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The New Rupert Murdoch of DIA Media

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Back in the days of the culmination of the Reagan Revolution, Newt Gingrich  opened the American media market to Australian billionaire Rupert Murdoch to create Conservative television balance which became FOX news, until Murdoch got rolled for spying in Britain and then suddenly Murdoch became Obama All the Time with fag Shep Smith and the petite Chris Wallace.

Gee you don't suppose the British regime who installed Obama to colonize America had anything to do with blackmailing Rupert Murdoch so that FOX became leftist do you?
Yes another key phase of the Pissgate overthrow of America, which probably will not be revisited as this all tracks to Theresa May now the Prime Minister.
Do you understand why Queen Liz installed May over Conservatives? It is because of these espionage operations to overthrow American media and American government.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Sinclair media's David D. Smith has been busy expanding that American media empire to include hiring the Conservative stars of FOX who were all gotten rid of in the great purge which went after Bill O'Reilly and hosts of hosts, and lastly targeted Sean Homo Hannity who is being courted by Sinclair to lead the new Conservative network.

When you think of Sean Hannity, it’s a pretty safe bet you think of Fox News at the same time. After all, the conservative host has been one of the most recognizable faces of the cable network for nearly 22 years — but that could soon change.
Up-and-coming media giant Sinclair Broadcasting may be working to “poach” Hannity from his well-known position.
Executives at Sinclair, which operates around 200 over-the-air television stations in America, are keen to launch a new network that would compete with Fox for conservative-leaning political news.

Remember in this that it was leaked that Sean Homo Hannity in the last thing that President Trump and himself do every night is phone chat as Hannity is on the clear list to the White House.


David Smith - Sinclair Media

David Smith has his own special access to the President and has been promoting a most interesting Big Brother Broadcast System which with chips installed in phones and televisions will allow any politician in an emergency to broadcast that nukes are coming into Hawaii or better yet that nukes are not coming into Hawaii as this was just some liberal nut trying to disrupt the Trump White House.


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decided last November to make incorporating chips voluntary. Sinclair had itself stopped short of calling for compulsory installation but said the government might need to consider this in the future.
As well as entertainment, the chip allows mobile devices to receive messages from an upgraded government public warning system, through which authorities can send video statements and multimedia even when telephone lines are down.
“The public interest aspect is enormous in terms of the lives it will save,” said Smith. The chips would, he said, allow authorities to target any individual cellphone, all phones in a specific zipcode, or other select recipient lists.
“If you were Rudy Giuliani on 9/11,” Smith said, referring to the then mayor of New York City, “you would have turned on your desktop, typed in an access code, and gone live to every phone or pad or device in the marketplace in seconds.”

Think of Next Gen as Amber Alert for the Emergency Public Broadcasting Services.

Smith has been busy in recruiting the stars of FOX. This includes the displaced Suteren and Judge Jeannie. Literally Sinclair is about to create the Trump Television Network, a vocation that someone named Jared Kushner was supposed to be engaged in for the run up to the 2020 Presidential elections.

Other well-known Fox employees including Greta Van Susteren and Jeanine Pirro have also reportedly had meetings with Sinclair executives, according to Politico.
“There has been considerable speculation over which hosts Smith would nab to front his effort and, last fall, he held discussions with former Fox star Bill O’Reilly, though the talks were ultimately broken off,” the report said.

One moment please as we have this special Jared Kushner report:

With that special announcement completed, it is at this point to reveal the duplicity of Jared Kushner. For Kushner's liberal reasons to cause Donald Trump problems and smeared Sinclair Media in lying that Sinclair had offered Donald Trump a sweetheart deal in the 2016 AD year of our Lord presidential elections.

Think on this one a great deal, as Kushner literally spread a fake story in order to injure a Conservative news outlet and his own father in law. Considering that Kushner cut a deal with Robert Mueller and then literally threw Don jr. to the wolves along with Donald Trump in the Russian collusion meeting which no one knew about to save Jared's hide, it is not beyond the realm that Kushner was as he always does, playing both sides for his own benefit, as Kushner would have bragged to liberals that he helped defeat Trump if he had succeeded with the FBI CIA Mole trying to frame Donald John.

In his interview with the Guardian, the Sinclair boss also struck out at Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and adviser, for reportedly boasting that Trump’s 2016 campaign team made a deal for favourable coverage on Sinclair stations in return for giving access to the company’s journalists.
“I was pissed off,” said Smith, who denied giving Trump’s team a special arrangement.

 Sinclair media had every right to be furious at Kushner as this fake leak matched other Kushner sabotages of Conservatives beginning with Governor Chris Christie.

The real story according to David Smith was that he offered candidate Trump an open mic anytime Trump chose and with that Smith stated he would deliver Trump's message.
The reality is Sinclair made the same offer to Hillary Clinton who did not respond to the offer.

But Smith did recall an offer he made to Trump in 2016 after Trump secured the Republican presidential nomination. Ben Carson, now Trump’s housing secretary, helped arrange a meeting at Trump Tower, according to Smith, who like Carson is based in the Baltimore area.
“I asked [Trump], ‘Would you like us to embed with you during your campaign?’,” said Smith. “And he brought a bunch of people in the room, and he said, ‘Well, whatever’. And I said: ‘We are here to deliver your message. Period.’”

Considering that this blog has noted that the DIA backed Donald Trump, the DIA has installed numbers of their people now to the Trump junta and that Gina Haspel who is DIA is now in charge of the CIA, proving the DIA rolled senators for voting for her. The DIA is on the move and apple to oranges, they will be backing this pro military media group of Sinclair as it begins to turn the British MI6 media over at FOX into the CNN fourth rate cable station it is, without these select assets, who are becoming the foundation of the DIA network.

It should be remembered that Ronald Reagan's intelligence director in Bill Casey was the genius who laid the foundations of American media in acquiring ABC Cap Cities, which suddenly emerged Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin in the centralization of radio to reach America. Casey's work was hijacked, but there is now a move to make Sinclair the outlet to America for Trump Brand via the DIA.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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