Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Contempt of Jeff Sessions

 Mr. and Mrs. Jeff & Mary Sessions

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From all matters of the few things known about Jeff Sessions, one would think he is a Jimmy Carter nice guy in being churchy, married and a public servant. Something though is completely wrong with Jeff Sessions, because the illusion he pretends to be on paper, is not the Jeff Sessions who has brought ruin to the Trump agenda, and has done nothing to protect the innocent from being lynched whether it is Judge Roy Moore or Michael Flynn.

As was noted here, the first and only actions that Jeff Sessions engaged in, were to allow the police state to confiscate private property of people who have not even been convicted in the courts. Sessions next dramas were focused upon securing rights for sexual perverts and re establishing the marijuana monopoly in the United State.
He has been complete AWOL on the Pissgate Dossier, as Rod Rosenstein abuses justice and what is worse in Rosenstein was backed by Sessions in confidence, and Rosenstein turned around and mocked and threatened Congress, with Sessions not going public and disavowing his deputy's actions.

Rudy Giuliani: AG Jeff Sessions ‘Should Step Up and Dismiss’ Russia Probe

In fact, if one examines the reality of the Russian witch hunt, three names appear in stonewalling the American public in bringing evidence to light, and they are FBI Director Christopher Wray, Deputy Rod Rosenstein and Attorney General Jeff  Sessions.
For all of the delusional reality of James Comey, he literally was more forthcoming than Jeff Sessions ever has been.

Some may point out that Jeff Sessions has established an investigation out of Utah in a US Attorney named John Huber to examine the entire Russian investigations for abuses of power, but that was months ago, and absolutely nothing has come of it. The Inspector General has been issuing reports on abuses from Andrew McCabe, to the coming Page and Strzok abuses, and in all of this Sessions remains silent and unmoved, mirroring Robert Mueller's ideology of the Department of Justice can do no wrong and is capable of policing itself. 

Devin Nunes Announces Push to Hold Attorney General Jeff Sessions in Contempt of Congress for Stonewalling FBI FISA Abuse Scandal Investigation

When it all comes down to it, Jeff Sessions has not protected the President, the American voters or the Constitution. On the Russian inquiry he stunned the President by recusing himself, and allowed Rod Rosenstein to operate as Attorney General as Sessions pops up from time to time to talk some right wing line in attacking California Sanctuary cities, but then goes mannequin mute as this entire abuse of the Justice Department tears America apart.

Nothing in Sessions  past would point to this,  but then nothing in Shep Smith's past at FOX would ever have the cheering right winger become a dripping leftist #NeverTrumper as the real Shep came out.

There are only three possibilities as to why Jeff Sessions is engaged as he has been.

1. Sessions is a complete dupe and moron.

2. Sessions is being blackmailed.

3. Sessions has always been a  deep state operative.

There have always been hints in Jeff Sessions that he had connections though, as he rose in the 1960's to obtain a law degree, and then hid in the 1970's in the US Army Reserve to escape the Vietnam War. He was Republican when the South was Democrat, and with Reagan he rose to the top as a US Attorney, but none of this indicates anything in how blundering Sessions is or on the other hand protective of the deep state.

If you look at the entire framework of the disaster which has befallen Donald Trump, there was one great architect who was building the foundation, as someone counseled Donald Trump to keep these leftists around, and the person who was hiring them was Jeff Sessions.

On March 10, 2017, Sessions oversaw the firing of 46 United States Attorneys, leaving only his acting Deputy Dana Boente and nominated Deputy Rod Rosenstein in place after Trump declined their resignations.

On May 9, 2017, Sessions delivered a memo to the President recommending Trump fire FBI Director James Comey, attaching a memo by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein which called the Director's behavior indefensible. Trump fired Comey that day. In March 2017, Sessions had recused himself from investigations into Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election. Comey was leading the investigations prior to his dismissal.

Thee entire situation which Donald Trump found himself in, and appointing a Robert Mueller stooge in Chris Wray at FBI who was threatened with contempt of Congress too, is from the direct actions of Jeff Sessions and the leftist he has chosen to stonewall Congress.

Once again though in this, the deep state Washington Post arose to Session's defense by trying to label him right wing and nationalist. Sessions has advocated nothing of the sort and has in effect been nothing but deep state, as driven as Loretta Lynch.

In a November 2017 overview of his tenure in the Washington Post, Sessions was described as having made "dramatic and controversial changes [which] reflect his nationalist ideology and hard-line views."

Jeff Sessions is an enigma in a Russian investigation, wrapped in a shroud and covered in stonewalling riddles. He portrays one thing, but if one examines Jeff Sessions on his actions, one discovers that his very choices and his very protections are what has driven the Mueller witch hunt. It come to a point that you can call a 5th Avenue whore a paid companion, but when she is spreading her legs like a street walker, she is not wife making material. That is Jeff Sessions, you can read the propaganda of what he says he is, but when you see him promoting the deep state and keeping the facts from the eyes of the American People, he is no different than Eric Holder as everything which Jeff Sessions has engaged in, is EVERYTHING that Loretta Lynch under President Hillary Clinton would have engaged in.

All of this now appears as by design, and it appears that Jeff Sessions had it designed for him, and he willingly implemented everything to the last detail. The key to it all is Rod Rosenstein, this "republican" which swings both ways for George W. Bush  and Eric Holder, neither of which ever promoted Conservative agendas. As this is Jeff  Sessions idea of a Republican, it reflects on what kind of Republican Jeff Sessions really is, and that would be Rockefeller Rhino who got their feet in the door under Ronald Reagan's cover.

Jeff Sessions is protecting the Bush Clinton continuity of regime control of America. That is thee only answer in all of this, as Sessions is a conduit for Jebism, that socialist elite rule of America by police state intimidation, and Sessions  role is to run the clock out on Donald Trump, so another corporate man like Mike Pence will continue on the Bush Clinton fraud in lying to the right and the left.

That is thee only conclusion in all of this which makes sense as Jeff Sessions  is not a Republican like Ronald Reagan and he certainly is not a Conservative.He is continuity of Bush and Clintonism, in the worst abuse of power at the Department of Justice.

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