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Giving Money to Monkeys

Ivanka is growing mashed potatoes, Don jr is growing milk trees
Eric is planting gold, Tiffany has a greenhouse for raising Porsche 
and Barron is picking fruit baskets....

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Recent Grant Projects - Grants and Education

Grants and outreach to advance sustainable innovations to the whole of American agriculture.

For all the hype of President Donald Trump cutting  things back in government, I see that Sonny Purdue over at USDA is the same money whore all of them are as he fats his way across America conning farmers.
The basis of this column is the outrageousness of waste of Donald Trump concerning farmers conning the American people out of money running up this trillions of dollar debt.
I disovered this in a pages long bragging of $515,000 dollars being looted from the Treasury in "grants" to a NCR-SARE, North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program. This translates as stealing money legally by those connected to the regime.

I think the best explanation is to use an example of one of the grantees, and then explain what I beleive is taking place, as I know these rural people in how clever they are. They would make a fat Mexican squatter look ignorant in swindling welfare in what they come up with.

Featured performer is Lisa Rettinger of Grandview Orchard and Nursery Stock in Antigo, Wisconsin. She was awarded $7303.00 for the project, "ROTATION OF ANIMALS THROUGH AN APPLE ORCHARD FOR PEST AND DISEASE SUPPRESSION, SOIL IMPROVEMENT, AND ADDITIONAL VIABLE REVENUE STREAMS".

OK for the brier patch translation of this from the Daisy and Baby Belle perspective.......

I have an apple orchard which the deer are eating apples. I can not afford or am too cheap to buy fencing and I am too lazy to pick up apples as apples on the ground harbor apple maggots and disease, so I find this regime money give away, and I say, "Hey I will come up with a con where the government pays for my fencing, gets me a new computer and other things so I can "monitor and record" things to make it seem like I am doing something, and the America people who can not afford anything, buy me a fence for nothing.

My rotation of animals is Baby Belle and Daisy eating apples. Before that it was goats and pigs work wonders too. I did not get paid over seven grande though for the solution as it does not cost 7000 dollars for common sense. The cows eat the apples, and that cures the disease and pests......all free in the brier patch.
As  of soil improvement, that is cows shitting in your orchard which does not amount to shit, because a generation ago people with orchards KNEW you did not run animals in your orchards because it compacts the soil.
What the additional viable revenue streams are, that could be selling milk from the cows or selling the hogs that ate the apples. It is all bullshit no matter what it is.

Now you get an idea about how this swindle works in things being translated.

Here is another gem from Indian Sioux country in cow chip Dakota.

Patricia Hammond from Martin South Dakota, at Rebel Earth Farms was given $7500.00 for REBEL EARTH FARMS VALUE ADDED, DIRECT MARKETING LAKOTA HERBAL TEA HIGH TUNNEL PRODUCTION".

That  one takes a bit of studying as these skirts are really clever, but this appears to be someone wanted an expensive green house to grow weeds in it, that she is the selling to morons in the cities as "herbal tea".
This is high desert country, so we are not talking Lipton tea, and is instead some damn goldenrod or catnip, or who knows what. The point is you just paid for an expensive greenhouse as someone had a scheme for growing some kind of weeds, in a place where the cactus have a hard time growing 8 out 10 years.

Shall we continue on?

Let us do one more as an example. Here we have James Leek of Pat & Rachel's Gardens of Olathe Kansas. I have been to Olathe, and it is high desert scorched earth too. They got though $22,500.00 for the project, "ADDING VALUE TO SMALL FARM PRODUCE BY PROCESSING AND FREEZING VEGETABLES AND FRUIT".

As I have said, I have been to Kansas, not going back. I think in all of Kansas City Missouri and Kansas I saw 2 apple trees. Those people will plant nut trees like acorns, but forget it in planting fruit trees. So the translation is Pat and Rachel have a market garden for the farmer's market which sells guinea eggs to morons who think you eat guinea eggs, (This would be TL's sister who was raving about them in being too ignorant to understand that normal people would think you were nuts and every farmer would grin in thinking, "Well somebody had too man guinea eggs which were about rotten and decided to sell them to town folks who would bite on that one", and yes that is university educated on scholarship in the reason for sojourning in guinea egg land.)
I digress.....
So Pat and Rachel, wanted you to buy for the a processing and packaging system for their business, so they can sell chit to guinea egg eaters as "organic" as no one is buying the chit at the farmer's market fresh and it is rotting, so now there is going to be a pile of chit in the freezer to sell.

See how clever these rural folk are? They can twist just about anything. If NASA was handing out grants they would figure out how to power a rocket on wheat and do a study on the benefits of taking a milk cow to Mars for fresh milk.

All of this happened under Donald Trump and USDA Secretary Sonny Purdue who is spending more money on travel than a crack whore. If all of these farm ideas were so great, people would get off their asses and spend their own money, but when the government is giving away money, then these smart asses figure out ways to get you to buy things for them for their crapper businesses. See the crop in this is harvesting your money and not growing things.

