Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Frau in Moscow

Oh Vladimir that is bulge in my man shorts and I am glad to see you....

MOSCOW, May 11. /TASS/. German Chancellor Angela Merkel will visit Russia’s Black Sea resort city of Sochi on May 18 to discuss a wide range of international issues, including the Iran nuclear deal, with Russian President Vladimir Putin, acting presidential aide Yuri Ushakov said on Friday.
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There is an interesting interaction with United States Allies, in Macron and Merkel meeting with President Trump, smiling and agreeing, and then meeting back in Europe to trash Donald Trump, as Russiagate author Theresa May tries to get America and Russia involved in a war for British benefit.

UK, France And Germany Issue Joint Statement Attacking Trump ...

EU's top diplomat urges rest of world, including Iran, to stay unified in support of pact Jeremy B White San Francisco 5 hours ago5 comments The UK, France and Germany have issued a joint statement assailing President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw the US from the nuclear deal with Iran.

The reason the Brits, Frogs and Krauts have wanted the Iran deal, is what Iran told the world in corrupt Europeans were taking bribes for the Iran nuclear deal which Obama foisted on the world, and they are the same French who refined yellow cake for Saddam Hussein and the same Germans who sold Saddam Hussein biological weapons as London banks cashed the bribes.

American allies in Europe are the largest set of criminals in existence. They simply tell America one thing and do the globalist other in selling America out.

Frau Merkel is to be in Moscow on May 18th, to meet with Vladimir Putin after meeting with Donald Trump and then condemning the President of the United States. Russia is a dynamic force on the move and President Trump in reverse speech can state that the Russians deserve the war they get, but the reality is Germany, England and France are energy addicts and Russia has their pipeline syringe.

Donald Trump can bankrupt American voters who voted for him in exporting energy to Eurasia to get at Russian influence, but the fact is, Russia is never going to be replaced in that energy flow into Europe nor Russian influence.
Bulgaria, Turkey, Austria, Germany and Poland are all anchored to Russia. This is what influence looks like and is why France, Germany and England lie to Donald Trump's face as they embrace Moscow for America's demise.

The United States gets Ukraine to vote cover for Nazis, as that is thee American position of Nazi support, while Vladmir Putin obtains the leverage Russia needs in Europe.

As America pumps itself dry of gasoline for it's treacherous allies already drunk on Russian oil, the Russians have embarked on a new tactic in they are now moving to mass produce the S 500 missile shield. Removing air superiority of the Americans, leaves nothing but fat homosexuals in uniforms who can not throw hand grenades to prosecute a war against mobile Russian army.

Putin calls to prepare S-500 missile system for mass production

The Russians do not believe they can win a conventional war against the Americans, but that is not the point. Russia factors in that she can indeed bankrupt America in war with expensive technology in shooting down American planes, missiles and pilots. The Homo Corp can not win a war, so the Russian fail safe is to destroy American conventional air power and then go nuclear as that is what Russian military protocol states and in that war, they will win.

World War 3 IMMINENT! Scared ex-Soviet general warns NUCLEAR war is INEVITABLE

That is what Merkel, Marcon and May hope for is a Russia and America crippled, with a war fought in Obama's green eastern Europe, leaving the west untouched to supply Russia with rebuilding, annex eastern Europe again and have America removed as a competitor.

America was bribed in two past world wars in her money men profits to take out Germany. The same whispers for profit are coming out of Europe again, but this time the Europeans are seeking to make a colonial serf of America by having Russia destroy America, so Europe will rule, with a nice radioactive wall in the east as Russia is assisted to keep the oil flowing to Europe as her population dies of U235 tumors.

There is not any greater damning examples of what America has allied herself to but in Saddam's bribes flowing into Europe and now Iranian Islamocommunist bribes flowing into Europe, all at the scuttling of human rights and American security policy.

If one examines the allies of Donald Trump, he sees Netanyahu the Jew who just made the US a nuclear terror target over Gaza Iran policy in the US Embassy move. UK, Germany and France are all joined at the Russian pipeline in moving America to a war with Russia, where they will be untouched, the Asian slave class will continue to manufacture and all the profits from opium and pedo traffick flows into the Rothschild banks of Berlin, Paris and London.

The United States does not have any allies in the major powers, except Japan who is being crippled by the cartel in favor of China. What President Trump is being led into in this cat's cradle is the same willingness of arrogance in Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt.

There is one hope for Donald Trump, and that is Sebastian Kurz, arising to full power in gaining control over Europe and becoming the balance for Vladimir Putin in Europe and handing over this Greater Judea to Austrian offices, as the foreign intrigue of Europe is a coming disaster for America, as America has no allies, just a cast of et tu Brute.

Oh Donald, how can you not trust me.........

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