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The Real Chicago Murder Problem Is Named Obama

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Editor's Note: As this information is once again vital in understanding another covered up story in this world, it is a stand alone post. I will remind readers that in 2009, this blog warned all of you that Birther Hussein was setting up a new order in the international drug cartels, for the Obama folks. I have covered the European and Asian connections, but in this post, the Lame Cherry will inform you of what is behind the headlines you have been reading and no one has ever informed you as to what was really taking place.
This all changes with another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


The murder  problem of Chicago is one this blog championed for the restoration of security in Black communities in America's Second City, and advocated calling out the National Guard to restore order. The problem is though that Donald Trump has done absolutely nill on this issue of protecting Chicagoans,  nor has the Godfather Rahm Emanuel, as the task force studies issues. In the following expose' the Lame Cherry explains why this is in no one cares about the people of Chicago's West and South Side.

This all hit the news again when one of the citizen illegals of Chicago's sanctuary state, face blasted and ATF agent. Engaging in hunting federal law enforcement tends to focus DC on issues, because it is acceptable to killing hundreds of swarthy skinned peoples, but touch someone with a federal badge and that life does matter.

Police and federal authorities on Sunday continued the hunt for an assailant or assailants who critically wounded an ATF agent a day earlier on the city’s Southwest Side. Police said the agent, who was shot in the face but is expected to survive, was part of a newly-created strike force – a partnership between federal and local law enforcement – aimed at stemming gun violence in the city.

What was this all about? This is the story Obama's Community Organized Chicago, an inferno out of Marxist revolution right out of Escape from New York, as this is a gulag ghetto for Chicago Police and the inmates of the concrete jungle.

This all starts with the covered up reality of who is behind all of this violence and it is gangs, but not just any gangs, and the reason for the violence is specific in it is about heroin control in the Windy City.

To understand Chicago's violence, start at Kostner Avenue and Monroe Street and walk west up a one-way stretch of graystones and brick two-flats. There on a boarded-up front door you'll see the red stain of gang graffiti. On the cracked sidewalk below lies an empty heroin baggie. Hardened young men sit on a porch.

If you study the charts below from the New York Times, you discover that as Birther Hussein Obama cemented his rule in America in a second election theft, all hell started breaking loose in Chicago. There is a cause and effect behind this and it has to do with Obama's vermin invaders and Obama's people visiting South American dope lords assuring them he would be president.

In the stats you can see the sharp rise as Obama appears and his policies become reality. You can observe thought that Chicago bore the brunt of this compared to New York or LA, and there is a specific  reason for it, as you were informed when Obama cut the London Cartel out of coke distributorship into Europe and went for the Albania connection in the Balkans and then wholesale into Spain.

The best account of this is the genesis of the Chicago dope syndicate under the Clintons. For ten years, coke ruled Chicago and a young El Chapo in Mexico embarked upon a plan to transport tons of cocaine into Chicago.
Why Chicago?
The same reason Sears was there, it is the major distribution hub in America. It has water barrages, it has trains, it has airports and it has major interstate highways spreading to a days drive to most of the population centers in America.

Pedro and Margarito Flores started their chosen trade in Chicago in 1998. Until 2008, the Flores brothers told the grand jury, they moved $60 million worth of cocaine a month through their central dispatch center - otherwise known as Chicago - to 30 prime customers in cities around the United States.
All that was missing was an office on a loading dock and a sign above their heads reading, "Shipping and Receiving."
For those who don't know, $60 million worth of cocaine weighs more than two tons. The challenge the Flores faced was how to get that much cocaine to Chicago without getting caught and without losing a load.
They came up with a "Shark Tank" idea.
They started a furniture import company, which imported furniture to Mexico and "exported" cocaine to the U.S. using freight cars. The Flores brothers invested $600,000 into the company. Their partner was a top lieutenant in Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman's Sinaloa cartel.
The cocaine was concealed in the walls of the train cars. Once the cocaine reached Chicago, the Sinaloa cartel stored it in their warehouse. From there, tractor trailers hit the road.
The roofs of the trailers were altered with what the Flores brothers called "traps"; hidden compartments for the drugs.
After the drugs were sold and the money came in, the process was reversed; trucks to Chicago, freight trains to the West Coast. The millions of dollars in hard cash made its way to Mexico and Guzman the old fashion way; by road and rail.
The Flores brothers and their Sinaloa cohorts were not railroad buffs. Trains were an important means of transport, but not the only mode. Cars and private planes also had their place in the drug trade.