Here is a list of these asstard grants:

Rob Faux of Tripoli Iowa, 7500.00 for growing flowers in a melon patch.

Michael Osweiler of Chandler Arizona, 7481.00 for trying to keep Monsanto pollen out of his  crops in Iowa.

Michael O'Rourke of Downs Illinois, 7500.00 to grow weeds in your corn and bean crops to keep other weeds from growing in the field you are too lazy to cultivate.

Casey Sabatka of Chicago Illinois 14,975.00 for trying to grow a garden in polluted Chicago soil.

Richard Barnes of Fort Wayne Indiana, 22,474, how to con Mexicans to pick strawberries and make money at it.

Liz Brownlee of Crothersville Indiana, 15,000, how to sell farm butchered meat to farmers.

Karen Carlisle of Nobelsville Indiana, 7493.00, putting woodchips on your crops to not kill them as there is zero nutritional value in woodchips.

Timothy Carter, Russiaville Indiana, 3300.00, how to kill grass without spraying it in your pasture.

Brevan DeWeese, Russiaville Indiana, 6499.00, planting a garden using trash and conning children to weed it.

Matthew Jose, Indianapolis Indiana, 6210.00, washing picked lettuce.

Linda Woodbury, Morgantown Indiana, 22,500.00, making lettuce a gift for the sick in hospital.

Melissa Boersema, Johannesburg Michigan, 7500.00, sprouting potatoes.

Rachelle Bostwick, Kent City Michigan, 7486.00,  growing wheat with your vegetables.

Frank Corrado, Bangor Michigan, 7500.00, showing bees pollinating blueberry plants.

Jordan DeVries, Manistee Michigan, 22,050, planting apple trees too close and using nets to try to keep the disease from spreading.

Joh Skalko, Esko Minnesota, 7500.00, getting your own bee farm.

Veronica Baetje, Bloomsdale Missouri, 22,100.00,  making cheese.

Brent Hood, Springfield Missouri, 5771.00, raising shrimp in your backyard in a city.

Jameson Hubbard, Kansas City, Missouri, 7498.00, how to grow and sell produce in a city where it should not be grown.

Pieter Los, Hermann Missouri, 6650.00, mowing between your corn stalks.

Bomb Semyck, Tecumseh Missouri, 14,972.00, growing mushrooms not on your place.

Jane Suemme, St. Louis Missouri, 20,106.00, trying to keep bees alive where the city sprays for mosquitoes and kills everything.

Ben Tegeler, Springfield Missouri, 15,000.00, making compost.

Jenna Wilkins, Kansas City Missouri, 19,462.00, making booze from vegetables.

Erin Gaugler, Bowman North Dakota, 15,000.00, cutting pastures and bailing it instead of letting cows graze it off.

Scott Yahnke, Omaha Nebraska, 15,000.00, getting orphan boys to weed gardens.

Timothy J. Malinich, North Ridgeville Ohio, 7494.00,  growing tropical figs in cold ass Ohio.

Jerah Pettibone, 7151.00, Columbus Ohio, feeding bugs to pheasants that eat rabbit poop.

Jeanne Saum, Groveport Ohio, 14,986.00, working geezers to death keeping bees.

Rachel Tayse, Columbus Ohio, 14,927.00, growing saffron in Ohio.

David Volkman, Maineville Ohio, 12,005.00, picking hops at the right time.

Amanda and Chris Konechne, Kimball South Dakota, 7500.00, feeding cattle bale strings.

Jess Bernstein, Mount Horeb Wisconsin, 5350.00, weeds growing in a just planted pasture.

Jeff Endres, Brooklyn Wisconsin, 22,500.00, frozen cow crap on frozen fields.

Sheri Howard, Green Bay Wisconsin, 6929.00, using freeze dried weeds in herbal products.

Scott Johnson, Evansville Wisconsin, 13,242.00, comparing potato size in fields.

Lisa Kivirsit, Browntown Wisconsin, 22,333.00, baking things in a farm kitchen to sell.

Brad LaFave, Blackcreek Wisconsin, 22,404.00, growing perch fish outside where they already are grown in nature.

Christopher McGuire, Belmont Wisconsin, 6979.00, how to make apple trees have branches which they already have if you do not prune them.

There are probably other wasteful programs in other regions, but I happened upon this in some papers which would be used for packing in shipping boxes and as no one else will report on this kind of waste, it appears here.
As you can see by the above, most of this is centered on WOMEN who are online surfing and finding ways to spend other people's money or people in large cities finding ways to spend other people's money.

The reason most of the above is not done, is because it was proven hundreds of years ago to not do those things, as you can not raise tropical plants were it snows as it is not cost effective and you have to weed your crops to get them to produce a crop.

Nothing of course will be done about this, as none of these grants should have ever been awarded in the first place, but under President Donald Trump this nonsense continues. For a reality check though, whoever at the USDA awarded these funds, should be fired and they should have to pay this half a million dollars back to the Treasury as this stuff is so retard it is screaming bullshit with red lights flashing.

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