Thursday, May 10, 2018

Kelly Sadler Another John McCain Female Victim

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I see that Donald Trump still has his #NeverTrumpers leaking to the press as Kelly Sadler is now just another woman being persecuted by John McCain as Sarah Palin has been betrayed.

I do not get in this fake news in how "mocking" John McCain by stating he has cancer and is going to die is mocking him. If it is, then the Mayo Clinic is mocking John the hero McCain as they told him he had cancer and informed him that he is dying.
The John McCain's son in law who married the rotund Megs mocked the pop in law, as he said John the hero McCain told him to look after his fat daughter, as that saying John the hero McCain has cancer and is dying.
Furthermore, McCain looking for someone to pay the feed bill on Megs after John the hero McCain dies, is mocking his himself as that is what he saying in he has cancer and is dying.

McCain's lead up to his death though is one of the most bizarre casket viewing I have ever witnessed as McCain is making the rounds, planting stories and apparently has some stooges inn the Trump White House who are misogynists out to destroy another woman to get at Donald Trump.

Ok to make this plain, the Lame Cherry supports Kelly Sadler, because Kelly Sadler did not mock John McCain in:

Sadler did not put on two rulers, tape them to her leg, limp out of the room and return with them taped to the other leg as McCain's magic brace kept changing legs.

Sadler did not start whistling like a Song Bird after eating donuts and exclaiming, Please stop torturing me Chairman Ho as I don't know how much of these cream filled I can take.

Sadler did not put a magic marker line on her head and label it CUT HERE for John McCain's operation.

I know that most of you are laughing at the above mocking as that is what mocking is supposed to do. Kelly Sadler was not mocking John McCain, she was just expressing disgust in John McCain trying to destroy another woman's life in the future Director of the CIA, the way McCain destroyed the lives of POW's wives by being a traitor, the wives of the crew of the USS Forestall when he burned up the ship pranking around and the wives of everyone John the hero McCain rationed death to on Obamacare.

John McCain deserves zero compassion, as Kelly Sadler proves, as he has stooped again to harming an innocent woman to get at someone John McCain hates in Donald Trump. This swan song of Song Bird McCain in it taking forever for this treacherous old man to die is typical of John McCain as he is like the smell of skunk in you just want it to go away, but McCain simply evokes the thought daily in just how fake is this John McCain death as he seems quite spry in all the interviews he is conducting to set up his fake legacy and it was going full bore in having implemented a smear operation against Donald Trump in using an innocent woman in Kelly Sadler.

I could inqure when John  the hero McCain was going to die, but I could care less, as I am like most Americans in just looking forward to the day he actually stops torturing America.

But then, I figure John McCain has been recording "John McCain Moments" to torture Americans with when he does die for the next 50 years.

John McCain says he has cancer. John McCain says he is dying. I still would like proof of that as the only proof I have is John McCain is the one alive and destroying other people's lives.

McCain urges Senate to reject Haspel's nomination for CIA ...

May 10, 2018 · Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona is urging his colleagues to vote against the confirmation of Gina Haspel as CIA director.

Thee ONLY reason John McCain is fixated on torture is because he was never tortured, but needs to promote that idea, to hide that McCain collaborated with communists in Vietnam to save himself from being tortured as the real Heroes at the Hanoi Hilton were.

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