Friday, May 18, 2018

Daniel in the Cherry's Den

Some people would think one lion would suffice.....

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I admire people like Daniel who send me notes like this:

Thank you. Yes I’m a leach of the popular girl but G*d bless you and keep you. I do appreciate your toils.

People like  that are courageous considering how I castigate the wealthy trolls all the time as in this world of SOB's you never know what kind of reception you are going to get when you tip your hat to most people.

Most times when I have apologize I get  someone who wants a pound of flesh too as they want to make me grovel. Then there are those who rant about Bible things. One of my most amusing responses was when someone in an email spit on me. Then there was the Christmas card email which basically called me a son of a bitch, when the other person is the one who started it by lying to me.
You get responses like that and most people learn not to make things right. For me,  I am not stupid enough to ask for forgiveness. I simply apologize and when they want to relive the moment like a serial killer, I put my foot down and say, "I apologized that is as far as it goes".
That usually shocks people who like rubbing your nose in things. But with that I am gone as what they do is their business and I am not obliged to a theater without free snacks.

My mother likes playing the martyr in handing out forgiveness when she is the one should be apologizing. TL's mother is different in she thinks she can do things, bring a basket of stale fruit, and that buys a ticket to send bitchy letters to TL for not appreciating being a slave.
My old man never apologized for anything as he was a real bastard.TL's dad walks on water, so no need for apologies there either.

So I do appreciate the backbone in men like Daniel. I sincerely mean that as life sucks and in most cases you get sucker punched.

I would that I did not have to remind rich people of money they should have donated, because it means people like Daniel have to cough up for them. I think a great deal about if I was not on this blog in how unlike most people I would go back to what I always dreamed of doing and that is being like George Washington.

When I was reading about the Founders, I saw quote about them holding the Roman Senators in the highest regard. How they did service to their Republic and then retired to agriculture, the life of a squire, in quiet respite and humbleness.
That is George Washington and he had no equal among Americans. It is what I always wanted to do is be like him.

I keep this hope or illusion going as tonight TL and I dug out this tree on Mom's which was too large, but it will be a shade tree for our property. On this place we had this huge tree at the end of the drive and I could not ever figure out what it was as someone planted it, and it was a Hackberry, a drought tree from Kansas.
They do well here and I think are a lovely tree. The leaves are prettier than Ash and while not hour glass shaped like Elm, they have a bush quality which is nice shade on the non sun side, and grow about 50 feet tall.

I have trees again in planters. The ones I had before died in dreams not come true, but what is life when one believe all the lions are going to eat you when you are tossed in the lion's den.

As I apologize to Maggie often I know how much she puts up with me as I am snarky on this blog and am in the category of not being led around by the nose, so I offend about everyone under the shade of the clouds. I don't mean to, but someone has to say things which need being said, as we are all rubber stamp thought now in this internet, even worse than the old pulp paper days which jammed liberalism at us.  Unless you are poking holes in things and making people think, there is not much sense in cutting down all those electronic trees for a webpage.

So  I am thankful for Daniel who probably is frowning in showing up here and admired. It is what one gets when they do the right things and hang around with celebrities, and now other people are thinking, "If only I were Daniel".

I should wrap this up as someone else I think left me a gift called cat poo and I do not to have TL dealing with that.

Daniel though survived the Cherry's Den as one never knows what one gets with a woman.

God bless