Saturday, May 5, 2018

A Bear in the Clouds

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is one of the most expansive dreams I have ever had, and I record it here for this Sabbath in pondering it's meaning.

I roll my eyes of the dreamers, always posting online about prophetic dreams which never come true and no one stones them to death as the Bible declared long ago for false prophets, but as I sat here booting up the computer today, the Holy Ghost whispered a reminder of this dream which came upon my waking.

The thing about this dream were the sound effects. I have never dreamed in sound this loud before in my right ear. I will not get into the explaining of right ear and left ear sounds, but this one was  loud to the presence of it I could feel it like a rock concert type of pressure.

So the dream. I was with TL, we were in the yard. It seemed to be a sort of picnic with others at one point, and then I started hearing this sound, and I looked up and flying through the clouds was a Russian Bear, their prop driven nuclear long range bombers. I thought that thing should not be here, and I noticed an escort which I could not discern was American or Russian as was my conclusion. The sounds kept though coming, like a metal high tech sound, and the thing is the Bear kept emitting like four ball tracers  out the back, with that sound. In real life that would be flares for heat seeking missiles, but in this dream it was saying something about a weapon.

Again, thinking this was strange, and mentioning it to TL, that is where the picnic type flash of things happened in a sort of shrouded distance.

TL and I again were then sitting in a red pickup. We  have one but the battery is down on it, so it is not running, but that is where the sound started again very loud, and I again looked up and there was that Bear flying again or another one, with the same flare bursts out the rear of the plane, and an escort, which puzzled me.

The next thing I new that fighter jet was falling from the sky and I knew it was going to hit close. I remember seeing it clearly in it looked like an old delta wing from another era, but it was falling tail first and literally struck in our grove about 50 yards away. As I was seeing what was coming, I told TL, "We have to get out of here", and with that the plane exploded on impact and the fireball reached us as we were backing away fast.

No harm, and I still could hear that sound very loud. At that point a real sound awoke me, and left me feeling perplexed.

I know dreams are assemblies of experiences. I write a great deal about Putin and Russian war. Yesterday as we were building a shed I heard a loud jet fly over. I did not see it, but I knew it was military as commercial jets do not have that type of rough sound. The pick up is where I was putting the instructions for the shed, so that is the association.

None of which had to do with a Russian Bear, jets falling from the sky and a weapon's system sound which I have never heard before. I conclude that somewhere in the matrix I tapped into something and my dream brain was sorting it out in imagery I would recognize. I would not have given it much thought and it would have faded if not for that sound. I still am locked into that source and I can feel the presence behind it.

I post this for the lab experiment it is in what it may mean. It puzzles me more in what exactly I locked onto or who in my waking sleep as it was odd in the people were shrouded in a grey darkness, but that Bear was bright and clear as if I had eagle vision.

I believe I am discerning parts of it, but will not post them here as it is personal, and the meaning is troubling enough that it is not something I really care to deal with, as I have been running on auto pilot for too long, and in my normal fog, this dream was quite clear and the sounds were the message, as I have never dreamed in sound before.

As an end note, in looking for photos of a Bear, that escort jet is very close to the one I saw fall from the sky. That is a Typhoon class fighter. That is the European Union's hunk of junk.

No predictions, but I am pondering it all.

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