Monday, May 28, 2018

The Latest Reversals of a Stagnant Quagmire of a World Swamp

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The latest reversals from David John Oates on Rense. I do not see a great deal in this except Melania Trump is unhappy and that marriage is not pleasant.
Kushner talks like a Jew don in the mafia.

This all bores me now as I am so ready to move on.

Donald Trump

A new deal with solid foundation - They lost the way

As we drive these ISIS killers from Syria - NORAD Puppets

We are discussing Syria and Iran -  I finish it

Hand of friendship to Israel and Palestinians - Reverse the law, sell God

The capital of Israel - Say the wolf who loves you

Melania's care for children - You're angry, anal

James Comey

 the death of the FBI - I pay the fed

the answer will be the same - Yes an old favor (Hillary)

Hillary Clinton
I was always dying - Feel this is a gun (She thinks she was shot by information)

Technology putting words into people's mouth - Hillary would scheme

Pope is talking  - Nuke it he do much blood

He attacked her face (Trump) - Sir we burn it

You should go to prison - They worry

John Bolton

Try and fix the Iran deal -  Force the lead

Israel said Iran had a weapons program - They will force you

Jared Kushner

United States stands with Israel - Warn you feel the music

Exit the Iranian treaty - You're gonna chill

Maxine Waters

Resent remark about making America great again - God bless you

Melania Trump

Supply them the tools to grow up - The power is in it

Reach for the sky - I'm lost

Mike Pompeo

Working around the world - I love it

Simple agreement for Iran to comply with - Let's get simoon (overwhelming war)

The  Iranian people get to choose - They will beat the air raid, that scum

I am confident  - And I'm afraid they'll all have a deal

Pastor Michael Curry (Royal Wedding)

This ceremony - They leave demonic

Two young people fell in love - Whirlwind of God

Michelle Obama

What is going on in our women's heads - Money, if I had value (Michelle gets paid to speak)