Saturday, May 19, 2018

Let us all go Kick Melania Trump in the Hospital Bed

No you can't make the First Lady put on a 90 pound pack
to see if she is healthy...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Most of you will not have any idea what was wrong with Melania Trump or have any idea of what was done to her in hospital. It does not help when something like the Palmer Report seeks to exploit a woman in recovery  in promoting rumors that something is wrong.

After this quote of this horrid electric rag, the Lame Cherry will explain in layman's terms what is going on with Melania Trump.

Something has gone very wrong with Melania Trump, and whatever it is, Donald Trump’s White House doesn’t want you to know anything about it. In a development that’s bizarre and disconcerting even by Trump-era standards, Melania disappeared into the hospital four days ago for what we were told was either kidney surgery or a kidney procedure, but she’s still in the hospital even though she was supposed to have been released by now – and despite growing questions from the media, no one involved is willing to say what’s going on.
We all know someone who has gone into the hospital for what was supposed to be routine procedure, and ended up having to remain longer due to complications. But if this is the case, all that Trump’s White House would have to do is say so. If her kidney issue has turned out to be more severe than expected, all her people would have to do is say so, and she’d gain points in the sympathy department.

I will  not use the medical terms as they get in the way, but instead tell you what is up with Melania.

In examinations or in discomfort, women discover cysts or tumors, sometimes in kidneys or ovaries. When they are small like the size of a BB, nothing is done with them, But when they are over 3 centimeters, the diagnosis is to treat the patient.

What was done with Melania is she was sedated, then an incission was made, and a small scope was fed through a vein into her kidney.  Once there an blood clot was induced medically, like a cork to stop blood flow to the cyst or tumor, which without blood flow shrivels and is reabsorbed back into the body.

Patients sometimes have nausea from this, fever or other non life threatening conditions, but they are kept in hospital as this is a blood clot and discomfort has to be monitored, as you can not have some complication arise as people always think they are out of the hospital and do not have to stay in bed.

Melania said she feels fine. So she did feel fine. Perhaps though she did have some discomfort afterwards as this cyst or tumor began to shrivel. She is in the hospital as it is necessary and it is really creeper for pricks to publish reports on things and have zero medical understanding in themselves or their stories as to what actually is taking place, as Melania Trump is in the normal period of recovery. People react differently and her cyst or tumor might have been larger or her body is processing the remnants slower.
This is not some rub some dirt on it and run it off thing.

That is what is up with the First Lady. Yes I pick on her Marionette fallacies to make a point, but I will always defend her from this kind of bed ban banging torture which the left gets off on.

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