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America's Last Salvation: Judge T.S. Ellis III

 His Honor, Judge Thomas S. Ellis III
America's Last Salvation

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As the dust of Friday settled on this Monday, in Judge Thomas Ellis III, scolding Robert Mueller's witch hunt and exposing it for what it was in targeting Americans, was to get Donald  Trump and had nothing to do with justice, a reality has appeared in America's last chance at salvation is a President Ronald Reagan appointed Judge who is 77 years old.

During the hearing, U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis pressed Michael Dreeben, the attorney representing Mueller’s team, to explain where the special counsel derived the authority to prosecute Manafort for decade-old financial crimes.
“I don’t see what relationship this indictment has with anything the special counsel is authorized to investigate,” Ellis said.

Those decade old financial "crimes" are what this is all about, because all else in this is a smokescreen. 2008 was more than the 9 11 economic attack upon the Unites States for Bill Clinton and Allen Greenspan's Dotcom Bust that left European elite holding the bag and installed Birther Hussein Obama over Hillary Clinton, but 2008 was the year that George Soros ran the Jews out of Georgia, and President Vladimir Putin annexed South Osssetia from Georgia, and almost started a war with Russia. 2008 was also the period that Free Ukraine was attempting to integrate in the Bush43 years with American finance, in the Vladimir Putin ally of President Viktor Yanukovych.
It was this ally, that Paul Manafort was the financial adviser and utilizing approved western banks, so all records were monitored, began investing Ukrainian moneys inside the United States. For this the Department of Justice examined these records and found absolutely no illegalities on Paul Manafort's part.

All of this is important as the current prosecution of Paul Manafort by Robert Mueller focuses on two issues, Russian collusion with Manafort and a reach back to the Ukraine investments. Keep the dates in mind in this, as Mueller was appointed May 17, 2017 AD in the year of our Lord.

Robert Mueller appointed special counsel

Last Updated May 17, 2017 10:35 PM EDT
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller to serve as special counsel to oversee the previously confirmed FBI investigation of Russian efforts to influence the 2016 presidential election and related matters.
"I have determined that a Special Counsel is necessary in order for the American people to have full confidence in the outcome," Rosenstein said in a statement.
The letter announcing the appointment says that Mueller is authorized to investigate "any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump; and...any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation." 

Now remember Mueller was appointed May 7th with a specific mandate about Russian collusion. Now the new dates appear in the Judge Ellis III court order to review the real scope of Mueller's witch hunt, because Mueller was appointed in May, was cooperating, and then on July 26th, 2017 the FBI kicked in his doors, accosted Manafort's wife in her sleeping clothes and threatened them. The problem in this, is the cites Rod  Rosenstein memo authorizing these expanded activities was a week later on August 2, 2017 AD in the year of our Lord.
Rod Rosenstein was writing authorizations AFTER the fact, as when no evidence of Russian collusion manifested, the focus then became on a decade year old investigation where nothing was found on Paul Manafort, as someone with great deep state influence was not just in a fury in Paul Manafort helped secure the  nomination for Donald Trump as President against the #NeverTrumpers, but stung them bad on the Ukraine money control.

According to the FOX news article, the memo was dated August 2, 2017.

The FBI raided Manafort's home on July 26, 2017.

President Yanukovych is key in this, because he was ousted from power by Nazi's who were heavily supported by John McCain who posed with photos of them and who are in a genocidal war against ethnic Russians on Donbass.

Yanukovych was awarding control over a vast pool of funds which Manafort gained access to, along with helping the pro Russian party continue in power against the Nazi.

In addition to authorizing the Russia collusion investigation of Manafort, Rosenstein also specifically authorized Mueller to investigate any crimes related to payments Manafort received from the Ukrainian government during the tenure of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.

It is this memo which authorized this decade old witch hunt, which Mueller  and Rosenstein have hidden from Congress and the courts, and then redacted vital parts of this authorization which Judge Ellis is demanding be completely revealed to him by Article III authority in his Federal Court.

In demanding production of the scope memo, Mueller’s team tried to argue against its production, saying its authority is laid out within it, but the team’s authority is secret due to ongoing investigations, and concern matters of national security. Judge Ellis summed up the argument of the Special Counsel’s Office as, “We said this was what [the] investigation was about, but we are not bound by it and we were lying.” To this, Judge Ellis said: “C’mon man!,”  a common saying among NFL announcers.

