Monday, May 14, 2018

The Latest David John Oates Reversals

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The following reversals featured on Rense with David John Oates in the work of Canadian expert Naomi, offer a glimpse of the real world in which we live. Bascially five years ago America was afraid of an EMP Muslim attack on America. Mike Pompeo is talking about Simoon which is the big war and the Russians are indicating that they will go full nuclear response to what America is engaging in.
Mattis hints at a cyberwar over Syria, but not releasing US forces for Jewish control.
The President is using  Germany to get at Russia and Russia deserves the war which is coming.

Mike Pence hints at something metaphorically in Donald John is trusting in prayer in "to hell with the dealer". That would be the one with the deck who has been calling the plays that Donald John has been made to follow.

The most positive in this, is Donald Trump with a few things moving his way, is sounding more like himself, but he no longer is warning America to wake up, as he knows Americans are passive idiots to be manipulated.

Dick Cheney

North Korea detonating one weapon - Afraid of Islam (five years ago the Muslim bomb)

Solar flare - And I've got the source

Loss of power for years - I get enough blood

Speculation in launching off a freighter - It prevents shit

James Comey

There is no deep state - I benefit

Just a deep culture of law - I paid to set him up (Trump)

Don't fire Mueller - The gamble was the exercise

Lt. General Evgeny Buzhinskiy (Russia)

Involvement of nuclear weapons inevitable - Share our soul

In the Cold War - There is no win they find it out

Adolf Hitler

I will be a supremacist

General Mattis

It becomes difficult to confirm - Get internet down (Syrian missiles)

Russian missiles can strike  Israel - We won't release now

Herbert McMaster

Teach Putin a lesson - Force a wrong in it

Benjamin Netanyahu

Iran has a clear path to a nuclear arsenal - We shoot the sea

Why shouldn't we have nuclear missiles - Snake head you're far off now

Pat Robertson

Abuse your Savior - See a parody

We guess her Sheba

Mike Pence

Let's start this meeting with prayer - The hell with the dealer

Mike Pompeo

Thank you - Wake up Wake up

I am humbled to be here - Simoon is it,  whirlwind

Rudy Giuliani

Justice department pontificates - The public shame

Afraid for our President and our country - They're fear

Hillary you are a criminal - There was a witness

Joe Biden

Their daughter was talented - The lust that I handle

Donald Trump

Destroy a man with innuendo - They all sin together

They never say who the source is - Get nod

Be very careful with the press - It made mess

Thank you very much - America they'll not wake up (Press conference with Merkel)

We want to make it more fair with Germany - But he'll golf

Congratulated Putin - They deserve their war

Discussions on Iran - You're valuable now(Germany)

Nobody tougher on Russia than me -  Wants a witness

After these  consultations on Iran nuclear bomb - I'm real good

The regime can be on a nuclear breakout in a short period of time - No shit

Women unemployment lowest level in 18 years - He's getting it oval soul (he is learning to be President)

We need to drain the swamp - Take a look at more people

Sarah Sanders

President denies claim on Stormy - Seven the big gun (Big trouble)