Wednesday, May 9, 2018

WWF Stealing Money From Cancer Kids

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Every night I either am tortured by some asstard actor trying to extort money for protecting pets, instead of giving it to cancer kids, or the WWF whining about the snow leopard for an 8 dollar a month donation to symbolically adopt a snow leopard which kills everything on the planet when it gets a chance.

I started  looking at this predator and it turns out that all of these whiners are again lying to people in there is ZERO poaching of snow leopards.  Wiki details what is taking place.


The major threat to snow leopard populations is poaching and illegal trade of skins and body parts. In China, 103 to 236 animals are poached every year, in Mongolia between 34 and 53, in Pakistan between 23 and 53, in India from 21 to 45, and in Tajikistan 20 to 25. Poaching is linked to prey declines and livestock depredation

The facts are the snow leopard is killing livestock and pets of rural poor people, and those people in turn are killing the damned things to protect themselves from dying. There is no Walmart to buy milk from on regime welfare card in outer Mongolia when a snow leopard kills your milk yak or milk pony. The leopard figures out it is easy killing and pretty soon an entire village is starving to death. So they blast these things regular.

Wiki is caught in the lie in stating that it is an illegal trade in skins, but then you find out that it is the leopards killing other things endangering humans which got them shot in the first place.

If you remember that deep woods owl which was all the rage a few decades ago in being almost extinct in America, the fact was the reason they were almost extinct is they don't live in the deep woods as their is not any food there.
Snow leopards if you look where they live, they exist in the mountains, where there is snow. Snow is what makes the pelt lighter and the reason there is not that many of them is the same reason you do not see herds of Marco Polo sheep on top of Mt. Everest as there is nothing to eat there.

Range Country

Habitat area
Afghanistan 50,000 100–200?
Bhutan 15,000 100–200?
China 1,100,000 2,000–2,500
India 75,000 200–600
Kazakhstan 50,000 180–200
Kyrgyzstan 105,000 150–500
Mongolia 101,000 500–1,000
Nepal 30,000 300–500
Pakistan 80,000 200–420
Tajikistan 100,000 180–220
Uzbekistan 10,000 20–50

No one knows how many of these damn things are out there. WWF says  6500, there are estimates of 3500 to just under 10,000. Just to run the numbers in say there are 6000 leopards. Say there are 1000 breeding pairs as in 500 females. Say they produce 3 cubs a year, that is 1500 snow leopards and it explains why so many of these predators are killing pet yaks. It is because they have EATEN all their food and are moving into human farming communities destroying property. 400 leopards killed in protecting human life still leaves over 1000 leopards adding to the population in this farce.

If people just start examining the facts, the facts do not add up to the propaganda.

The people with neurosis link to this cat as it reflects their personality, in a cat that eats and shits and never thinks about these troubled souls. What about the reality that this cat has to kill an animal every 5 days, and as they are all in good condition, that is a reality in 6000 cats, that 6000 hoofed animals are dying every week, for over 320,000 animals perish every year for these cats. No animals can be stockpiled, but the day that all of these whiners start handing over all they have to the poor and then going to Asia to have snow leopard eat them willingly, like baby colts and baby calves are quite unwilling to die for the fantasies of American psychotics, that is the day that this evens out in these cat huggers put their bitching where the condemnation is.
There are over 6 billion humans on earth. The human population is not going to miss 320,000 cat worshiping liberals being eaten by snow leopards. Yes these humans think they have the right to damn other rural people in Asia to death in leopards eating their food sources.

That is the reality in this. Those are the facts of the snow leopard and why your ignorance is once again allowing a scam to rob money from cancer kids at St. Jude's hospital.