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It's a Wonderful Capra

Isn't it wonderful!!!
America conned it's Christians to murder German Christians!!!

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I came across a most sickening example of the treacherous Franklin Roosevelt's guilty conscience and the discomfort of General Marshal over the world war they had helped create, that during World War II and I mean DURING World War II, General Marshal invested a great effort by drafting Frank Capra of "It's a Wonderful Life' whores payment to engaged in thee most racist of films in terming the Japanese Buck Toothed and Italians beating their chest like jungle monkey Tarzan.

For Roosevelt to create this series of lies, means that Americans were not buying Franklin Roosevelt's propaganda.
What is ridiculous in this is Capra quotes as the Nazis', Bismark who was dead, the Kaiser who was out of power and not in Germany, and was is disgusting is Capra plays upon White Christian America in making this a religious war. Yes that is something censored in all of this in Frank Capra for the Roosevelt regime used Christianity to guilt Americans  into a war which none of them wanted.

Frank Capra decorated by General Marshal for Christian Murder
Capra made his primary focus the creation of "one basic, powerful idea" that would spread and evolve into other related ideas. Capra considered one important idea that had always been in his thoughts:
I thought of the Bible.

Where in the Bible it allows the sin of manipulating a people to engage in genocide of other peoples is something not found in Christ's New Testament. Capra though has Walter Huston narrate that the Germans were "pagans" so what was the only biblical solution was to wipe the Germans from the face of the earth.

You were the answer to the General's prayer… You see, Frank, this idea about films to explain "Why" the boys are in uniform is General Marshall's own baby, and he wants the nursery right next to his Chief of Staff's office.
During his first meeting with General Marshall, Capra received his mission:

Now, Capra, I want to nail down with you a plan to make a series of documented, factual-information films—the first in our history—that will explain to our boys in the Army why we are fighting, and the principles for which we are fighting.

Amazingly, Frank Capra chose as his "truth" the work of Leni Riefenstahl, the genius who Adolf Hitler had chosen to accomplish the propaganda that the British did in World War II. In effect, Frank Capra, General Marshal and Franklin Roosevelt indoctrinated Americans with German propaganda, as racist, but more dishonest than the Germans, because in thee most ludicrous of claims, Capra was preaching that Japan and Germany's intentions in all of this was to invade and conquer the United States.

Shortly after he came to power Hitler called me to see him and explained that he wanted a film about a Party Congress, and wanted me to make it. My first reaction was to say that I did not know anything about the way such a thing worked or the organisation of the Party, so that I would obviously photograph all the wrong things and please nobody—even supposing that I could make a documentary, which I had never yet done. Hitler said that this was exactly why he wanted me to do it: because anyone who knew all about the relative importance of the various people and groups and so on might make a film that would be pedantically accurate, but this was not what he wanted. He wanted a film showing the Congress through a non-expert eye, selecting just what was most artistically satisfying—in terms of spectacle, I suppose you might say. He wanted a film which would move, appeal to, impress an audience which was not necessarily interested in politics.

The basis of Capra's charges were that Hitler had torn up treaties. Treaties forced on Germany which bankrupted the nation in extorting war retributions, while disarming Germany to not be able to defend herself.
For a historical reality in this, Germany had her colonies confiscated from her after World War I, and key pieces of her territory stolen from her and handed over to France.
After World War II, the Germans had Prussia confiscated, and the Poles obliterated all German names and ownership in Prussia.

Capra makes a huge mistake in the passage of time, that Adolf Hitler never threatened England or France. His moves were all to the east in Austria and Czechoslovakia, and then Poland. Hitler in Mein Kampf stated he was to make Greater Germany on Russian soil, where Germans had been settled by the Czar.
The English and French had zero interest in fighting a war, but Poland was the trip wire, as Joseph Stalin made treaty with Hitler in non aggression.  In interesting propaganda by Capra, he fails to mention that Stalin sat silent as Hitler defeated France and England, when they declared war on Germany in 1939.
England bombed Germany first.

The fact is that Germany only declared war on the United States after America had been sinking German naval vessels and FDR had been using the most loathsome rhetoric against Germany, and Germany was in need to having Japan open a war front against Stalin in the east.

In the passage of time, Capra's work is globalist propaganda of "we are all in this together" violating President George Washington's mandate of no foreign entanglements. In the worst abuse of power, Capra for FDR bastardized Christianity, and then as Capra smeared Riefenstahl's work as something of the devil, Capra employed the devil's own tongue to brainwash American Soldiers, who the majority were German and Italian Americans, now being indoctrinated to kill their own kindred.

In understanding the complete history, this propaganda of Frank Capra is disgusting and nauseating. To know that "It's a Wonderful Life" was Capra's whore payment from the FDR fascists for conning Americans to go murder their own Christian brothers to profit the new world order.


You had no idea did you that fascist FDR invoked Christian America to go murder German Lutherans and Catholic Italians.

This is beyond the pale, and to know there is a monument to FDR and Capra is celebrated. I will never be able to watch It's a Wonderful Life again without thinking of this was a payoff to get Christians to religicide each other.

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