Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Two Names Which Set off Russiagate

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 I doubt most of you reading this will comprehend the gravity of the information which is about to be revealed as it has been published in plain sight by certain parties in this DIA rooting out of elements clandestine, but the popular girl is about to explain the key components to finding the layer on top of who was really behind Russiagate.

In reviewing the information which is public, I know that this was a multi level, misdirection, chase your tail operation by those who created it for specific purpose in the bright children who think they are in charge had no more idea than Evelyn Farkas that she was being played for a troll.

I recognize the work from American Counter Intelligence of long ago. I had thought that these talents had vanished in the modern era, but in Russiagate they appeared again, in the silent committee, which plays the players so the players never realize they were played was back.

In quoting Andrew McCarthy of the CIA's National Review, there were two names which buggered up the works for Donald Trump. Meaning there were two people who set off the red flags for the Obama's, Clinton's and their deep state associates, which set this all in motion, once the seeding had been accomplished in multiple dossiers and intelligence plants to those like John Brennan, who bit very hard.

The two names are Carter Page and Paul Manafort.

Strzok and Page perused a Josh Marshall Talking Points Memo post entitled, “Trump & Putin. Yes, It’s really a Thing.”

 “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets,” Trump’s son Donald Jr. had told a real-estate conference in 2008.
Marshall pointed out that shady Russian oligarchs were involved in Trump development ventures; that Trump’s tax returns might reveal the depth of financial ties to Moscow, but Trump had refused to disclose them; that Trump had chosen to bring into his campaign Paul Manafort, who had worked for years for a Kremlin-backed Ukrainian party, and Carter Page, a Putin apologist with financial ties to Gazprom, the Kremlin-controlled energy behemoth; that Putin had “aligned all Russian state controlled media behind Trump”; and that the Trump campaign, though otherwise indifferent to the party platform during the Republican convention, had intervened to water down a provision on providing assistance to Ukraine against Russian aggression. (That last claim has been persuasively rebutted, by Byron York, among others.)

Carter Page as we now know is an FBI asset. Paul Manafort was simply a businessman doing commerce with the Ukrainian leadership. It is interesting in one reeked of Putin and the other had so infuriated the hedge fund pirates in moving money out of the Ukraine, that these two when they appeared in the Trump campaign, the fuse was lit.

What you must understand in this, is there is not any way they simply appeared. That is why it is certain this was a counter intelligence operation. Someone made certain that an FBI asset against the Russians appeared associated with the Trump campaign and someone made certain that a Ukrainian operative who had so pissed off the Soros types would send off the rocket's red glare.

Revisit Paul Manafort in the summer of 2016 AD in the year of our Lord. The entire #NeverTrump Bush establishment was coordinated with Hamrod Clinton to stop Trump. Bill Clinton stated it would be handled. That would be Peter Strzok's insurance policy. Manafort appeared as a Bob Dole guy out of nowhere. He had no idea he was being set up, but took the job to control the GOP delegates at the convention, to which he failed, and Reince Priebus had to gavel down the opposition as Ted Cruz when suicide bomber on the floor.
There are so many layers in this that those involved with Manafort had zero idea that the promised salvation of the convention was how this all was manipulated for Manafort to be hired by Donald Trump. Think of this as onion skins, in the layers of Trump, Manafort, the people who suggested Manafort, the people who brought Manafort's name up to be suggested, the people who whispered Manafort's name in the direction to go to the above, and as you get about two more layers past this, you still have a few more layers to go before you get close to those who were behind this really.
It is the same with Carter Page. Do you realize how deep you have to be to know that Carter Page was an FBI asset, and that the people who ran this covert operation, had access to more layers separating out from them, so there is zero trace of this back to them? That is what it looks like when the professional adults are running an operation. There is so much misdirection, clutter, people eating their own, chaos and confusion that no one can ever put together this was a counter intelligence operation.

As a forensic psychologist, I relish the nuts and bolts of things like this, not the operation, but the conversations which took place as files appeared, and discussions were made, and the decision was made to choose several individuals to plant the seeds into, to have them run the chain of associations so Page and Carter would appear on cue.

To put it simply in another individual on another front, do you think John McCain got the pissgate file by accident? Because he was such a patriot? Because he was so trusted by the deep state? Hell no!!! When the files were gone through, they picked this old prick because they knew McCain would bite on bullshit of perverted pissing, and he would do anything to get Trump and McCain would run like a raped ape to James Comey, just like Pavlov's dog drooling over a bell being rung.

That is what I desire you to comprehend. Some people were chosen for their loyalty, some for their concern, some for their honest, and some like McCain were picked because those behind this knew McCain destroy himself to be the asshole he is.
So you understand this beyond the three dimensions, it probably was not an accident that Donald Trump kicked the gonads off McCain early, as Donald Trump was urged to pick the fight, but Donald John probably did not have any idea that what he was engaged in, was for a few months later when a pissgate file would be offered to McCain by the British who were running an operation to elect Hillary Clinton.
As I pointed out in the beginning of this, do you know what kind of caste you have to belong to, that you know MI6 under Theresa May is meddling in US elections to start a war with Russia, and in your knowing all of this, you are bright enough to construct one facet of an operation for something months ahead to kick the nads on hero McCain, so he would think it was all his idea, when the forensic psychology this monkey would swing from the tree if offered the right banana.

Those professionals behind this deserve credit, but this popular girl is not going to speculate nor become a target as that would be simply unwise. Once though you have the names of Carter and Page, you begin to decipher that they were picked to goad the White House, John Brennan, Peter Strzok, James Comey and yes Robert Mueller down the road they were already sprinting down. The bait was presented and those pushing Russiagate came hard for it in thinking it was their own operation.

I have appreciation for such talent as this as I had thought it had vanished and would never appear again in the public world.

Each of you think you are intelligent and have it all on the ball, but everyone of us is manipulated to do the bidding as the profiles of each of us either has us as the flock of sheep or some bleater who will respond when necessary.

You now know too much information, as none of this was to be known from the shadowlands. What you have though are two names which were meant to be known as the primer for all of this. There is reason in that and that still is to corner the Russians, as Peter Strzok responded the red flag of Russia in classified information he has gotten, which is the same information which has Donald Trump doing what he is doing with Russia.

Strzok raged in a heavily redacted reply, “f***ing conniving cheating savages. At statecraft, athletics, you name it. I’m glad I’m on Team USA.”

You are all not so blind now. Just do not become blinded by the light.

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