saturday that the strikes were launched to ‘‘cripple Syria’s ability to use chemical weapons in the future’’ and that the missiles ‘‘successfully hit every target.’’

The Pentagon confirms what the Lame Cherry stated and Russia mentioned in Syria's right to develop chemical weapons. Washington bombed Syria for Tel Aviv in an upcoming war to stop Syria's ability to defend herself with chemical weapons.


What the Americans are stating  though is of little importance now, as it is Donald Trump, hiding behind that French faggot Macron and that shemale Theresa May of London with their nuclear wands, now has initiated a deliberate bitch slap of Vladimir Putin. This was by design as all of this is factored in.
Mad Dong Mattis warned of escalating this, but the Tel Aviv mandate was what controlled Donald John Trump. A massive salvo was received by Russia's military, intelligence, government and people with the following response above in Donald Trump is a night stalking coward like Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump personally insulted President Vladimir Putin of Russia.
Donald Trump can run from Syria for the Jews now, but his actions will have the Russians following on his heals everywhere in the world as Russia moves to disrupt all things Trump to humiliate Donald Trump and bring him to ruin.

Russia’s ambassador to the United States said the bombings were an insult Russia’s president and not “acceptable”.
Anatoly Antonov said on Twitter: “A pre-designed scenario is being implemented.
“Again, we are being threatened. We warned that such actions will not be left without consequences.”
He added: “Insulting the President of Russia is unacceptable and inadmissable. The US – the possessor of the biggest arsenal of chemical weapons – has no moral right to blame other countries.”

One can mock President Trump in Mission Accomplished as George W. Bush in bravado declared victory and then was epically humiliated by combined forces in Iraq from inside America and out, but in reality Donald Trump accomplished nothing for peace, but accomplished exactly what he intended to do, and that was to shatter his base in the GOP making Republicans a third rate party to be replaced by at Trumpian socialist sodomite party and Donald Trump meant to goad Russia into actions which would lead to Russian humiliation and defeat, which would cripple Vladimir Putin in a coup, where his replacement would be a puppet of London banking.
Donald Trump's mission accomplished a policy for Greater Jewry in annexing Syria and in extorting billions of dollars out of Russia to be invested and then stolen on Wall Street as in the Dotcom bust which looted Europe and set off the retaliation of the 2008 Obama bust to install that Birther.

Peace is a deterrent to Wall Street profits.......

White said, ‘‘It was mission accomplished’’ in response to an earlier Tweet by President Trump who siad, “Mission Accomplished!”

There are absolute signs of weakness in this though in the Pentagon is highly concerned over the Russian bots placing propaganda which is being received by Trump supporters in the West. That is what happens when Donald John Trump uses fake chemical weapons attacks AGAIN, in order to place Americans into nuclear jeopardy for Tel Aviv policy.
If one notes in this, the British press has been the one stipulating that it was probably Tel Aviv that staged this chemical weapon attack and The Guardian came out in favor of Syria.

White said a Russian ‘‘disinformation campaign’’ has already begun and that ‘‘there has been a 2,000 percent increase in Russian trolls in the past 24 hours.’’

When it comes to Donald Trump rehabilitating the failed Jimmy Carter as the sound mind in foreign policy compared to Trump's Tel Aviv minded policies, the Conservative base is rejecting all that Donald Trump just did, and none is more definitive than Nigel Farage of London, who has stated the Churchill wisdom that all of this bombing and meddling in the Middle East has led to nothing but further disasters for the West.

The facts in this in the MTM,  the May, Trump and Macron, illegal attack upon Syria, as Syria DID NOT ATTACK NATO, AMERICA, FRANCE OR ENGLAND is the reality that from Russian and Syrian sources, there is enough differing, but enough commonality in their on site reports to point to the Pentagon is lying to the American public on this ariel attack on Damascus and Homs.
The Syrians shot down ten percent of these cruise missiles and diverted apparently a small number more in a surprise attack by DC, London and Paris.

The Syria Times gave a different version of the impact of the dawn attacks. Quoting Syrian TV, it said the Syrian air defenses downed 13 missiles over Kisweh area before reaching their targets.
It said that Damascus International Airport was not attacked. It reported that the air strikes hit the research center in Barza area and that the Syrian air defenses intercepted a number of missiles that targeted army depots in Homs, changing their track and causing the injury of three civilians.

The key to this is SURPRISE ATTACK, because the Pentagon did not warn Russia of this attack, placing Russians in jeopardy and Donald Trump did not provide a courtesy call to President Putin.

Russia has indicated that it will shoot back at missiles from the U.S. or its allies.
“Russia will execute the statement of its president related to any U.S. aggression against Syria, knocking down American missiles and striking at the sources of fire,” Alexander Zasypkin, Russia’s ambassador to Lebanon, told the Lebanese television channel Al Manar.

This is damning in this surprise attack as it disrespected Vladimir Putin, and more to the point, it reveals the Pentagon and Donald Trump are intimidated by Russian missile defense, as if the Russians had been alerted most of the American missiles would have been shot out of the sky. That is why Donald John Trump had to create a surprise attack on Syria for Tel Aviv, because the Pentagon knows that the American Tomahawk has been neutralized by Russian defense. As stated, this is thee most damning information coming out in this sneak attack, as it had to be a sneak attack as America's Raytheon cruise missiles are all obsolete to Russian capabilities.

Syria airstrikes: Allies declare success, as UN rejects Russian bid to ...
16 mins ago - He also confirmed that the strike was over during a Pentagon briefing at around 10.10pm, meaning it lasted no more than 70 minutes. US-Russia weapons in Syria. Russia was not warned before the air strikes were launched and there was no explicit coordination over the attack, a Pentagon official said.