Monday, May 21, 2018

This is Hideous

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The word hideous, seems to indicate that HIDE is the base word in something so abhorrent that the population recoils from it, and it must be hidden from view as cows would quit milking and chickens would quit laying and children would go insane and start shooting up schools.

The above photo is of hideous and it reminded me of that Star Trek episode of the Medusans in only blind people could look upon them or they would go insane. For those who have not yet recovered from the recoiling and puzzlement, that is a nose, but when it is that size of nose, it deserves some other name like NEBULA as it is catastrophic in size.

I simply can not believe something that bulbous occurs on a human face, and there is not some neck fractures in trying to hold up that much weight. That nose is the Kim Kardashian of ass sizes on a female's face. It simply is hideous.

What is  more hideous is it is attached to HRH Harry, Duke of Sussex and that is what now shadows over Sussex in Megan Markel's nose where crops will probably all yellow due to that monstrosity blocking out the life giving sun.

 HRH Harry,  Megs and the Nose

I actually tried to find something smaller than the Nose of Sussex, but even Mt. Everest looks petite compared to his hideous nose.

Personally, as the British were taking jabs at President Trump not being invited, I for one  am thankful, as who knows what would have come out of that nose. Perhaps magma would erupt like Mt. Kilauea and all life would have been extinguished if the Nose of Sussex had erupted.
Frankly the British were so enamored with Obama  and with looting Africa's billion Negroids of their money, that I can see why they went overboard and told Harry to find a Quadroon with a nose that no one  would ever mistake her for a White girl.

 President Trump saved from a Magma Megan Markel Booger

I decided to look up at what the Queen, the White one, bestowed upon Megan, as what is Sussex but South Essex eh?

It appears she gave her the white chalk cliffs of Dover. Maybe the Queen thinks all that chalk will make Megan White. I don't know, but I think I remember that Nostradamus said a big meteor would soon wash that part of England in the White Cliffs out to sea.
I guess that is the Queen's way of getting Negroid money out of Africa, and not having to deal with a Diana situation, as an act of God washing that nose out to sea would be better than even a divorce.'


 The Duke of York and the Duchesses of York
Don't be afraid girls, you will not go blind looking at it

Yes the Queen gave her bonny son Andrew, York. Now that is a real English title, while Duchess of Sussex sounds  like Duchess of YOU SUCK.

Meanwhile this is the delicacy which the Nose of Sussex will be dining upon, it is called Pond Pudding.


It looks  like baby calf poo, but then who  am I to quibble with honors the Queen bestows on Quadroons.

It is in all of this that I came across why the Queen gave Sussex to Megan Markel as her people are from there in the Neanderthals. Apparently the last of their kind died in Sussex, and I do not know if the Queen was sending a meteor message or what the association was, but the fact is Megan has this guys nose, so the Nose of Sussex has finally returned to rule.

Homo heidelbergensis

See here is the evidence in they are Nose Twins.

I did not think after Michelle Obama, that anything could get any more interesting, but it seems George W. Bush got some of that brown sugar and Duke Harry got the jungle boogey and wanted some of that too.  One  has to admire Harry in doing this for the Queen to get the African lands, and to bravely take his life into his hands  in hoping that nose does not inhale him or drown him in a snot blow. Not everyone would have that kind of fortitude, but as his father Jame  Hewitt was a horseman, I can see how that bravery transferred.

But keep the stiff upper lip Harry, as you can still bugger your homosexual friends and you might just get another title for that nose as it is almost the size of another person.
How about the Duchnose of Gloucester? That seems fitting in a Dickens sort of way.

And to think Paul Nehlen was banned for Twitter over what the Queen did. The Queen will probably have account frozen now too.

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