Saturday, May 19, 2018

A Quadroon in the Crown

What do you mean I sleep out back with the dogs........

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This needs to said in the reputable media as the rumors are abounding concerning Queen Liz's new granddaughter, the Quadroon Meghan Markle.


 I told Harry she will be just like going to the zoo!!!

It is a matter of economics really. See there are 1 billion Negroid in Africa and the London banking needs a Judas Goat to lead them Blacks  into the belief that England is their massah.

So Prince Harry, who is James Hewitt's son, no matter what fake blood tests say by the crown, as who do you think Harry looks  like,  his red haired father or jug ears Charles?

I will  always be my mother's son

The day Prince Charles told Harry that James Hewitt was not ...

In a compelling new biography, Prince Harry is revealed as idolising James Hewett, the soldier who many unfairly whispered was his true father, not Prince Charles (pictured).

With that cleared up,  Diana's  bastard was told to put his cock to good use and find himself some darkie which would be good for business. It it not like Harry has to stop having homosexual relationships like before, as he can always give the Quadroon a cardboard box to play in or maybe get her some fried chicken  as  Harry goes off to show his penis nether male regions.


 Harry all you had was youth, as you look like syphilis on a corpse, 
you have no appeal for panda daddy anymore,
so get an Island Girl who wants the White man's world.

There really is not much job description for the  just in case son. Charles brother, Andrew, put his penis in a fat red headed slut and that did not go so well, so when you are the kid who was born in case the king dies, you don't have a great deal of stock, so you get the culls or find a genetic prostitute for your Bank of England to loot billions of of Africa.

Kate you have to grimace more so Hars thinks we really are racing

See it doesn't take a great deal of space to say Bastard Boy got stuck with the Quadroon to expand the bank account as the Pound is so boring when all you have to look at is the above in the retarded offspring of Diana running for all he is worth, his brother the King acting like he is running, and Kate is just jogging along to show the retard is being let to win.

Well you go to give him something as the prize is the Quadroon and Charlotte and King Sonny Boy get to spend all the money.

Let's sing because Wog Sex is.........well the wedding night only British Nature is interested in.

Out of Africa and into the Quadroon

What some billionaires will do for money.

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