Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Have Tuxedo will Turd

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I had been meaning to write about the Puntz, but with the Puntz it is a matter of a daily drama of something the Audrey Hepburn can will come up with next.

In the past three days, we had the Puntz decide that sleeping on my chair and then my lap was the acceptable location, and then we would crawl up onto my desk ledge, parade around, fall off, onto this laptop and claw two keys, the \\\\\\\\\\\\ key and the ;;;;;;;;;;; key, to which instead of enjoying my Inspector Morse I was looking up online in how to pop keys back onto a keyboard, as thank God, it was only popped off and not destroyed like before in needing replacements.
That should probably teach me to write letters to the anti Christ.

Next up was a dual event, where the cat crawled up onto the place where she usually sleeps and then dumped a pile of turds on my clothes. Apparently we were sending a message about baby calves getting more attention in getting to pee on the floor while the cat does not.
Next the sleeping in the chair was broken up by the Puntz tearing into my hand with fangs as I tried to move her. Yes we do not like not being the complete center of all attention in rotating animals around the planet.

This was followed up on day three, with two piles of turds. One on the table an one on the cupboard. If these were large donations, I would now be ready to buy some land and build our earth sheltered home. As it was only cat turds, it was just for the pure enjoyment of it all.

I have concluded that these bobtail cats are in a world of their own as they do not act like cats at all, but like dogs with Audrey Hepburn attitude. Apparently Mom was not as kind as I was about poop on the table as the cat was doing the MEOW to me and would only get on the table with me putting her there. I don't know why people just can't chill as animals have bad days and sometimes they got things to say and turds and fangs are about all they have to communicate with.
I figure all of this is just the part of having a cat own you. You take the normal stuff and just ignore the other stuff as a chore and stop trying to control the world an animal lives in.

I don't think this cat would ever be seen if she was outside as we have another cat named Rimmer, who is a Manx and that cat is like a ghost. She is perfectly nice, in fact she is Princess Grace of Manx cats compared to the Puntz who is attitude to the power of 10, but these cats are all just standoffish and you get to pet them when they decide, and their ideas are more temperamental than normal cats.

I can not blame the Puntz as she has had mite issues for awhile and we are treating with that ivomec stuff that they spray Negroid in Africa with. She is better, but has her ornery moments yet, and her moments where she just has to bite me to show she can still perform that legendary feat.

With that, that is the story of the Puntz and my hope that two kitty litter boxes will suffice to leave the turds where they belong, instead of my Treasure Island discovery process like hunting Easter Eggs.

Nuff Said