Friday, May 11, 2018

Matt Drudge Trumphobia

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The fading reality of Matt Drudge as he bends at the waist of fake news is the Christian loathing sodomite of Matt Drudge is living in Trumphobia that journalists will be licensed in order to perform that vocation.

Oddly enough the ignorant Matt Drudge somehow missed these Congressional restrictions already infringing upon every Americans Constitutional Rights.


Guide to the DC Permit Process | Washington Peace Center

Guide to the DC Permit Process. ... When do you need a permit? Protests of 25 people or more on the National Mall or other National Park Service ... Washington, DC 20010


Barack Obama presidential eligibility litigation - Wikipedia

Barack Obama presidential eligibility litigation ... Orly Taitz filed a lawsuit in federal court, ... the race of 'Negro' or 'mulatto' had no standing to be ...


55 Arrests for Disrupting Congress in January - NBC4 Washington

The first month of the 115th Congress saw a spike in protest disruptions inside congressional hearings or sessions, according to a review by the News4 I-Team. U.S. Capitol Police records show officers arrested at least 55 people for disrupting Congress in January -- almost a five-fold increase from ...



(Profanity List) You Can't Say on TV - FCC Rules

Despite all the changes in media, most of the FCC rules on indecency still apply in TV. Learn about these rules and what they mean.

 Then there is the masterpiece of restricting firearms access by licenses.

Gun Control Act | Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and ...

Gun Control Act of 1968. This Legislation regulated interstate and foreign commerce in firearms, including importation, "prohibited persons", and licensing provisions.

Matt Drudge is the essence of fake news as this homosexual is the greatest anti Christian propagandist megaphone to ever have existed. He is Joseph Goebbels marshaling the forces in Germany for the Reich. Drudge committed the worst of sins against innocent Judge Roy Moore, in promoting the most heinous crucifixion of a man since Jesus the Christ.

The condemnation of Matt Drudge was best summed up by  the always brilliant analysis of the great Patriot, Alan Keyes.

Yesterday the Drudge Report featured a tweet promoting the link to an article about how Steve Bannon and Sean Hannity were allegedly having second thoughts about their support for Judge Roy Moore. Drudge tweeted a banner headline for the link, that bore a picture with the tagline “Bannon turns on Judge Whore.” He introduced the whole screed with a supercilious snuffle: “A Lesson on leaving politics to the professionals.”
If this screed is typical of the Drudge Report, I am happier than ever that his electronic compendium isn’t among the frequently visited sites I keep handy in my browser’s favorites bar.

It is true leadership that Dr. Keyes has joined the lead in NO CLICK  on Drudge as this blog advocated, in replacing Drudge with the Liberty Daily.

The histrionics of Matt Drudge fearing the licensing of journalists is ridiculous. The US media has the right to lie just like Matt Drudge has the right to deceive in amplifying fake news. There is not going to ever be any regulating media which is private and not public airwaves. It is like you can drive nuts on your own property as it is your property, but that ends on public roads, like public airwaves.
A reporter can not lie on public airwaves, but they can lie on cable or any print, which is what fake news is.

The key to dealing with fake news is not regulating these CIA Mockingbird community organized keyboard cranks as this blog reported. The key is indicting, arresting, trying and hanging George Soros and the rest of these instigators, including those in the deep state intelligence and police state who have been funneling money to these operations, and yes that includes Hamrod Clinton dumping 2 trillion dollars to these frauds for campaign ads.
That was what this blog was pointing out when Ted Cruz, using Cambridge and Mercer funds flowing to Mark Levin, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh to get good promotion from those frauds. Those were public airways, and money was flowing to these media types to promote Ted Cruz in an illegal favoritism.

See in all of the above restrictions, Congress like Matt Drudge is protecting the elites and penalizing the Citizen. If the laws in America were enforced in those subverting the Constitution in the feudal few on top in hanging them and seizing their assets, there would not be any need for restricting the mob as the few who caused problems would be made example of and executed. The real trouble always comes from the concentration of wealth, which then owns the politicians who use the police state to protect the Nazi conglomerate, and makes criminals out of Americans.

Concentrated  wealth and power is the origination of fake news. Matt Drudge is once again pimping for the feudal few by clouding the issue. The fact is that Matt Drudge is yesterday's news  and is fading, just as all media is, because it is boring, manipulative and dishonest.

Much like Erick Erickson and whatever Kurt Eichenwald is spewing or whatever the Blaze is smoking in this one:

On Thursday’s episode of “Pat Gray Unleashed,” Pat agreed with Drudge’s assertion and feared that requiring credentials for journalists would threaten the Second Amendment.

Huh? Drudge was whining about the First Amendment, not the Second.

Matt and the Mrs.

 ...and we close this out with Sean Homo Hannity
going Queer Freeze when fag Drudge puts the hug on him.
Yes we we support them fairies on air, but it all goes freezeberg
when the homo is touching the shoulder and Hannity is thinking lower.