Friday, June 8, 2018

Gun Fun

Dirty my Harry....

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Can any of us deny that we all enjoy gun play. Do we not enjoy when Birther Hussein goes American and does the Dirty Harry?

Yes this is the leftist celebration of guns in all their fun and all their pleasure and I bid you, Gun Fun.

First up, cats love guns.

Second up, the Lame Cherry loves Asian girls shooting guns off in their homes.

 Then there is the full auto Siamese Cat, a new import for the Alt Right out of Asia.

Some men just take a piss, but others drink combustibles and then light up their dicks for some real fun as why just take a whiz in America when you concealed carry goes nuclear.

I always love nostalgia. What is more wonderful than a 1950's child stroking a tommy gun for 3 dollars instead of a 21st century kid tapping on a cell phone.

I have always appreciated other primates with automatic firearms. I think they should be handed out at zoos.

Once again a sexy woman, made even sexier by the addition of a gun.

Who would not want the pipes on this girl stroking their wood.

We call this the Crazy Asian stance. Obviously it has it's virtues in a gun fight as it is more difficult to shoot a Mongoloid in the head.

Then again, one does not need to be too accurate when your three year old shops at Bazookas R US.

Lastly, the great American, John Wayne and his 92 Winchester. God bless America!!!

Amen baby sister, Amen and Amen