Below is a DEA map of the Mexican mafia's control of America in how complete and perfected it is. This network runs dope, contraband and human traffick to all points American.


It is this reason that Chicago is bleeding and no one is stopping it. It began the Obama regime with three major Mexican cartels battling for billions of dollars in drug money's flowing from Americans each year, but it began to shift under Obama to a new reality as Birther Hussein Obama was importing his own Latino drug army to handle the streets in America.

Daily turf battles over drugs and distribution, he said, are turning parts of this Midwest city into a Mexican border town.
"One of the hardest jobs I've had in the past couple of years is to convince our law enforcement partners that we need an enforcement mentality as if we're on the border," Riley said.
Miles away, Riley says, Mexican cartels have a significant influence in Chicago's gang violence problem.
"Let's take the gloves off on that," he said. "We know that the majority of the drugs here in Chicago, cartels are responsible for. We know that the majority of the murders are gang related. So it is very clear to see the connection and the role."
As it stands now, at least three major Mexican cartels are battling over control of billions of dollars of marijuana, cocaine and -- increasingly -- heroin in this city. That includes the ultra-violent Zetas and the powerful Sinaloa cartel, run by its shadowy leader Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman.
 The center of this was El Chapo, the most successful money maker for international banking in America. Sean Penn thought it would be marvelous to go play with El Chapo for fame and fortune, but a funny thing happened on the way to the documentary, in the feds were hunting El Chapo and Penn helped them lead them to this mastermind.


Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman

"The most dangerous criminal across all crime in the world is Chapo Guzman and this is one of his hubs," Riley said.

Remember now the above, as it is important in how all of this weaves together. El Chapo was the kingpin of all of this, and Sean Penn instigated a meeting which the feds jumped on. The feds had been hunting El Chapo, and the way they  were doing it was dumping masses of firearms into Mexico in Eric Holder's Fast and Furious in straw walking the guns across the border.
Why was Holder supplying Mexicans with firearms? Obama had worked out a new deal with another mafia to handle American drug trade, and El Chapo was having a coup run against him  just as Khadaffi did to get Libya's money.

Fast and Furious was to cripple American gun rights, but it's sinister under current was pure commerce as there was an Al  Capone war being waged for Chicago  and Obama Inc. was about to install a new drug syndicate into Chicago and who was sent in to run it?

Rahm Emanuel, of Mosaad intelligence.

Fast and Furious gun found at El Chapo hideout - CBS News

Fast and Furious gun found at El Chapo ... drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman has been found to be associated with Fast and Furious, a failed "gun-walking ...

 But who did Obama choose to replace El Chapo? It was none other than MS 13 out of Central America, a perfectly ruthless group who hated the Mexican mafia, and at their appearance, they started dumping huge quantities of heroin onto American streets to cut off the coke supply monopoly, to get Americans addicted to cheap heroin which they could function with.
This blog told you that Obama was the terror lord of the Mideast and that was proven right in ISIS was Obama and John McCain's murder incorporated for Syrian and Iraqi oil kickbacks, just like Saddam Hussein was for the Clintons, with bagman Marc Rich laundering funds. Now this blog informs you that Obama was dope lord out of 1600 Penn Avenue, and your minds are opening up as you are reading the evidence of the links in how this all begins to connect by the dots.

Whistleblower Drops a BOMB on Obama's Ties to MS-13

Turns out Obama knew all about the MS-13 gang bangers flooding into the U.S. as illegal "teenagers" in 2014. This revelation comes from a whistleblower who says Obama and his administration were well aware that dangerous and blood-thirsty gang members were entering the country and instead of stop

 When Obama took power in America, there were three major Mexican syndicates running Chicago dope rings. That  was about to change as a playbook appeared right out of Bill and Hillary Clinton, in Obama's folk intended to break up the drug centralization process and make it community organized, block by block,  murderous mayhem in Chicago. Understand if Obama 1600 Penn is dope lord, there is no El Chapo to have to deal with, as 1600 Penn is running the fractured syndicates.

This all centers on the Eisenhower Expressway in Chicago as it links the affluent white communities with money to the dope dens of the West Side and South Side in this major artery.


