Sunday, May 6, 2018

Deep Dish

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is not so much about deep dish apple pie, as I hate apple pie really, even though I love apples, as I would rather make something like blueberry or cherry pie, but they are not the best for deep dish things.

This is about getting things to look right in a mess.

The above is my deep dish apple pie. Got a deep dish from the thrift store a month ago for 50 cents, so I could not go wrong on that, and here it appears on the blog.

I used cheap pie crust as I was too lazy to build one as I do not have home rendered pork lard, need a place for that.

Anyway, if you notice this pie looks pretty civil. In fact professional, but the reality is the bottom pie crust was too short for the deep pan and barely came up to the top of the sides and the top was too big. As I was feeling lazy in having scooped a shit load of snow again in winter which will not go away, I had Mom watching me just fold the top crust back and pressing it into the bottom crust. As you can see, this mess looks like it is a work of bakery creation, and all it was, was just having a pissy day and not letting a pile of dough intimidate me.

Cooking is not that hard. I used some shitty apples called Pink Pacific or something.....a watery sweet, musty tasting apple that all the trees should be turned into smoker wood, and to that it was just 3/4 cup sugar, 1/4 cup flour, 1 tsp cinnamon and a half teaspoon nutmeg. That is all there was to it and voila you got yourself a pie.

Oh you should load up a pie with apples to a mound if they are raw, as they do shrink in baking. This thing took at 350 degrees about a hour and twenty minutes. I though have a 40 year old shitty stove, so a whiz bang convection would behave quicker. I do not bake at 425 as that is too hot and I do not like the finished products.

There are no excuses for not baking........ok cookies do take time to bake which sucks, but everything else is easy as pie.

I will serve this with whipped cream and it should all be set up by supper time, as I frown at this damned snow, which I hate about as much as I dislike apple pie.

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