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It is not Carter Page, but Ash Carter

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As Stefan Halper has disappeared, it is vital that the rabbits in the hat which are still part of this magic act, face full Grand Jury questioning in Stefan Halper, and that ultimately means the government body who was paying Stefan Halper 1 million dollars, and that is the DOD, which was operating at Think Tank which appears to be a CIA front meant to monitor the Pentagon, launder money through and for the DOD to take orders from the CIA.

When James Baker was put in charge of the Halper Think Tank, it is a reality that Baker reported directly the Secretary of Defense and that is Ash Carter who was in control of the DOD during this entire period of framing Donald Trump.

In researching just who Ash Carter is, there is something which jumps out in his deep state career, and that it was Ash Carter who was joined at the CIA hip in writing policy papers, including predicting that a massive terrorist attack as on 9 11 would take place in America, and it was Ash Carter who authored Homeland Security.
If one searched in this, Gary Hart, one time presidential candidate, actually wrote the Patriot Act before the attack. All of this is evidence of foreknowledge of events which would transpire, and all through this, Trump frame job, the silver thread which runs through it all is the CIA was running this illegal operation, and in several  key departments and agencies, it was the CIA officers in those department which were running this intelligence operation.

In 1997, Carter and former CIA Director John M. Deutch co-chaired the Catastrophic Terrorism Study Group which urged greater attention to terrorism. In 1998 Carter, Deutch and Philip Zelikow (later executive director of the 9/11 Commission) published an article on “catastrophic terrorism” in Foreign Affairs. From 1998 to 2000, he was deputy to William J. Perry in the North Korea Policy Review and traveled with him to Pyongyang. In 2001–02, he served on the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Science and Technology for Countering Terrorism, and advised on the creation of the Department of Homeland Security.

The FBI's main CIA officer appears to be Peter Strzok. At Defense there seem to be a myriad of CIA case officers from Ash Carter, to General Dunford, to James Baker, and on down to Stefan Halper.

This is not an over reach in this as for years the CIA employed numbers of reporters, and actually funded most of the overseas bureaus of all media. Those reporters were all embeds from the CIA, and as one examines the framing of Donald  Trump it is like the Kennedy assassination, in it crosses all departments and agencies.

Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan (L) and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew visit before President Barack Obama announces his nomination of Ashton Carter to be the next Defense Secretary in the Roosevelt Room at the White House December 5, 2014 in Washington, DC. Carter, who served as the second in charge at the Pentagon under both secretaries Leon Panetta and Chuck Hagel, is expected to face a smooth confirmation process in the U.S. Senate.
In this photo, there is CIA Director John Brennan  and US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew discussing the appointment of Ash Carter by Birther Hussein. That is most interesting as in the listed departments of Brennan's inter agency framing and spying of Donald Trump, the US Treasury s listed as a collaborator in this operation. Now we see Brennan and Lew coordinating intelligence policy concerning their man, Ash Carter, who just so happened to have one of his think tanks running an operation against Donald Trump.

It gets even more interesting in Ash Carter was a prized Bush boy in a confidant of the Bush fam.

During the Bush administration, he was also a member of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's International Security Advisory Board; co-chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee's Policy Advisory Group; a consultant to the Defense Science Board; a member of the National Missile Defense White Team, and a member of the National Academy of Sciences Committee on International Security and Arms Control. He has testified frequently before the armed services, foreign relations, and homeland security committees of both houses of Congress.

And with this link, the entire colluding cast is present, with MI6 appearing and educating Ash Carter.

Former MI6 head recounts how intelligence gathering has ...

The Harvard Gazette ... and Ash Carter listen as John Sawers, ... Former head of Britain's MI6 recounts how intelligence gathering has changed deeply.

US Attorney John Huber along with Congress needs to bring these collaborators before a Grand Jury and before committees to liberate what appears these political minders that Barack Obama embedded in every department and agency.
We know for certain now that Defense, Treasury and State were coordinating out of the CIA in John Brennan against the 2016 election process.

Only Asia knows where Stefan Halper is hiding. It is his overseers who are the management in this, and must be questioned and investigated.

It is vital that this not be limited to the ogre John Brennan as there is a definite corruption of departments involved in all of this, and it is these collaborator who must be indicted for high crimes, instead of being ignored by the media.

It is not Carter Page, the FBI cooperative witness who needs to be focused on, but Ash Carter who was allowing this Halper operation to be run and paying 1 million dollars for it.

We have to get the right Carter.

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