It is summed up best in this one quote, in the South Side is Negro Country who are involved in turf wars. The West Side though is the Mexican mafia and that side is all about the dope trade and distribution for immense profit.

"South Side is about gangbanging," said one former gang member who lives near the Monroe block. "West Side is about money."

And how does one create this kind of mayhem in Chicago, in one asks where are the police? The police who were making stops and arresting people, discovered that during the Obama smearing of all law enforcement from Ferguson Missouri to Baltimore to Chicago, that no one had the officer's backs in Chicago, so the police soon figured out as they were the target of Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch and the ACLU, they simply stopped enforcing the law to protect and just showed up with body bags as the dope wars erupted.

 The U.S. Justice Department is leading a wide-ranging probe of police practices in the wake of a video showing a white officer shooting black teen Laquan McDonald 16 times. The department also was forced into revamping its street stop procedures after the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois raised red flags over whether officers were violating citizens' civil rights.

Remember now in this that New York does not have that problem nor does LA. The reason is that the Mexican mafia was running Chicago and the Obama folk were engaged in replacing them in a major coup. It all has to do with the major arteries running into Chicago.
It all has to do with the dope trade, and the artery which runs into northwest Indiana where Mike Pence ruled, and was allowing the dumping of guns into Chicago in wholesale straw walking. You will note that Obama's ATF never cracked down on gun dealers in Indiana as they did in Texas, Arizona or New Mexico. The difference is one arms trade was handing weapons over to the competition while in Chicago these were the good dope dealers being armed.
In a fascinating reality, in LA and New York, the firearms there are long term firearms by the owners, but in Chicago they are all new as the wetbacks fresh off the boat.

This is about the Eisenhower Expressway which is locally called Heroin Highway as this is the artery which connects the rich east and north side suburbanites to the Nigs and Beaners on the west and south.

On the West Side, on a street like Monroe that is minutes from the Eisenhower Expressway, nicknamed the "Heroin Highway" for its easy access for drug-buying suburbanites, fights for the lucrative drug spots are fueling much of the violence.

Asked what's behind all the shootings, a resident near the troubled 4400 block of West Monroe said, "Whoever's dealing the drugs."

Those blue lines in interstates are the dope and gun traffic arteries in and out of Chicago. This is where hundreds of millions of dollars exchanges hands in Chicago and billions  more flow in, and it ends up in Wall Street franchises and bank investments. This is why none of this is shut down as the financiers are laundering this cash and it is what is keeping most of this American nation afloat, just as the Europeans stated after the economic crash there in 2008 AD in the year of our Lord, that it was the black market traffic which kept Europe solvent.

Normal people's stomachs are turning now in revulsion in discovering what has always been before them.

There is so much money and trade in Chicago, that confiscating from criminals half a million dollars in weapons in one year is nothing, as Chicago is the greatest armed camp of minorities on the planet.

Gun control in Chicago is controlled by the financiers who arm their dope lords just as Obama armed ISIS.

Through Tuesday, police had recovered 4,300 guns from across the city, up 30 percent from a year earlier. Gun-related arrests have risen as well, to 1,530, the department said.

Gun pipelines are plentiful for gang members, many of whom cannot legally buy firearms because of their criminal records. Gun shows and dealers operating under less stringent laws are a short drive away in northwest Indiana. Gang members also turn to legal buyers to purchase weapons for them at suburban Cook County and downstate gun shops — an illegal practice known as straw purchasing. Guns also are stolen in burglaries.

Roseanna Ander, executive director of the University of Chicago Crime Lab, who has studied gun issues, said gun seizure records suggest gang members in New York and Los Angeles carry fewer illegal firearms than those in Chicago.

For a background in this for the non natives, Chicago is confusing in locations as one would think West and South Side are west and south, but the reality is south is actually EAST and CENTRAL, while the West is CENTRAL to the city.

In just a few short years though, the 2008 Chicago controlled by the Mexicans and fretted about by the DEA, became a Chicago which was in absolute war for control over Chicago. What was an 80% control of Chicago by El Chapo, began eroding with every bullet fired.

