Friday, May 11, 2018

The Trump 3rd World Booger Pickers

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was observing or I had it shoved into my face today in Donald  Trump's Visa Vermin, and perhaps some of you will yield the Truth of this as I relate what I was forced to deal with today.

So to set the scene, it is the goodwill store, and this rather tall 18 something girl is there waiting by the changing room, and I notice that she has her finger stuck up to her sinus. I mean this gal is rock picking to brain territory.
Disgusted like normal people are, I turned away and walked over to TL, where upon relating  the saga, I notice that this booger picker is now rolling them in between her finger and thumb, over and over, and the she is tossing them on the floor.

I informed TL that I was not walking that way as I did not want Latin Vatican boogers on my shoes, tracking only God knows what disease all over the place as this body fluids, and these are Trump fresh off the boat booger pickers.

So I observe the mother in this with the lanky booger picker, and she is typical in looks like a guy and is 3 feet wide by 4 feet high. Booger picker then goes over to the lamps and handles them with her booger picker  fingers.

I wonder if Donald Trump at Mar Largo would like people who picked boogers and threw the one the floor for him to walk through?
I wonder if Melania Trump would like to have lamps in the White House where booger fingers were picking them up and fondling them?
I wonder if the Trump children would like to have their children sitting on the floor where boogers are sticking to their children?

This is what real Americans put up with, as Donald Trump brags to farm leaders that seasonal forever workers are coming to America. I thought that Donald Trump was against these tag along migrants that he is legalizing, as this shemale was not working today, and she has a daughter, so that means the hombre was probably milking cows and thee whole shebang were in America for a free welfare ride.

None of this matters, as this is about the disgusting Trump Visa Vermin booger picking and spreading their disease all over the place. That one booger picker literally exposed a hundred innocent Americans today to her Latin germs which she has resistance for, but Americans do not, because Americans are not animals.
This blog made an issue of this as a few years ago in the Obama vermin dump, Americans were dying in a few days from a mystery respiratory disease. I know this because one of our school staff's son in law, mentioned he died from some kind of flu which the hospitals were clueless of in they had no idea where it came from.

There are so many things in frustration I would like to post in passing on this, but it does bother me as the President is a Germ O Phobe, but he is in an ivory tower community in which he has more protection  than most. The thing is though these booger pickers are working in the markets, are working in picking spinach, are cleaning homes or businesses and doing all the jobs Americans are.
For the sake of Presidential safety, who is not to say that some booger picker is picking boogers and stocking Trump ketchup bottles between boogers. Who is not to say that the dishes at Mar Largo are not laid out on the tables after booger mining has taken place. Who is not to say that the paper the President touches had not been touched by booger workers loading piles of paper.

I doubt I am ever going to forget the booger picking vermin today. Apparently as we are distracted by Trump Carvans in Mexico, an entire food group has emerged in Trump workers in the booger diet. No need to pack a snack to Simon Bolivar high school, as the kids got boogers to go and rock pick a snack just before recess.

Nom des Deus, America was pulled out of lice infested Europeans being carried away by bed bugs in DDT, but America is right back to the disease epidemic in foreign booger pickers spreading their noxious bacteria and virus all over America. We are being invaded by a people paid for in our taxes who do not have the sense to not pick boogers in public.

And I will be blunt, because if it is not boogers, it is shit, because most of these vermin have never seen toilet tissue and either they are up the nose or up the ass, and that is ending up in your food chain and is what is behind all of these food poisoning outbreaks.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, because I don't get the big donations and I have to live in the real world where most of you foolishly think is a clean place with these foreign pets about picking their butts or their boogers.

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