Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day

"I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America. And to the gun makers for whom it stands, one nation, under greed-indefensible, with butchery and injustice to the most innocent of all."

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am thinking about Memorial Day, the 30th of May and not this 3 day whore weekend. I am thinking about Memorial Day in all the fraud concerts and poppy things of how much we owe our Veterans. I am  thinking about this as America is a nation where patriotism is a ploy to get people to fight for wars which benefit America in absolutely not any way.
We fight oil wars for generations and our oil prices keep going up and the feudal few gouge the billions to their bank accounts.

When I think of most Veterans in their pissy little caps of serving in Vietnam or some other war, all I think about now is why they never died there or came back to America and died here re establishing the Republic in an armed revolution, instead of cheering this communists state when their party of traitors is in power.

My whore's Memorial Day finds me with a gimp hip with a limp, but I don't get to do the picnics nor sit in the shade drinking beer. I am not going to cemeteries or events. Instead my day was life, which means I just sat down here, after having to check fence, where I found a very old cow who had gotten herself into a major problem of wrapping herself in barbed wire, which we spent cutting her out of, spraying her for flies, and carrying her around 25 gallons of water to bring her back to life.
I don't get to say my what's it hurts. I don't get a day off to remember. I have to keep moving because there is no one else, and I really do not care to remember the dead in their reality of 500,000 dead in the Civil War from a European attempt to overthrow America. Spanish American Wars in stealing that land and turning it into communist, socialists and fascist cesspools of Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines. World War I in German Genocide, same with World War II. Korea was all about establishing global communism by Truman. Vietnam was a profit structure. The terror wars are for Greater Judea, just like the next wars which dolts will go gung ho and end up brain scrambled or grave dead, for some Wall Street hedge fund.

I think of my dead family, my service and it was all a crock of shit. Everyone did what was right, but we are the vermin made enemies of the state by the police state. I value President George Washington, the Founders, they were for the most part the greatest of people in Washington had no equal. What good was laid was buried at the Little Big Horn in the regime mass assassination of the Custer command, and now the goddamn Indian terrorists are pissing all over that battlefield in disgracing it.

I don't care to remember any of this. Those that are behind all of this can have this day and this nation they have driven into debt. There will be a war one day to cleanse the land and a superior race will arise by God's Grace, but I am through waving the flag over a corruption and calling it Patriotism. I am through being silent as these cap wearers stand around pretending they are something to step aside for, as they are the problem that this nation was overthrown, because they never got the domestic part of the enemies part oath.

I am done resting now, as now it is time to hang my cow shit washed clothes on the line to dry. Paying taxes, obeying the laws, not making problems and trusting in God as the days of resistance are over, because all of the propaganda tell us to honor the fiction, not the reality.
No one person can restore America, unless their Name is Jesus the Christ. I wait upon Him.

I shake the dust off my shoes of this Carrey Nation as I will have no part of it ever again, and I am not about to be led around by Ben Shapiro Mockingbird getting worked up by what the left does, so I blindly follow the right into the abyss.