Sunday, May 13, 2018

Time for an Eagle Season to 1950 levels

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As a child I always thought that Benjamin Franklin was a bit weak in wanting the wild turkey as the symbol of America and others laughed at him, but in observing bald eagles this past months, Benjamin Franklin was absolutely correct in there is nothing noble about this bird, which is nothing but a carrion eater after it steals from other murderous birds, and it frankly is stupid as can be.

In watching eagles, I am reminded every time of Jesus saying where the carcass is, there the eagles will be, because they honestly are nothing but a glorified buzzard.
I have no idea what the hell they were gathering around this morning as I was doing chores, but about 250 yards away were 6 of them, in 4 juvenile and 2 adults. The one adult took off, made a swing and swooped in on some prey that was dead there. I suspect it was some dead duck or goose that one of those goddamned Cooper's hawks killed, but I have been watching them now feeding on gut piles and on dead baby calves.

They crows hate them and were pestering one in our trees, which flew away when it saw me. Another one came pumping along for a nice shot, but this is the stupid part with their great eyesight in he was on me before he flared and fled for his life. Apparently some other good citizen who can afford to be fined, which I can not, took a pot shot at this juvenile last year.

I was looking around and discovered that North Dakota has like 240 nesting pairs of these damned things. That is like a 1000 birds more a year in North Dakota. Those things should not be protected any more as I see more of those vultures than I do pheasants.

They really are a rather unkempt and ugly bird, grubby is the look of them as they must not preen at all. Golden Eagles always look nice, but they are damned murderous in killing lambs, calves, fawns and whatever. The best use of a Golden Eagle is the Indians shooting them for head dresses.

I used to be amazed at seeing eagles. Now I just have contempt. I mean one sitting in your trees looking big as a pterodactyl is  impressive, but we got as many eagles as Mexican vermin now and all they do is block out the view.

Personally I think there should be a season on the damned things to thin them out or for Donald the President to get off his Mar Largo and get Scott Pruit over at EPA to start handing our Durafan and Cyanide to rural people so they can start baiting for this shit and kill all them damned coyotes, wolves, owls, cougars and eagles. African have all that stuff to knock of lions and shit, so why should people who actually amount to something have to put up with this shit, when in Teddy Roosevelt's day they just blasted the hell out of this vermin so that good wildlife that people could hunt and enjoy would flourish.

It says it all when a crow and a raven hate your ass, and they hate eagles and those murderous horned owls. They are the maggot and the cancer of bird world and of course all protected with like 10,000 dollar fines and a host of asstards who want White People eliminated from America and turn it all over to two legged vermin that fly and shit out taco and couscous.

I was discussing this with TL and I just could not figure out a bird to replace the eagle. I like the wild turkey as it is a stately bird, but then a pterodactyl is more my choice as they are extinct and I won't have them blocking my view of the sun.

I think we got stuck with that damned buzzard because east coast flesh had no experience really, except Ben Franklin in what vermin they are. People always think eagles are noble, when they are nothing of the sort. We did allot better when strychnine had thinned them out and everyone believed the propaganda. Once though you get around these fish eaters, you just start seeing how goddamn welfare road kill they are. I mean a buzzard has the decency not to descend on an area like the plague in you just get a couple of them. Eagles it is like giving free widescreens to swarthies at Walmart. No such thing with eagles or rats in their just being one of them.

Hell I would even buy a license just to shoot at them. No I don't have to kill them, but there should be a license to scare the hell out of them, so idiots who still think eagles are wonderful could have them shitting on their property after eating stinking carrion.

As I close this illuminated thought, I think maybe America should adopt the raven. Ravens are allot like Americans in being big, shifty, cagey, looking for a better deal and usually smart enough to not get their ass shot as they maneuver around the police state eagles and owls protected for the vermin they are.

And no I am not talking about no light weight crow. I am talking about a big beaked, tear your blackbird head off raven. The kind Noah kicked off the boat with no place to land and he survived. That is a good symbol as the eagles apparently were all hiding with the chickens, probably sucking eggs in the poultry pen.

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