Monday, April 9, 2018

Weather Mod Steering the Storm

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I am just posting this so readers will be aware in how HAARP not only creates weather, but it also has the capability of ENDING WEATHER. Think of it like baking a cake. Turn up the heat and the storm cooks and destroys life, but turn it off, and it literally disappears.

The following is from the huge storm which appeared out of nowhere on Sunday April 8th. As one can observe 12 hours later on April 9th, it has vanished with only a remnant over the Ohio.
For those  who point to Virginia, observe on the 8th at around midnight, this storm was over northern Missouri. That is almost 1200 miles it moved and in a "normal" front one could expect 50 miles an hour, this storm was in 12 hours moving at 100 miles an hour. That is not NATURAL.
Again we have zero rotation, just jagged edges, but it makes a bit more sense in how fast these fronts are moving by HAARP in they are being ripped through the atmosphere, hence the jagged edges.

 April 8th

April 9th

I wanted to add one thing on this storm. Storms always move across America in straight lines. This storm started in Washington, moved east to Montana, where it suddenly started moving east south east, until it hit Minnesota where it plunged southeast to Missouri where it ripped into two, the northern part push north into Ohio and sitting there, and the southern part driving straight east.

Once again we are witnessing 90 degree turns. This storm was deliberately generated and steered. It simply is more evidence to be contained in the archives here.

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