Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Weather Apps

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I was speaking with a gal in our grocery store and she asked me what "weather" pages I used, so I thought, I should place them here, as which ones have been the best for me.

I have criteria in having limited internet, in they can not take forever to load and in watching them, it is amusing this past winter in NONE OF THEM MATCHED.

For a two week weather forecast I use a site called Time and Date. It has loads of things to search for on there, and interestingly big HAARP storms did appear on this page before anyone else had them generated.

I do visit Yahoo weather as they have a good site, but in that sWeather, from that SKWIRE which has a number of free programs. sWeather I think runs off of Yahoo, but it has to be updated every year to run that feed, but I keep the app on my laptop and it runs the temperature and a 5 or 10 day forecast, with sun or clouds.
(I have been having problems with this application as Yahoo was purchased by a new NSA front group, so it may never work or might work again in the future.)

My favorite was an app which no longer exists from Free Weather, which has a very good site. The app used to run from their page, but for Radar it is very fast and it is my primary weather check for storms.

In the winter I usually hit these sites several times a day. Summer I do not care unless I am cutting hay or tilling something, so I just run the sWeather and check the temperature as that is about all I am interested in. I know about Weatherbug and the others, it is just some are just so huge, have ads and all I really need is a quick forecast and the current temperature, so that is why I run what I run. I did see that Yahoo has an app, but that is not of interest to me, and yes our cell phones have weather apps, but TL took all the internet off as I do not need constant downloads or the NSA keeping track of me any more than they do, as they have photos of the house and files on me for doing this blog, and some things like weather just should be private.

That though is how I track weather and the least intrusive of the systems. I did notice the AI's in weather follow trends in they keep temperatures hot or cool, until a front raises them and then they reflect that trend. Kind of lax weather predicting but that is the flaw in the system.

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