In Chicago, the cartel has a near monopoly. “I’d say 70 to 80 percent of the narcotics here are controlled by Sinaloa and Chapo Guzm├ín,” says Jack Riley, director of the DEA’s Chicago office. “Virtually all of our major investigations at some point lead back to other investigations tied to Sinaloa.”

America has 41 million illegal criminals, but they are concentrated in five cities. Five violent cities. The difference though in Chicago is control is being arrested from the Mexicans, and MS 13 is evolving into the paradigm, but something more has taken place which came out of the Clinton playbook in Europe.
As violent crime rates began to soar in Sanctuary Cities, this column noted via National Review, “that fully half of America’s 41 million immigrants have settled in just five metropolitan areas: New York City–Newark, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and San Francisco–Oakland. According to data from the Center for Immigration Studies, every one of these cities and their surrounding counties has sanctuary policies of some kind. …”

There once was a people in Europe called Yugoslavians. Their resources were coveted by the cartel, led by George Soros, and soon the nation broke up, was Balkanized to be exploited, and in that, Chicago was Balkanized by the Obama regime, for dislodging El Chapo and turning Chicago into firefights over city blocks for control. Instead of 3 lords, there were now hundreds of homeys hammering rounds at each other, and  that is where the huge murder sprees are taking place in Chicago and not being shut down by the feds or locals, because they are plugging and playing an endless supply of bodies to be used up, to keep the dope dispersion running in the billions inside an outside of Chicago.

 Balkanizing the Chicago Cartel

Riding a wave of migration from Mexico and Central America, a handful of California street gangs have arrived in many Chicago suburbs.
Four gangs in particular - 18th Street, Surenos 13's, Nortenos 14's and Mara Salvatrucha - can now be found in nearly two dozen Chicago-area communities, large and small.
In the past two years, California gang members have been fingered in shootings or stabbings in Elgin, Joliet, West Chicago, Addison, Franklin Park and Bensenville.

 This is the essence of American gang wars now in the Latins set upon each other in battling it out. Mara is MS 13 and these groups are putting their colors into view and infiltrating the areas with violence, and they were allowed to do this under Obama and were to be secured  by Hamrod Clinton.

18th Street factions have been found in West Chicago, Aurora, Woodridge, Downers Grove and Naperville.In the early 1990s, a massive recruitment effort helped 18th Street expand into 15 states, said the National Alliance of Gang Investigators Associations, a cooperative network of police officials that helps communities with emerging gang problems.
The gang's primary business is national and international drug trafficking, and high-ranking members have close ties to Mexican and Colombian drug cartels, the NAGIA said.
Mara Salvatrucha, also known as MS-13, formed in Los Angeles during the 1980s as Central Americans fled a bloody civil war in El Salvado

It is why though in the press you have heard about crackdowns by Donald Trump on MS 13. Whether you believe it or not with the map below  to show you the locations of the gangs in Chicago, but Chicago is not being cracked down in MS 13 as other areas are on the eastern seaboard. The reason is the old mafia who Obama cut out, are having the federal government remove their rivals in MS 13 and once again restoring the old money flow order.


Chicago the hog butcher of the world, and that she is, as she has dope pouring in by ships and trains wholesale in bulk to feed all of your communities with narcotics. This is not little coke flights or a semi with a thousand pounds of dope, this is tons of dope arriving in America by ship, and you will notice unlike Ronald Reagan cracking down, there is not one photo of DEA seizing any of these massive shipments, as it all is supposed to remain a mystery as to just why those odd Chicago people keep killing each other by the thousands.

Chicago is the transportation hub of America, a fact not lost on the Mexican cartels (just as it wasn’t on Capone and his fellow bootleggers almost a century ago). It’s ideally located within a day’s drive of 70 percent of the nation’s population. Six interstate highways crisscross the region, connecting east and west. Only two states (Texas and California) have more interstate highway miles than Illinois.

As for rail transport, Chicago welcomes six of the seven major railroads and accounts for a quarter of the country’s rail traffic. Water? The Port of Chicago is one of the nation’s largest inland cargo ports, and the city is the world’s third-largest handler of shipping containers (after Singapore and Hong Kong). And let’s not forget about Midway and O’Hare: More than 86 million passengers and 1.5 million tons of cargo passed through these airports combined in 2011, the latest year for which data are available.

Second, the Chicago metro area has a large Hispanic immigrant population, making it easy for Mexican cartel operatives to blend in. (Only Los Angeles, San Antonio, and Houston have more residents of Mexican descent, according to the 2010 census.)

