Friday, April 13, 2018

US Policy is not Stupid as it is Bloody Piracy

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I realize  that the most noted minds in America as Paul Joseph Watson has fallen into the trap of calling the leaders in Washington stupid and blood thirsty as the ones in Tel Aviv, but frustration is not an excuse in placing labels upon people or situations which are either beyond comprehension or we are helpless to effectively stop politically.

When Syria appears as a flashpoint, not North Korea, not Ukraine, not Kosovo, it is for purpose. North Korea would provide too much scorched real estate. Ukraine would be too far a reach for NATO. Kosovo would bring a Russian invasion of Europe which NATO is not ready to deal with yet. That leaves Syria, but it is not Syria that is in the crosshairs, but Iran which was established by MI6 for control of oil away from the Shah and the Americans.
Iran is now expendable for London, as a war between Russia and America would bloody both and leave England once again in command of empire. Syria must be removed to cut off Hezbollah in Lebanon, and a final solution for Gaza as the Philistines have zero purpose for US economic wealth in aid as the paradigm changes.

The culmination of this is the drama at the United Nations over the latest fake chemical weapons attack in Syria which is always based in the same London, Tel Aviv, John McCain and Barack Obama ISIS terrorists.

The wall of mutual contempt between Russian Ambassador Vasily Nebenzya and US Ambassador Nikki Haley was on full display. Nebenzya took to pieces the entire argumentation of the US side regarding Douma and the ‘chemical attack.’
He detailed the rebel caches of chemical weapons and equipment for their manufacture that Russian troops have found in recently liberated territory of Eastern Ghouta and elsewhere. He spoke about the past provocations of faked chemical attacks including the one used to justify the US cruise missile launches on the Syrian air base at Sheirat a year ago. He linked the US training and support for terrorists in fabrication of chemical arms to the faked nerve agent attack on the Skripals in the UK, which he described as a vaudeville act. He heaped scorn on Haley for her denying Russia the status of “friend,”  saying that the US has no friends, only sycophants, whereas Russia has genuine friends, and seeks nothing more in relations with the United States than civilized discourse.

It is a reality that Russia is the nation telling the truth and the fiction coming out of Washington is like all past fiction in Woodrow Wilson blaming Germany to loot her in World War I, FDR blaming Japan to enter a global war to loot the world, as much as the Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam was about military industrial profits as much as Korea was about killing off more Veterans so they would not revolt at home. US kept millions of it's young males stationed outside of America so the overthrow of the Republic would be completed with the revolutionaries not at home, and the counter culture would prevail to install the community organized feudal rule which now prevails in America.

Washington thinks that whereas the lone USS Donald Cook missile destroyer standing offshore of Syria could be sunk by Russia without too much of an incident resulting—Israel destroyed the USS Liberty with massive US Navy casualties without any incident resulting— for Russia to sink 9 US ships including an aircraft carrier, is more than the Russians have stomach for.
It will be about 10 days before the US ships, sitting ducks all, reach the point where they can be easily disposed of. This gives the US Joint Chiefs of Staff 10 days to overrule Trump’s insane war cabinet and put the US military’s halt to Armageddon.

All of this is about as this blog has broken in another exclusive in matter anti matter. This is about convincing Russia that it should hand over it's billions to be swindled out of on Wall Street. Once that is accomplished, Moscow needs to hand over it's banks to the Rothschilds like the Americans handed over their nation are now in one big gulag.

Where the American experts are missing the point is that Russia does not have to go full confrontation, nor nuclear as this blog stated.  Russia could ram the USS Truman as has been the Russian military protocol, as they frequently play touch the jet with Americans. What good is a listing American aircraft carrier, when all it has is a group as it floats sideways in the Mediterranean Sea as an embarrassment.  Russia sacrifices one frigate which is a most cost effective measure and they can claim it is the American's fault.
It has the operational superiority of making the Americans fire on the Russian ship first making America the aggressors.
Russia studied under the greatest diplomat in Bismark of Germany. She stymied the European empires for generations and ate them by her size. This is the same Russia by Vladimir Putin who booted out the western nation rapists and secured her nation again.  Russia has proven methodical, deliberate and correct in every measured response. Measured is what Russia is and what Dotty Donald and his Junta are counting on.

Russia, Iran and Turkey are not fools. Their diplomats have generational memories. While London, DC and Tel Aviv focus on their simplistic objective of Damascus, what would a Molotov among Muslims London and Paris leave Europe burning.
A factor in this, of the Americans in love with Putin, just how much economic disruption of American lives would it require before a revolution began in America which is being stoked by the cartel. Ration gas to Americans as the Ivory Tower gas guzzlers parade by and the fury of gas lines just might set off the combustible engine heard round the world.
30% reduction in American oil supply would create such a situation.

Canada sent on average 2.4 million barrels a day to the United States last year, a record and 8% more than in 2011.
Saudi Arabia imports averaged almost 1.4 million barrels a day in 2012, up 14% from the previous year and the highest level since 2008.
Mexican imports fell 12% on year to 972,000 barrels a day in 2012, falling under 1 million barrels a day for the first time since 1994, reflecting the steady decline in Mexico’s domestic production.
Venezuela sent over 906,000 barrels a day on average in 2012, a 4% uptick from 2011 and the first increase since 2007.
Iraq supplanted Nigeria as the No. 5 supplier during 2012. Iraqi crude imports averaged 474,000 barrels a day last year, up around 3% from 2011.

If one examines this from a Russia tactical situation, Mexico is in a state of mafia revolution. Venezuela is in revolution. Iraq is in civil war. Nigeria is a festering pustule and Saudi Arabia is vulnerable. Put it simply, one allows Tel Aviv, London and DC lob missiles to get shot down by superior Russian defense. Iran responds by lighting fires in European capitals. Iran responds by crippling Saudi Arabia via Yemen.
That oil supply removed, it is a matter of  "terrorism" stopping oil supply in the vulnerable oil states already in revolution.

There is a reality that the old order would prefer a world of incinerated America, Russia and China in the few ruling the charred many. Sacrificing some peoples as Syria for the larger dictatorial hegemony is historical. America is extremely vulnerable and one dimensional in thinking in it's assets have not been attacked since the British in 1812.

Destabilization is not from direct confrontation. It is why DC, London and Tel Aviv are positioning off Syria to get Iran and then Russia. Russia beholds all of this and understands what the operation and tactics are.

It is not profitable at this juncture to break this down to base psychological structures of stupid, bloodthirsty or evil. Charles Lindbergh did not prevail with the facts in keeping America out of FDR's world war, but we need the facts and the character of the argument to bring understanding to Americans, when this situation goes wrong and America is humiliated.

America is being plunged into a disaster by globalists. It is in that that Conservatives are now being placed into leadership positions to be blamed for the outcome of this. This is the DIA protecting their bankster money source on Wall Street by attempting to leverage Russia by humiliating her in Syria and the Mideast to make Putin bow at the waist.

We need reason in this, not epitaphs of stupid and bloodthirsty, as that is the empowerment which may not stop this, but will prevail when it is necessary beyond this.