Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Where has all of the Gold gone?

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You can not steal other nation's gold out of Fort Knox as that would be a crime which would be noticed, but you can confiscate other nation's gold as was done in Japan, Philippine and Germany after World War II, as no one notices where gold disappears to then.

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There has been a great deal of interest in nations moving gold out of Fort Knox and the trading in other currencies or gold, other than the dollar. The British Pound suffered the same replacement, with the US Dollar, but there is more to this as it is a prelude to war.

War is thee only balancing quotient among nations. It is the international transfer of wealth from one nation to the other. That is what the world wars were about in the early 20th century in transferring German, Russian and Japanese assets to the cartel.

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Sometimes though the loosers of World  War II, actually hid their treasures and later used them to rebuild their nations as Japan did. Other times, the Germans delivered their rapine to the Americans to rebuild the western world.

Yamashita's Gold - Eyewitness -

Yamashita's Gold - Eyewitness ... In the closing months of World War II, in the Philippines ... What they found astounded everyone from General Douglas MacArthur all ...

Sometime the Americans did quite well for themselves too.

Jan. 3, 1942, Quezon directed by executive order that $640,000 from the Philippine treasury be conveyed to the personal bank accounts of MacArthur and three members of his staff "in recognition of outstanding service to the Commonwealth of the Philippines."
Quezon said that the "recompense and reward" was for "distinguished service" from Nov. 15, 1935, to Dec. 30, 1941.
The transactions, made by radio grams from Corregidor to the Chase National Bank of the City of New York, placed $500,000 in MacArthur's account according to the records. Major Gen. Richard K. Sutherland, MacArthur's chief of staff, received $75,000; Brig. Gen. Richard J. Marshall Jr., the deputy chief of staff, received $45,000 and Lt. Col. Sidney L. Huff, MacArthur's personal aide, recieved $20,000.
Petillo wrote that records indicate that President Roosevelt, Secretary of War Henry Stimson and Secretary of the interior Harold Ickes knew about the transaction but apparently did not interfere with it.

There are always gratuities in modern war just like ancient war. Thee American people might not see a dime in liberating Kuwait or Iraq, but the money flows to presidents and not so presidents. Bill Clinton received over 50 million dollars for keeping Saddam Hussein in power, and that is why Marc  Rich got a pardon for his fine money laundering work.

This though is about Turkey and other nations who are involved in hording gold not in American control. That is an act of economic war, and in that it becomes real war, and in time of real war come victories and all that gold disappears and ends up in the victor's vaults. Japan looted Asia and that money rebuilt Japan through organized crime. Germany looted Europe and wrote the check out for American and European regrowth. In the coming wars, all that gold in Eurasia and South America will vanish again and reappear in the victor's coffers as a balance of trade again.

All of these virtues have already been decided, because using moving trucks to rob Fort Knox would have people noticing and rumors would start. Trucks moving loads of gold  out of Turkey for example after they are laid waste will not even begin a rumor as it will all be labeled "Radioactive Hazard" and no one wants to peek inside of containers looking at that.

So now you know why the gold is going and why, and you know where it will be looted from without a trace again.

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