Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Melania Heal Thy Self

Get well soon First Lady

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Is there no limits to the selflessness of First Lady Melania Trump?

Seriously, the Marionette worshiper who prayed for a child  to die in Italy so another child could get the dead child's kidney, had the Queen of Heaven work that miracle in all Vaticanism for a glowing Pater Pope, but Melania Trump will not bother the Queen Mary to save herself from an operation.


No Melania, I only do miracles to help satan improve my image

Melania Enchants Children at Italian Hospital, Visits Boy ...

Melania Enchants Children at Italian ... Melania Trump met with children from nine different countries—including Iraq ... and I will pray for each of them ...

Now I know Jesus can do all miracles, like stopping a bankrupting blood flow in a woman, but Melania instead  did not bother Queen Mary to pray to her to work a Fatima miracle.
Apparently Mary was out making statues and portraits of her cry blood or something, but I would have thought that there was not some "One Time Deal" for First Ladies as I would think the Queen of Heaven would give at least like 3 wishes as a Jinn does if you rub his magic lamp.

If only the Kushner's had been there to work a miracle, as Ivanka could have Wailing Walled for Melania as I am sure the Apple of God's Eye would have gotten that tumor gone.


 Sorry Melania the tumor stays as you are goy

Liberals though have been very mean or is that mary mean to Melania in blaming Donald Trump for this kidney tumor which they cut the artery to, in order to starve it as it dissolves back into her kidney. I don't know  how that works if she will pee it out or if it will absorb into her system, which is kind of out there in Melania will be feeding on herself if that happens.

Vile Progressives Blame President Trump For Melania’s Hospitalization

Of course on schedule on Day 300 of John the hero McCain's dying from friendly cancer, John the hero McCain found a way to beat up Melania  Trump as she lay stricken in Walter Reed, as John the hero McCain ignored the First Lady and instead heaped his prayer and  well wishes on Harry Reid.
I don't know if Harry Reid is like the Virgin Mary in answering prayers, but who knows, maybe that is why John McCain is alive yet, in he was praying to Harry Reid.


Sorry Melania, I only heal democrats

Hail Harry full of grace
Pray for Johnny in his hour of need
Hail Harry full of grace
Blessed it the fruit of the law firm........

Melania Trump and Harry Reid Both Had
Surgery on Monday, Guess Who John McCain
Offered His ‘Prayers and Best Wishes’ To?

Gateway Pundit, by Jim Hoft    Original Article
First Lady Melania Trump had surgery on Monday for a benign kidney problem that will keep her hospitalized for several days. Also on Monday, retired Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) had surgery to treat pancreatic cancer. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), who has been at the center of a Beltway controversy over an insensitive comment about his ill health made in a private meeting by a White House staffer that was leaked to the press, posted his ‘prayers and best wishes’ to only one of the two: “From one cantankerous senator to another, sending my prayers & best wishes to   

 I haven't been this happy since I burned up 143 Sailors on the Forestall

The Lame Cherry though is more interested in how Melania Trump caught this tumor. It certainly is not from Donald Trump as she has been sleeping with him for like two decades. It certainly is not from like Stormy Daniels or Karen McDougal as they are not getting embolizing tumor surgeries. That is why I think I found the culprit who infected Melania Trump, and I have a photo of it all.

Is that a tumor Barry or are you just happy to see me?

Yes it was that image Obama.

Now bear with me in this explanation, as we all know that Birther the original checked out on June 13th, 2013 AD in the year of our Lord. And there have been all these shapeshifter jinns and lab creations standing in for the Birther since then.
They need to do some cell tissue growth to get someone to look like Obama, so maybe when Melania was being polite at Babs Bush's funeral, the Obama mutant coughed on her, and Melania ingested it, and when she tried to pee it out, it grew a tumor in her kidney  instead.

It all makes perfect sense, but it also brings about the point what if Obama is like Typhoid Mary? What if image Obama is moving around pretending to be Obama, and he is coughing tumors  up on unsuspecting people. What if there is a trail of tumors everywhere Obama has gone? This is obviously something the CDC must investigate and the Lame Cherry calls upon President Donald Trump to issue Executive Order 432, which will call for the immediate quarantine of image Obama and the wife.
It will call for quarantine in all who have had contact with image Obama for a six month period of time, with the full battery of tests to see if like Bush fam is growing tumors and if image Obama is Tumor Barry.

I would even add that the President needs to haul John the hero McCain out to a real medical facility for a battery of tests to see if he is infected with Obama tumors and if John the  hero McCain is a carrier of the Obama Plague.


Sorry Melania, it is Menstrual Mary today
and you had your one miracle. 

We are learning a great deal in all of this in the selfless Melania Trump who we all hope for her complete recovery. We learn that the Virgin Mary is only good for one prayer as her blood flow must weaken her to doing repeat performances. We learned the pedo Pater Pope is no good for a miracle for the First Lady. We learned John the hero McCain can really be a bigger bastard each day in his 300 Day of Dying appears. We learned that Melania is selfless in she will not even heal herself, and we learned that Barack Hussein Obama, the image, might be Tumor Barry, spreading tumors across the globe in all the people he sits beside.

There is nothing out of Melania Trump's schedule which was different, except image Obama sat beside her, and she immediately grew a tumor, that looks like enough for President Trump to round up  these plague carriers and have them tested.

Christians though have an Advocate with the Father Who is Christ the Lord, By Whose wounds we are healed, by Whose elders anointing and praying over the sick, they will be healed for the Glory of the Father.

Others just have the world in which Melania Trump is now being treated and mistreated in.

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