Monday, May 21, 2018

Obama's Money Laundering Scheme

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There has been information this past year on the Obama Memorial leaking out, which is a reflection of all things Obama, in the legacy in it is all a con job, it is stealing public lands, screwing Blacks over again, and in a page out of Ted Turner stealing poor Black lands, Obama is on the South Side of Chicago in premier lake front and this Marxist consortium is about to build their own little indoctrination camp there as if one reviews all that this Obama complex it, no one explains what the hell it is for, except rounding up little zealots and turning them into Obama nut jobs to make your lives hell in thousands of Big Obama's watching you.

The Obama Foundation, the organization planning and building the facility, announced that not only will the National Archives and Records Administration remain uninvolved in the place, but Obama has decided not to house his records, papers, and manuscripts there anyway

There are several lawsuits challenging Obama Inc. from stealing public land to the reality what a fraud this money laundering business is. It is important for everyone reading this to understand completely that the Obama Library is NOT here. This will not be a repository of Presidential papers. No they are locked away in the national archives where some year like the Kennedy assassination parts of it will be digitized and filtered out to the public once America is the celebrated extermination of the White Race.

Below is the Obama complex. The main building is as puzzling as the flat roof buildings it lords over. The only thing fitting is the trees are all dead like a nuclear bomb went off in every mock of the Obamaland.

In one of the more odd features, Obama somehow acquired 2 million dollars to donate to hiring a bunch of Niggers to train them to build this complex. It is not explained what a summer work indoctrination is to trainc children to be center slaves, but that is what is going on in Chicago.
Again that is 2 million dollars for 200 training jobs, that is 10,000 dollars a job, with the poverty level at 30,000 dollars, Obama image is really setting the standard for the Chicago plantation.

Although the library won’t be completed for another four years, this transformational plan has already been set in motion by Michelle and Barack Obama’s personal donation of two million dollars, half of which will fund a summer job program aimed at training young people to later work at the center.
“We want to make sure that some of those young people can get trained, so people don’t say, ‘Why didn’t you hire anybody from the neighborhood?’ And the contractor says, ‘We didn’t have anybody who was trained,’” Obama said. “Well, let’s start the pipeline now so that we can start getting some of those folks trained.”

There is a vast problem with the Obama Niggers though in they want the Community Benefit Agreement, in other words the Blacks do not want to be Niggers on the plantation. They want their legal protections, but the Obama group will not offer a thing to these Chicago Citizens. The People have zero say or benefit to the Obama gravy train.

As the National Review reported:
In May of this year, protesters began a campaign to implore the Obama Foundation, the group overseeing the library’s construction, to sign a community benefit agreement (CBA), which would commit the Foundation to setting aside jobs for residents around the library, protecting low-income housing, supporting black-owned businesses, and strengthening neighborhood schools. The Foundation refused, and when a resident asked Obama himself to sign the agreement at a September public meeting about the library, Obama refused as well.

This all goes back to people are hired to train Obama zombie zealots, as this complex is directly related to the University of Chicago and the only library here will the universities library. The point of this is, is simple. The Obama legacy group is hiding all of Obama's presidential papers. This is not a Presidential Library. What it is, is an indoctrination center to turn out Bill Ayers wackos who will be infiltrated into every powerful position in the United States.
Think of this monster turning out 1000 zombies each year. In 5 years, that is 5000 Obama zealots positioned in every facet of control of America. So this resonates what the Obama legacy is engaged in, in overthrowing America, for the liberals on the left would you be pleased with Donald Trump in the next 5 years appointing 5000 Liberty College graduates in control of your schools, your banks, your government, your police. For those on the right, would you be comfortable with Saudi Arabia training 5000 Muslims to take all the control point jobs in America?

 Obama also promised that eighty percent of the construction hires will be from local communities and estimated that in addition to the 200 to 300 permanent jobs within the presidential center, more than 2,000 jobs will be created in the surrounding areas and 5,000 citywide. The Obama Foundation also formed an “Inclusion Council,” composed of  leaders from civic and corporate groups, in October 2016, to ensure diversity and the fairness in the development process.

 Presidential libraries are supposed to be depositories of historical documents of an era for Americans to learn from. What image Obama is building is an indoctrination center. In a matter of follow the money, what kind of money is going to be laundered through this complex? Is that the Obama ideology that this complex will tap into NEA funds or taxpayer money, netting billions in profits for this complex as it continues to grow as an NGO and produce a new crop of wackos who want to repeat Obama rationing death and blowing up the Mideast.

This is a money laundering operation. That is why image Obama does not want the National Archives in charge of any part of it, as the government would soon discover this zombie plantation was the mirror image of thee worst indoctrination terror camps ever devised.
For the record, Richard Nixon's library worked out a deal with the National Archives, because the costs were too much for the library. Yet with Obama, they have already factored in how to make this a money making concentration of wealth in the hands of the few without any oversight by the People of these United States.

The Obama legacy is to loot the US Treasury in funding this indoctrination camp and use cheap Nigger labor to cut costs like the old plantations, as Obama churns out more Birthers to vote more power to this complex where it is designed to one day rule the world as a dictatorial capital.

As the Lame Cherry closes this exclusive in matter anti matter. Do you notice something odd about the Obama lake front? You should as Obama always warned us water levels would rise around the world in matters of meters to flood the world. Obama chose the lake shore, knowing global warming was a fraud, because they are building this complex in this prime location, knowing the area will never be flooded.

It is once again where only this blog is asking the right questions and exposing the realities.

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