Because many of these immigrants—especially those who are here illegally—are poor or underemployed, the area provides a fertile recruiting ground for cartel operatives.

According to a Cook County law enforcement officer familiar with the local drug trade, the Pilsen and Little Village neighborhoods, which are more than 80 percent Hispanic, are el eje (the axis) of drug distribution in the city. They’re conveniently located near the Stevenson, Dan Ryan, and Eisenhower Expressways, Metra’s Burlington Northern Santa Fe line, and a major industrial corridor off Blue Island Avenue. (With 1.3 billion square feet of warehouse property, Chicago has one of the largest concentrations of industrial space in the nation, offering plenty of room for cartels to hide contraband.)

Third, the city is a huge market in its own right. Chicagoans’ taste for drugs is as big as—if not bigger than—that of most other Americans. For example, according to a report by the Office of National Drug Control Policy, 86 percent of people arrested in Cook County in 2012 tested positive for at least one illegal narcotic—the highest percentage of any big city. Twenty-two percent tested positive for more than one.

While the amount of cocaine seized annually by law enforcement officials in the Chicago area has been declining in recent years, the amount of heroin has skyrocketed, rising sixfold from 2002 to 2012. Chicago’s rate of heroin-related emergency room admissions is three times the national rate.

Methamphetamine sales are way up, too. As U.S. authorities have cracked down on home-produced meth, the cartels have been breaking badder: inundating Chicago and other U.S. cities with extremely pure, relatively cheap meth straight from “superlabs” in Mexico. In 2002, law enforcement officials in Chicago seized 3.5 kilograms (8 pounds) of meth; in 2012 they seized more than 70 kilos (155 pounds).

This photo below is how the dope syndicate works out of Chicago, flowing in and out. You may hear of dope shipments flowing east out of California or Mexico, but those shipments are seized, as they are competition for the real monopoly protected by the police state for Wall Street.

As a  reminder of how this all began outside the United States....
The backstory drama of Honduras in 2016 was that Obama and Clinton orchestrated a military coup to get rid of that dope running cowboy el presidente there who was "properly elected", but in 2009 as this military coup was taking place, the record shows that it was Hamrod Clinton and Birther Hussein who were trying to get this corrupt politician back into power.
Whatever the aftermath, volumes of ordnance began showing up in Central American dope lord hands following the Obama coup in the United States, which included hand grenades in these para military dope groups protecting their syndicates for global distribution to Europe and America as the bottom of the chain feeders.

Deal Set to Restore Ousted Honduran President - The New York ...

Oct 31, 2009 · The de facto government agreed to a deal that would allow Manuel Zelaya, the deposed president, to return to office, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton confirmed on Friday.

That is the story in this, and Donald Trump with Chris Christie can spend money on heroin epidemics, but that is just money graft to those connected as nothing is going to be done about heroin in America, except MS 13 is going to have their Obama monopoly yanked by the DIA who placed Mr. President into power and then the old order will take up the profit picture and all will return to what it was, except for Chicago, which is community organized Balkan City State for the purpose in the Americans are keeping their lion's share and no longer sharing with their tan skins south of the Rio Grande.

This Is Trump's Plan to Stop the Opioid Epidemic. It's ...

While President Donald Trump promised to "spend the money" to end the scourge of opiate addiction on the campaign trail, he's been quiet on the issue since he began his tenure—even as health care has taken center stage. "If you're serious about a commission, show me your budget and your ...

Now you know what is behind all of these headlines, and why all of your paid mic heads have not said one word about any of this, as that is how their money flows to them to tell you things so you never start getting answers to why Chicago is running red.

No one else does this in connecting the dots as it is makes one quite popular with those who assassinate girls with keyboards as none of this is supposed to get out. You ungrateful readers hiding behind screens have just read Pulitzer Prize winning stuff, but it will never come my way, because none of this information is supposed to ever reach out.

Again, what would you do without this blog pointing the real situations out to you, but be in your ignorance as you will never figure this stuff out.

It does not matter if you are in Cleveland, Memphis, Norfolk, Minneapolis, Little Rock, Omaha, Charlotte or Vicksburg, this is location of your dope, who controls it and how it is reaching you.

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