Monday, May 21, 2018

The Phantom of Trump's Opera

 The Ogre of the Opera

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Remember about a month ago, the Lame Cherry informed you that we had reached the food chain part of the Russian investigation of Andrew McCabe being fired, that it would now move into the realm of the interesting people?

It has now done just that, and what it now appears in this is with Lisa Page cutting a deal with John Huber to give testimony against Peter Strzok and Andrew McCabe, that we have bottomed out, in the person  who is going to be offered up to the mob is John Brennan of the CIA.
Brennan looks like the perfect ogre. He is  ugly, creepy and obnoxious.  He is the Phantom of the Trump opera and the public would cheer to have the house burned down around Brennan as the hunchback swings from a chandelier.
James Clapper is like the creepy side kick  in this horror movie, and  it appears that this is the duo who the deep state will offer up to be destroyed to save themselves.

Look, Theresa May and  MI6 are not going to be fingered in this, due to financial control of America and the American land base there. Chris Wray over at FBI will protect the bureau. Jeff Sessions is out of this loop and that leaves Rod Rosenstein who looks like another creepy character to be put on the scaffold for the crowd to jeer. With minor characters in James Comey playing the incompetent fool and others who are Clinton and Obama  protected, that leaves John Brennan who his own people are about to lead  out for the pyre.

You can always tell when people figure things out, in they shut up. Everyone in this has either shut up or had the position or sense to not make themselves  known to the public. Brennan though has been insane in all of this and with Mike Pompeo and now Gina Haspel in control of Trump's CIA, that means John Brennan is the pariah and is expendable.

Brennan's latest pathetic and unhinged tweet was  like the kid who murders their parents and then pleads to the court to not execute him, because  he is an orphan.


The feckless and cowardly leaders afraid of the ogre's threats

To translate the above, Brennan is threatening the #NeverTrumpers who are with Bush fam. The disaster of Donald Trump is the President is exposing the traitors via the DIA. The harm done will be the communist deep state crippled from using the mob rule to use as a terror weapon against Americans.
The disservice is not stopping this investigtion which is in process rooting out the very folk who were destroying the continuity of the system of people trusting the government.
That is novel in Brennan in "Trump's Self Serving Actions" are Trump defending himself from being framed which is his Constitutional Right, and again Brennan is threatening McConnell and Ryan that once what Brennan was engaged in with Obama, Clinton and MI6 to destroy the American elections,  Brennan is saying that this information will cause Americans to doubt the government.


The pretty heroin taken advantage of by the ugly men

On the contrary in the day the FBI starts arresting John Brennan and Hillary Clinton is indicted is the day that Americans will begin trusting law enforcement again, as blasting LaVoy Finicum and framing Donald Trump shattered that trust. That is what is amazing in Brennan's threat to Republican leadership in Brennan's entire agenda was to make Americans distrust government, the thing William Colby was most concerned about at CIA before he was assassinated,  and now Brennan is using that as  his  threat to McConnell and Ryan in they better stop this or Americans will show up and  lynch the lot of them.


 The threatening penis against pretty heroins

President Donald Trump is correct in his calling for an investigation. This communist London led core of the deep state must be pulled out by the roots and made such an example of like Sherman burning down Atlanta that this  communist front of Islamists never are giving succor in America again.

The Hero fighting Gotham's criminals

The crushing wheel of the DIA is moving forward and John Brennan is now threatening the Republican leadership with blackmailing  them in public. That is a position of weakness and of isolation as Brennan knows he is expendable and his only option is to roll on those above him.  That would be Val-erie Jarrett, image Obama, George Soros and those unnamed benefactors who are in London progressing this American led war against Russia, for their looting of the United States and Russia, in their domination of Europe again.

The Fiendish Accomplice

America now has her creatures, ready to be hoisted  and foisted, upon the mob's burning torches, celebrating their being consumed. It is probably why the Obama state chose Brennan and Clapper as they are perfectly creepy and make the populace recoil, and we all know the mob likes associating ugly with evil and a court dealing harshly with traitors  who betrayed the good intentions of the noble Birther Hussein, must be prosecuted to the full.

President Trump Agrees That ‘Disgraced’ Former Obama CIA Director John Brennan ‘Worried About Staying Out Of Jail’

It does seem looks help form you into the destiny you were born to.

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