The focus on this which everyone is being distracted from, is in this nefarious "deep state" nameless group engaged in this coup, is who in this has the power to push the buttons of John Brennan, James Clapper, Loretta Lynch, and all of these Eric Holder and Kurt Eichenwald molotov mob driving this, conclude that they have absolute cover in attempting to bring down a President again, and more to the point wipe out anyone who is not putting their money where only the cartel has control over it.
The answer to that is a Wayne Madsen post of leaked Soros files from 2016  which disappeared completely from the news.

In these memos, names are named and the criminal trail for the absolute control of Europe is laid out. Yes this is about the isolating of  Russia, to implode her, while gaining control over a united Europe to be exploited.
This is all under the code name of EUROPEAN INTEGRATION, meaning a homogenized Europe of no people with a heritage. In this is the sowing of the Muslim rape cock all throughout Europe to destroy all nationalism or ethnic realities in Europe.

In addition to George Soros (identified as «GS» in the leaked OSF documents, others involved in the Ukrainian coup planning included US ambassador to Kiev Geoffrey Pyatt; David Meale (Economic Counselor to Pyatt); Lenny Benardo (OSF); Yevhen Bystrytsky (Executive Director, IRF); Oleksandr Sushko (Board Chair, IRF); Ivan Krastev (Chairman, Centre for Liberal Studies, a Soros- and US government-influenced operation in Sofia, Bulgaria); Sabine Freizer (OSF); and Deff Barton (Director, US Agency for International Development (USAID), Ukraine). USAID is a conduit for the Central Intelligence Agency. Soros was present at a post-coup meeting on March 21, 2014 that involved US support for the «New Ukraine». One document describes the «New Ukraine» as a key measure to «reshapes the European map by offering the opportunity to go back to the original essence of European integration».

This revolution in Europe was termed EUROMAIDAN. At the heart of this was to end all federalization. Federalization in Ukraine is key, because it would have allowed autonomy for the Donbass region, and for George Soros complete control of Ukraine and all further European nations, federal systems preserving rights of peoples, would be obliterated for BANK MOB RULE.
This is why Robert Mueller was unleashed by Rod Rosenstein to destroy, that thing called Nationalism under Donald Trump, because Birther Hussein Obama had just implemented the Nazi conglomerate control of several key corporations to rule and manage America.
Conglomerates would elect their candidates who in turn would vote money to the conglomerates from the Treasury, destroy all competition and unleash police state power to destroy all those in competition with them.

The leaked Soros documents describe how the OSF and Soros’s International Renaissance Foundation (IRF), based at 46 Artema Street in Kiev, worked with the US State Department after the 2014 so-called «Euromaidan» themed revolution to ensure that a federalized Ukraine was not in the picture.

Soros was fixated on ending any pro Russian ideas in Europe.  He had a name for it called Russlandversteher, Russian Understanding.
This should all sound familiar as this is the them which has erupted in America against Donald Trump, because remember that Donald Trump promised peace with Russia, and it has been the entire focus of this to move America to a war footing with Russia.

It should be of no surprise that earlier this year, Pyatt was moved from Kiev as ambassador to Athens. One Soros document calls for the need to combat «Russlandversteher», German for «Russia understanding», throughout Europe, particularly in Greece with its history of close cultural and religious relations with Russia.

If you examine the Soros memos, Soros hates trade unions, as we can not have workers being protected in their jobs, and Soros hates nationalists as we can not have peoples safe in their own nations. Again the Trump themes appear in working Americans and America being great again, and in this George Soros has  been with others making war against Donald Trump and America.

Ukraine finance was flowing into American hedge funds, but not the cartel hedge funds. Competitors were being initiated and Paul Manafort was a leading American in this. This was about free Ukrainian investment i America, just as this was about free Russian investment in America, but all of this overthrow of Ukraine and the sanctions against Russia, have all to do with the Soros cartel in gaining absolute control over these billions.

