Tuesday, May 29, 2018

A Die In At Trump Hotel

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In America, you have the right to protest in peaceful assembly. There is a reality that one person's rights ends where another person's begins. In the current example of Robert Mueller's Brown Trooper, David Hogg, funded in coordination with Michael Bloomberg to disrupt the 2018 midterm elections to install democrats to impeach Donald Trump where Mueller has failed to find impeachable offenses, David Hogg has been engaged in terroristic threats against the President.

What Hogg is advocating is stalking the President, disrupting his free speech, and coordinated DIE INs at Trump Hotels.

See David Hogg has the Constitutional Right to protest the Foundations of America in advocating for a King George police state, disarming the Citizens, but the rights of David Hogg, end where Donald Trump's rights begin, along with is family, business partners, employees and patrons of his hotel in expecting the hotel they are staying in having paid for that place, to not have their rights disrupted.

There are rights in Donald Trump has the right to have his businesses protected from those disrupting them. His family has that same right, investors have that same right, and his employees have the right to a secure job in a business not failing due to David Hogg.

Think of it this way, you have a home, do you have the right to post things online and not have a mob stalking you, trying to silence you? Do you have the right to not have people coming to your home in laying on your lawn screaming or on your sofa taking selfies? Do your neighbors have that right, as you have that right in having a peaceful community?
Does David Hogg have the right to drive down the price of your home? Does David Hogg have the right to intimidate your postman, your cleaning service, your ability to go to your job?

Change the name of David Hogg to Osama bin Laden who posted videos to followers, incited them to die in at a building, all because bin Laden did not like an American President's policy, what is the difference? The only difference is, is that Sheik bin Laden was not trying to destroy the American Constitution.

David Hogg has crossed the legal lines, into the line of Patriot Act violation of organized terrorism. It is a criminal act to fund terrorists an that means Michael Bloomberg is funding terroristic acts, along with Oprah Winfrey and George Clooney. David Hogg has been intimidating and threatening Americans for some time, just as his group was bullying Nikolas Cruz.
Let us be frank in this, that there is evidence in this that Nikolas Cruz was set up in this shooting at Parkland. This has now been built upon by David Hogg having a great deal of time and money to not go to college, and focus on disrupting the United States midterm elections. Dig around in this enough and it smacks of the same MI6 collusion to blame Russia of interfering in the 2016 elections. David Hogg is criminally engaged in acts of sedition, as he is part of a group which is disrupting the 2018 elections with coordination by Robert Mueller. Those are the realities in this. No one has the right to obliterate other people's rights, nor does anyone have the right to disrupt businesses. These are criminal acts.

Gun-control activist David Hogg called Monday for perpetual social-media trolling of President Trump and for disruptive demonstrations at his brand-name hotels.
He told his 809,000 followers that they should respond to every tweet posted by the president with demands for gun control.
“We should all tweet ‘Why didn’t you ban bump-stocks and raise the age to purchase firearm to 21 when you said you would? Are you afraid of the @NRA?’ on every @realDonaldTrump tweet from now on,” Mr. Hogg tweeted.
Mr. Hogg had another idea to troll the president, apparently inspired by his success last week against Publix grocery chain.
“So when are we doing a die-in at Trump Hotel?” he wrote.
Why is it that only David Hogg has rights to say whatever he wants in threatening people, but others making jokes have their jobs placed into jeopardy.

A Florida police officer could face disciplinary action over a Facebook comment aimed at gun-control activist and Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg. CBS Miami reports K-9 officer Brian Valenti of the Coconut Creek Police Department wrote that he hoped "some old lady loses control of her car" in a parking lot where Hogg was protesting. Valenti later deleted the comment.

Do any of you think David Hogg, the closeted, is this intelligent to be doing all of this, or does this look more like coordination of adults behind the scene. This is a kid whose SAT's are so low he could not get into college.
That raised fist of Hogg was raised in the past against another President by a frontman who was backed by some very powerful deep state people too.