Monday, May 7, 2018

Patritot Games

Harrison did you really think that you could build your career
on my Amish tits?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I picked up a three movie set for 2 dollars and am watching Patriot Games starring Harrison Ford, and it occurs to me after watching The Hunt for Red October just how bad of an actor Harrison Ford was and is.

Ford reminds me of Michael Jackson in all the hype about him in his come back Thriller album, but in the decades since, Jackson's songs are as one dimensional and bad as Lindsey Buckingham's music is all flat world.

That is embarrassing really in how boring Ford is. Star Wars, Indiana Jones and him looking at sexy Amish tits, to the Fugitive, to this President stuff or Tom Clancy novels and it is all chit.
We are all going to look back on this chit and see Tom Hanks and think the same thing in who in the hell went to these shitty movies, as our children and grandchildren roll their eyes and say, "You people had no sense or taste".

There were good movies and good actors in the past 30 years. Bruce Willis had a good run and made some remarkable movies in Die Hard, The 5th Element, RED and the Last Boy Scout are wonderful cinema.
Nicholas Cage has done very good movies in Con Air, Face Off, The Rock and National Treasure. These movies will endure as will Arnold Schwartzeneggers work. But to sit through Harrison Ford is to sit shocked in wondering like the Original Star Trek was good television and all this other rubbish was only something that could appeal to Big Bang theories.

It all seemed to go down hill after Harrison Ford almost killed a plane load of people by landing into an oncoming jet taking off. He just sort of disappeared in that with all his liberalism, but unfortunately Harrison Ford has left an imprint on DVD, like Tom Hanks and the rather pillar of salt Tom Cruz. Cruz at least did not look like a fossil in his movies so they you can still see the movie past his massive ego.

The epitaph of Harrison Ford can best be summed up in this;


Even Kelly McGillis' Amish tits could only take Harrison Ford's career so far.