Monday, May 21, 2018

The 21st Century Dog

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I woke up with this idea today, and would love to have the developmental funds from the Trump Brand and the US Marshals as Mr. President has spent 1.3 trillion dollars until October of this year, and the reason for my multi million dollar development would be to create a law enforcement riot shield which would be the most non lethal, lethal combat shield ever devised.

Let me explain, in I would begin this shield with a base of material which was armour, in lightweight and yet bullet and shrapnel proof. Think of it as an advanced Kevlar type woven thread material.  This though is where this moves from Roman Legion to something of invention of Batman 21st century and I honor  this in calling it the Dog.
For too long helmets have been the focus in eye shields as screens, as in combat fighters, I make the point to save officer's lives and to subdue civilians that the Bat be an advanced surveillance and weapon's platform. By weapons, I do mean high pitched sounds to cause pain and knock people out and laser pulse flashes to blind people temporarily.

For high tech, make this Dog with particle sensors for scent,  infrared heat detection, ultra violet, make this a camera which can see through walls and track any assailant, with a pulse wave sensing unit.

It would have it's own multiple drone capacity. There would be surveillance launch, and even offensive capabilities of a drone with an injection needle to incapacitate an assailant. The entire point of this being, to even having primitive multi taser cannons is that an officer would have abilities to incapacitate multiple assailants, but not expose themselves to danger, so they would remain calm, not put themselves in jeopardy and therefore not put civilians in hand on the holster jeopardy of death.
The Dog would be the new training tool which would have officers deploying incapacitiation protocols instead of lethal force in firearms.
The Dog would emit the very loud, POLICE - DO NOT MOVE - DRONES ARE RELEASED commands in every situation.

The Dog in the screen array would look like a combat pilot screen and be intensely user friendly and enhance the officers abilities by 1000 fold.

The public could be trained in a series for television and in movies, to the US Marshals getting the bad guys and to familiarize the public on correct action of submission after the warning commands are issued. No one needs to die anymore in criminals, innocent mistaken civilians or police, because this Dog would be "overkill" in the non lethal responses which were available.

I would expect the advanced shields with the entire platform to cost 1 to 5 million dollars a piece, but this would be Federal grants for special units, where a portable smaller version for non tactical situations could be created for around one hundred thousand dollars.
To put it simply, a traffic stop where officers rob civilians, a drone would be deployed to sit on the windscreen, as the shield  approached and a scanner would note stress levels and if possible weapons were in the vehicle. This would record all and no officer could "turn off their cams"  as is far too often the case, so this would protect the public from police aggression.
Once again, an officer can not be shot if a drone is giving commands for licenses to be scanned, while the officer sits in a vehicle, and more importantly the citizen can not be shot by a hyped up officer.

I do not advocate this in ROBOCOPS in computers spying on citizens seeking ways to implicate them in "crimes" to extort money from them, but instead this Dog Shield would be an extension to remove the far too lethal police from the situation, and make apprehension a non lethal incapacitation.

The entire array would be batter powered, plug and play components which would snap into place, with several batter packs to back this up and continue operations.

A military version of this of course could be created as an intelligence platform in the field, lasers would be part of it as it would be meant to be a lightweight portable device, and not turn in a billion dollar tank as the Pentagon is always advocating upgrades.

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