Saturday, May 19, 2018

Lame Cherry Exclusive Interview: Karin Jess

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Editor's Note: The Lame Cherry is humbled and grateful for the appearance here of the accomplished sonic and photonic resonant and ocular  professor of sciences, Karin Jess.

LC: Thank you for your graciousness in sitting down for this interview.

KJ: Thank you for after the 836th correspondence in my pleading to be interviewed  by you, that you agreed.

 LC: You have changed over the years in our first meeting, and yet you are more beautiful than ever. You are often mistaken for the lovely Ann Archer, could you elaborate on who you are please?

KJ: I am not Anne Archer and we are both beautiful women.

LC: Is beauty really timeless?

KJ: They have also proved, both mathematically and by observation of high speed sub-atomic particles, that time is relative. Time is dependent upon how fast you are moving. These anomalies are often enough experienced by humans in "time standing still" or "my how time flies" as the human accelerates or  decelerates in heightened or sedentary periods of experience.
There is a direct connection between adrenaline and lethargy in the personal experience of time warping to the individual human. 

LC: But is there not a relevancy in the effect of distortions in the human condition speeding up or slowing down......

KJ: The Cherry Effect......

LC: As I began, this relevancy is not the Einstein misconception of "relativity", but a relevancy of importance of effect. A billion souls speeding up or slowing down in  combined revelation would produce not a static effect but a localized effect where time would indeed distort to the masses.
There would then be natural warps in location, and in effect, there would be areas in time where time not only sped up or slowed down, but in effect where time actually ceased, not a immortal feature or eternal feature, but an opening where as in a library that one could view all time from beginning to end, and slip through these envelops to enter other time slots like books on a shelf.

KJ: I thought I was the expert here.

LC: My apologies for dominating your interview with my additions of thought.

KJ: No it is quite alright when the librar......... I should not have used that description, but I meant to convey the respect that you are the one who taught me the principles of the melded currents in the space time continuum is an absolute falsehood, as there is nothing but distortions and anomalies all through matter and what is termed time. The continuous pulse of the sub atomic fields is equalized by the distortion of actual matter and time  reacting in the same fluidity as in this dimension all  is "liquid".


LC: So the law which you are reciting is that there is no law in physics. There is only position of reference and each reference is a distortion of the point and vanishing point of perspective.

KJ: Again the libr.........forgive me, the author quoting their own work.  You did write that in the 22nd century, or at least it was in the depository when I checked there last.

LC: If we could move on to the interesting perspective that you look like Anne Archer.

KJ: I really do not focus a great deal on that as you first noted the reality of a recurring signature in all  things have a pattern effect like frost, and as frost or snowflakes reappear in billions of forms, the reality is that humans repeat in sequence in "waves of appearances" as given time a profile in nature will reappear due to genetics and environmental effect.

LC: Is that what you would term yourself then is an environmental effect?

KJ: When our time lines intersected in the in 1428 who would have considered that my having blundered into a time fuse where you were collecting unicorns for transplanting to your zoo after the Mediterranean waters recede is one of the focal points of my unique time line.  To not be marooned there or extinguished like the unicorn is  now a relevancy where I can paint my toenails with Raspberry Blush and let them dry on the shores of your coming zoo after Noah got off the  boat.

LC: You are a masterful science fiction writer and sometimes it is difficult for myself or readers to read between the lines in your recitations.

KJ: Perhaps I should be the one asking the questions as I used to with your other foundling students.

LC: Science fiction is a wonderful writing accomplishment. My favorite author in Robert Heinlein never really delved into the HG Wells time machine genre, but there are may  good authors who have gone into great detail in how time could be made to stand still and actually cause the cessation and reverse of atomic principles.

KJ: Actually it is possible to diffuse an atomic reaction with a time accellerant. It is possible to move faster than the expansion of energy, and in moving faster neutralizing the expansion and in reality creating a degeneration field of reverse expansion to bring it to a static nature. I have accomplished this in several experiments which were recorded in history as 'duds'. It not my being a crusader, but an explorer of the true relativity as in the God Light which is outside the parameters of Newtonian sciences. A great deal in relation to your creating the deoxyribonucleic photon accelerator.

LC: You must have me mistaken for someone else of accomplishment.

KJ: Fiction again?

LC: Science fiction again.

KJ: Nella touched on it though when you interviewed her here in the performance theater she was creating for the underground wave structure of experimenting with mass thought and reaction amplification in the nuclear field. I tried to get her to let me borrow one of her devices so that I could prove the impossibility of  a nuclear explosion in zero time. I based that on Christ being the Light when the sun would no longer be. The essence of the theory was that the atomic clock would cease on Christ's return and without that clock, there would not be any possibility of a chain reaction. It was a great deal like your photonic DNA spiral being a restoration device which when amplified vibrated to a higher field.

LC: And  Nellla refused?

KJ: She said someone would not be pleased with her girls carrying out experiments to prove laws yet only theories.

LC: Perhaps sometimes it would be of benefit to peruse the library to examine the quantum fluidity of particles which all have the structure to oscillate between matter and wave. The mechanics which are influenced by thought and will and construct from thought to assembled molecules in structure.
The passage of matter to wave and assembled back in particular form to matter again in the transpiration of the fluidity of time.

KJ: This is what I have you around for.

LC: Regrettably I see that the time is......

KJ: Run out?

LC: More precisely and not colloquially, it is time for me to return to the future tense.

KJ: You promise to meet us for lunch and to allow me to meet the protege?

LC: KJ, you already met the protege as there were tracks of your trademark tire tread sandals in that location, and rubber tires did not exist in 1414 BC.

KJ: I was interested.

LC: Thank you Karin Jess for sitting down in this interview and yes we will meet half past the protege.