Wednesday, May 30, 2018

America a 600 million firearm Nation

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I came across these statistics and it provides a reality of firearms in these United States.

Since 1999 AD in the year of our Lord, there were 250 million new firearms produced for the American market.

there are 66 FFLs in the system. Those 66 FFLs have reported 252,433,229 individual serial numbers since 1999. That means in the last 16 years over 250 million new firearms have been introduced to the US market

This is interesting in firearms in homes were declining to 31% of the population. Meaning out of 300 million people, 100 million own the firearms, so this would concentrate the guns, but this only accounts in the statistics new firearms in the background checks.
It is thought that perhaps 2 firearms exist for every American. That would be 600 million guns in the United States.

Considering the immense number of surplus weapons which found their way to America before and after the 1968 Gun Control Act, along with the manufacture of guns in America before serial numbers, the 600 million figure appears spot on.
My dad had numbers of non serial firearms and one of my favorites is Chicopee Falls shotgun, built on the World War I trench guns in the Browning pump design. People used to order these out of Sears as cheap guns and children at Christmas went together like bees and honey.

Those statistics above are 2 years old, and since calls for gun bans appeared again, that number of firearms is boosted by millions.

If Donald Trump were intent on being historical, I think he should move America toward a billion guns in Citizen's hands. That would only be 400 million more guns and those kinds of sales would make America great again