Thursday, May 10, 2018

When in Trouble Go Donald

Vern, I am so popular that democrats are going to be 
saying they love me to get votes come November

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Most of you will not care, but this does point to something in the national elections this fall, in South Dakota is running their GOP primary in June and for Governor, there is Representative Kristi Noem who I wrote the time line for in God's Grace to elect over that baby butchering hose bag Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, and Marty Jackley the current Attorney General.

I have covered Jackley here in he is pure Mutard Daagaurd Rhino big business, and can not find the prosecution button on GOP crooks in this state or pedophiles.

None of that matters, as Noem is in the lead with a 22% undecided. What is important in this are these facts:

Mutard called for Trump to resign. Jackley is a Mutard boy.

Noem went on a hate fest for Trump in 2008.

What is taking place now with Trump gaining national momentum is Jackley is publishing pictures of him with Trump, well one photo, and Noem is publishing being linked at the hip with Trump.

Kristi The Closer  Noem

Quick Note On Trump's Agenda

As you might have seen, President Trump signed an executive order today to enhance employment opportunities for military spouses. It is encouraging to see our president stand behind military families in this way - and I stand with him.
The reality is that it's going to take strong state leadership to fully implement President Trump's vision for our country, and this issue is a clear example of that. As the White House pointed out, more than 20 percent of military spouses cite state licensing regulations as one of their greatest challenges. I want to change that for South Dakota's military families.
Those who serve are asked to move a lot. They might be in Texas one year and at Ellsworth the next. As governor, I will look for opportunities to fast-track veterans and military families through the licensing process, letting their experience count so it's easier to work in South Dakota.
You can check out my full economic agenda here.
Have a wonderful day.
- Kristi

Marty Jack Off Jackley

Jackley is doing one better in being behind and sending out emails that he is in the lead. The problem is his lead are garbage polls where only rich assholes are asked which rich asshole they prefer.

Press Conference on South Dakota Rape Scandal ... - Breitbart

Feb 22, 2015 · On Monday February 23rd in Washington D.C., the podcast Brought To Light will be holding a press conference to announce important new developments in the Mette Rape Scandal. At this event, we will reveal never before seen evidence of obstruction of justice by Attorney General Marty Jackley & other ...

We Have the Momentum

Another independent poll was released today showing our campaign in the lead.
Momentum has been growing for our campaign as support continues to flood in from across the state, here are just a few of the ways we are leading the field -- 
With just a few weeks left in this campaign it is critical that we build on this momentum. Yess, here is what you can do to help push us across the finish line!

For these two Trump haters to be running Trump ads to sway South Dakotans, is a bellwether of what is coming. I told you if the Lame Cherry's Nobel Prize for Trump appears, no one is going to be able to touch him, and this icon is going to be the hammer who creates this new Trump party, which will be a great deal what Jackley and Noem both back and more to the point, the Mutard Obama party which rules South Dakota.

Trends matter and this is a definitive trend which no one has noted. Candidates are looking to keep leads and candidates are attempting long balls to take the lead, and their Hail Mary is the Hail Donald.

Donald Trump in Korea is winning. People hate Robert Mueller. Donald Trump is electoral gold.

 South Dakota is about to elect her first female Governor.

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