Saturday, April 14, 2018

The HAARP Blizzard Bomb

 I survived the HAARP Bomb of Spring 2018

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I desire for each of you to behold something of HAARP weather modification in the Mother of all Blizzards which was manufactured to keep farmers from planting wheat to feed you and set them up for a drought scorching long season Monsanto crops for more Trumptopia Chicago commodities profits on farmer losses.

I first noted something was odd about this weather pattern, as the Lame Cherry noted before that storms were stopping at the Canadian border for the beginning of 2018 AD in the year of our Lord.

I broke this in HOTTER THAN HAARP.

I created this visual showing the red bow line in how for over 1500 miles nothing was moving north past this. Remember in this the reality of this is blizzard generating which should shove everything out of it's way.

As I was quite ill last night and up until 4 AM I happened to take this stunning screen grab of HAARP in action. I have noted as in above the moisture plumes in ground signatures, but look at what HAARP was engaged in at 4 AM while prying eyes slept when most of these weird phenomena appear.

 Look at the festering sores in these massive circles appearing from Nebraska to Indiana. I have never witnessed anything like this ever. It simply looks ghastly, but within a few hours what would generate is another one of these HAARP sky tears, right over South Dakota and designed to kill baby calves and lambs.

I had someone reporting to me on this storm and they said on the North Dakota border the sky was pink and just like a bomb went off, it started snowing and these massive blizzard winds appeared, which literally came out of nowhere, as again THERE IS NOT A CANADIAN COLD FRONT TO CREATE THESE WINDS.


Observe though the river of moisture ploughing across America to New York, again it is following the 47th parallel in a reality that HAARP can actually stop weather from crossing lines and it does this by apparent super streams of air ripping the atmosphere apart.

I simply am making records of this and from the report I received, this storm began like a bomb going off in the atmosphere and it literally quit like a curtain lifting. It was stunning because blizzards never behave like this. A blizzard begins slowly and increases with snow and then wind blows with snow flurries after the major part of the storm ceases for 24 hours. As stated, this snow dumped like a load of gravel and quit when the truck was empty.

One last point, notice in this that the same blob of moisture keeps hovering over Washington state as previously noted. It is some type of shadow of this main weather modification signature. It disappeared in the previous blizzards, but this time it remained in a constant.