The overall theme of many of the Soros documents is that lying at the heart of «Russlandversteher» is «anti-American» feelings in Europe. European trade unions are singled out by the Soros gang as being at the heart of «anti-American» opinions in Europe. Certain political parties are also singled out, including the National Front of France, Jobbik of Hungary, the Netherlands Party of Freedom (PVV), and the UK Independence Party (UKIP), and are referred to by Soros as the «PRR», or «populist radical right». Pro-Russian German politicians are named in the Soros documents and they include former Chancellors Gerhard Schröder, Helmut Kohl, and Helmut Schmidt; Brandenburg Minister-President Matthias Platzeck; Die Linke leaders Gregor Gysi, Sahra Wagenknecht, and Katja Kipping, and former Hamburg mayor Klaus von Dohnanyi. Soros, who cut his teeth as a teen in Hungary cooperating with the Nazi Gestapo and Hungarian fascist Arrow Cross, prefers to maintain «hit lists» containing the names of his opponents.

Soros was running the the propaganda operation in Ukraine as he had done in stealing Romanian gold to ripping Libya apart. The essence of this was though in John McCain was the Pentagon enforcer in this, and is how America has been the private army of assassins to this cartel. Libya was one of thee most murderous of situations where Sakozy of France murdered Colonel Khadaffi and Hillary Clinton cackled at the murder as Chris Stevens was raped to death to cover up the arms transfer from Libya to terrorists in Syria in that disaster.

Soros provided finances, logistics, and other support to the Ukrainian coup plotters in 2012, two years before the Euromaidan uprising, that is noteworthy. OSF and its affiliates provided entire buildings, office space, computers, software, broadband Internet, videoconferencing equipment, vehicles, travel to the United States, and other material for the Euromaidan uprising. This was all done with the cooperation of the US and Swedish embassies in Kiev, USAID, the Carnegie Endowment, the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), and the Central Intelligence Agency-linked National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

This is what is behind the case which Judge Ellis castigating Robert Mueller over. Rod Rosenstein is laughing at Congress and threatening it, in withholding information and is the controller in this police state fascism unleashed on Americans, as Rosenstein keeps all the memos of scope secret, because Rosenstein at every turn keeps  rewriting post event authorities.
When the fiction of Pissgate Dossier's do not lynch Donald Trump, then the marching orders shift to decades old legal investments in settling old scores and sending a message that no one crosses the cartel

 Soros is one of the closest advisers and financiers of Hillary Clinton. The leaked Soros documents describe how the Clinton Global Initiative and Soros Foundation cooperates on undermining the sovereignty of nations around the world, including those in Europe.

The sovereignty of the United States is being undermined from within by traitors who are not loyal the rule of law, but have sold their souls to this international cartel. At this point, one Reagan appointed Judge is protecting and serving Americans, in calling a spade a spade, and Mueller liars for the liars they are.

America is in the balance and the scales are all stacked against thee American People, and now in all of this is one 77 year old Reagan appointed Judge who is upholding the law against all of these outlaws.

This is the guts of the story, the entire story, of why George Soros is still alive after trashing the British Pound and MI6 did nothing to him, and how is it Soros as the financier funding all of this, and it was Theresa May's MI6 in pro Clinton advocate Christopher Steele manufacturing a fraudulent dossier.

Everything which Judge Ellis is exposing as an absolute abuse of power of the American system by Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein. It is cartel caste mafia of denying Hillary Clinton the presidency and installing Barack Obama to punish her for Bill Clinton selling uranium to China out from under their control, in there is this guilded cage which destroys all competitors.
As Representative Louis Gohmert revealed, Robert Mueller is the same pariah, and if Robert Mueller holds a grudge against you, as he did Martha Stewart, Martha ends up in prison on entrapment.

A Russian collusion investigation which Rod Rosenstein authorized to destroy Donald Trump can not legally mutate into a get Trump by framing Paul Manafort as Rosenstein rewrites memos to fit an evolving witch hunt, where new evidence needs to be manufactured after the fact.

The reason Mueller is hiding the scope memo is because it has been changed several times as this lynch mob is criminally changing directives. A court or a deputy Attorney General can not write a warrant or investigation after the fact to fit new charges when the original charges were disproven by lack of evidence.
It would be the equivalent of Judge Ellis writing out a search warrant to look for bribery in Sean Hannty's finances, and once Hannity was in court trying him for the murder of Vince Foster.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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