Friday, May 25, 2018

The Deeper the Dish

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

TL was asking me tonight why I bake apple pies as I hate them. I mentioned that as God gave us two deep dish apple pie glassware in a 9 and an 8 inch, that I wanted to try them out, and I had never had deep dish apple pie in my life, as being raised Lutheran that kind of extravagance would be frowned upon as some gluttony or whatever Lutherans now under seige from the Vatican infilitraitors could come up with.

I love apple though. I love eating them, studying them, planting them, reading about them and looking at pictures. I have three types of porn really, gun porn, apple porn and chicken porn. I simply can not get enough of these subjects and can be content for hours reading about those subjects.

It is in this though on deep dish apple pie that I desire to share something in my vast 2 apple pies I have baked in them. It seems that you just can not ruin a deep dish apple pie. There is something about that vast reservoir which makes the pie crust behave, even when it was browned a the Apple Crumb Deep Dish was that we had tonight.

I am fascinated by the observations one makes in cooking. For example this German crumb topping or basically an apple crisp with oatmeal topping, the apples were firm yet. The cookin of them in the escaping of the moisture gives a less cooked apple texture to them. I never would have thought a pie crust on top could change the dynamics of fruit that much.

I am though sold on deep dish pies, and that includes pot pies. Crust behave better and the contents respond much better to the depth in volume. Is all part of the dynamics of heat transfer as a shallow pot has more surface area up to a point to transfer heat than does a tall pot with the liquid in a column.

I know I would prefer blueberry crumb, peach crumb to apple, and soon am going to do a strawberry rhubarb crumb in deep dish when that stuff gets manifesting from the ground. I would like to do a cherry, but pie filling is so expensive now, and I just wonder if that crumb would not be pleasant with cherries. I do not have the patience to let thing set up for a day either, as my pies tend to puddle the first day as I am digging into them.

If you can, I do believe that most people should try deep dish pies as they do seem to behave better. I never knew I had a need until God placed those pie glasses before me and I picked them up for like 40 cents each. It has been a wonderful adventure though as it has made me a convert to at least baking apple pies, providing they are deep dish. In fact I think that regular pie sizes should all be banned and all should be made deep dish.
Seems the last time I was doing deep dish, the snow was crapper  and I had baby calves not living up to life standards. It seems sometimes I am living years at a time in a few months.
It is though gleaning every moment in this adventure of life and as I plot to produce a strawberry rhubarb crumb in the coming weeks, it is a bridge to somewhere that will deep dish please me many times over, more than even eating that pie.

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