Friday, May 11, 2018

A Walk on the Wes Side

I have a dream in melting snowflake with nuclear bombs!!!

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In the thrift store there was this book by Waco Wes Clark. For those who do not know General Wesley Clark, he was the Clintons and Holders favorite murder guy. Clark is the one who sent in the tanks to Waco to burn up Branch Davidians with chemical weapons and Wes is the one who was in Kosovo who called on the American Air Force to bomb Russian Federation Soldiers in Serbia.
In that instance the British command was  there and said, "You are out of your bloody mind, we  are not bombing Russia", and that ended it.

The reason for this is is Waco Wes' book:

Dont' Wait for the Next War which I purchased for 40 cents as I wanted in these nuclear war times to hear from the wacko left as to how much they Herbert McMaster love the H Bomb.

This part though is not about the book, but about the book purchaser as when I opened it up as we returned home, there was this autographed copy of Wes and good tidings. Wow a celebrity autograph in a book from someone who created the Waco Holocaust, butchered Serbian Christians for Kosovo Muslims and wanted to start a thermo nuclear war. Now I would say that signature is worth quite a great deal of money, more than Hitler's, because even Hitler never did things like that.

Don't wait for the next war, start one now!
Thanks for Supporting Growth Energy......what the hell  is that?

So smarting off to TL about how there was money in the book, I started paging through and was puzzled to find this folded stack of papers in the back, and I began opening them and discovered the essential stereotype of the Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders voters, in literally this idiot had left in the back of this book her bank account records, in her credit card receipts.
Maybe that is how Stromy Daniels lawyer got Michael Cohen's bank records in he leaves them in books which he donates to the public goodwill or Jew will stores.

As I have never been in debt with a credit card, I was fascinated in all Wells Fargo undertakes in this piracy as they  told Erin, yes that is her name, they told Erin the Wes Clark fan, that is she pays 77 dollars a month on her 5360.97 debt, she will have it paid off in 21 years and end up paying 9790.00 or almost twice the debt.
If she ups it to 176 dollars, she can have it done in 3 years, and only pay 6332.00 in debt, for a savings of 3458 dollars.

But Waco Wes voter Erin should not be upset by all of this as Wells Fargo upped  her limit to 6500.00 dollars in her balance. Very kind of them as she could not pay off the debt to begin with.

So for 77 dollars minium, she pays 44.35 in interest each month. Fantastic loan shark operation and why I am known as a dead beat to credit card companies as I pay everything off every month and am not paying interest as a liberal voter does.

The thing is she was carry 5360.97 in debt, and when I looked at the itemized purchases, her last month's buying was literally $1342.14 of JUNK FOOD.

Seriously, 1400 dollars for goddamn burgers and coffee? If that kid was my kid, I would have raised holy hell on that one as how can you spend that damn much money on junk food.

My favorites in this account was she was in Denver buying Mile High Pipe tobacco. was in New York buying Fat  Buddha and Wonder Warmers, then had some bills in Florida and California.
This was not even Christmas shopping or spring break, this was just being a tard in wasting money, and somewhere in this she got her book autographed by Wes Clark which cost 26.99.

People always wonder why liberals are angry. You would be angry too if you had a snowflake like this draining your accounts, and you would be upset too if you were a snowflake with absolutely no sense. I mean Einstein's Brother's Bagel in Denver was 7.12 cents. If the kid had any brains, you can go to the store and buy 2 bags of bagels for a week for that price.

So you see how easy all of this is, for the British making fake Pissgate files. They just  wave it in front of these tards like John McCain, James Comey, John Brennan, Kurt Eichenwald and they bite so hard on it that they get parrot jaw in repeating the same fake news over and over. People this ignorant have children this tard, and they all watch CNN, laugh with Jimmy Kimmel and mock Sarah Sanders and just know Donald Trump is the worst person in the world.
Yes Mr. President has his problems with Jared Kushner as he spends money like Jews getting Pentagon handouts in 666 skyscraper bankrupting deals, but thee entire democratic party is made up of Wes Clark fans, who had to vote for Obama to prove they were not racists and have to support faggery to cover up the got drugged and raped by their  best friends weirdo friends and liked it.

I do hope to read this book to gain some insights, but it is all so off putting now in reading this debt report on this idiot, who put it into a book she spent money on, to give it away, after SHE NEVER READ IT, and now her financial records would have been open to bad behavior if it had not been intercepted by me, where they will be disposed of properly.

Perhaps the Lame Cherry should make this point to snowflakes. Your bank records should be shredded in Mummies shredder. Perhaps get Mummy to do it as you might get pulled in and shred yourself. Bank records do not belong in books you hand out to the public and bank records are not where you write your list of things to get at Starbucks, as COFFEE might slip your mind in what you want to buy in a coffee shop.

This though is the insight into the people who voted for Hillary Clinton and why they are going nuts yet over Trump.  They do not have the sense God  gave them. They spend a fortune on a book, which they give away with their bank card information in them, and put it all into the public domain where Mexican illegals are prowling around non stop.

This America has like 100 million foreign vermin. Then there are this 70 million liberal voters. None of them have any sense and all are stupid as posts as this kid learned this from her parents and that is what is astounding to me in a liberal will shit 1500 dollars a month down the drain, but I have numbers of plagiarists who steal from God here and they can not come up with the same.

Frankly if I had a kid like this, I would hope the Muslims or Mexicans would kidnap her, as that is the type of gene pool she belongs in the 85 IQ grouping as this tard is a drag on society and will always be a dead weight, and it is easy to figure out who they are as they all have these liberal books they have autographed as their summons for Darwin Candidate.

Oh one more thing, as this is nuclear and holocaust genocide Waco Wes, it is a collector's item which I will sell for 500,000 dollars as an investment for some shrewd investor. The 500 g's is I will have to pay 150 for Trump taxes, and I need 350 for the land to make a pon and room for a pony. As the rich can not donate, they sure can invest and what better investment  than the father of coming nuclear genocide to the world eh?

So get your bidding in, and bid high as I am sure this will top the million mark as this is Waco Wes and there are lots of dead babies in this history.

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