Wednesday, July 18, 2018

a turpentine follow up

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This is an update on my taking turpentine for bacterial, fungal and whatever.

I have not except for a headache brought on by exposure to farmer pesticides not taken one Advil, which seems impossible for me, as I used to take 3 to 4 on a good day and 6 to 8 on a bad day.

That is what the turpentine has "cured" in me, in whatever was affecting my joints and connective tissues, along with my sinus, has disappeared.

To make the point, if I ever lifted anything heavy in 100 plus pounds, I might get away with it, but the next day something in my back would slip from swelling and it would be 3 days of agony and lots of advil. In order to keep a bull from being cooked on the hoof, I had to move some Powder River panels which were stuck in shit almost 3 feet deep. I used a jack and to make a long story short, after jacking them out, my abdominal muscles were painfully sore for 3 days as if I had did hundreds of sit ups. I moved 5 panels by myself and the Powder River's are extremely heavy, and I honestly had not one twinge in my back.

So whatever critter was inflaming my joints, was killed, and those symptoms all disappeared in me feeling like a cripple.

I still have sinus problems somewhat as corn bothers me, and we have been Burma mold wet here and that always bothers me, but where it causes reaction and pain, I have not had the hours of severe headaches, which with me includes my intestines shutting down, nausea etc... and often I felt like I had gone through a wringer the next day. That has not repeated, so turpentine cleared that out on me too.

So for joint and sinus, soft tissues, I have found that turpentine has worked exceptionally well.

I have violated things in food and that has not helped some additional problems I have been suffering from in other areas of my body. I get spiritually blasted and I cope with treat. I still hope to get that cured as I am going to try something else and see how that protocol works which is not turpentine.

I am only sharing my experiences as while it has helped me intestinally, and has had some phenomenal results with TL in we are learning there are different strains of candida or fungus which react differently to turpentine. I plan though to keep the maintenance of twice a week for the future to keep getting things under control. It does seem that the turpentine stays in my system a few days now. That helps, but I was hoping for better results in why I actually started taking the stuff...........and yes I violated eating more things I should not have as the turpentine made me feel better, so that probably compounded the problem I am disappointed in.

In my case, and TL's it seems that joint pain is related to some critters which turpentine kills off readily. It helped with sinus too.  I am thankful in I was taking probably around 150 advil a month and I am not doing that any longer. I don't know if this would work for everyone as everyone does not have the same fungal or bacterial conditions, but what if joint pain is not always deteriorated connective tissues, but instead inflamed tissues from some critter that eats sugars, and when you kill that critter, the pain goes away.

I just would that I had tried this earlier as it would have saved me from what I am dealing with now.

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