Wednesday, July 18, 2018

A Good Little Trade War

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This is a Lame Cherry lesson to open your eyes to trade wars, as the Chamber of Commerce whose lucre is produced off of Chinese slave labor and making certain prices paid to Americans for what they produce stays low, all for Wall Street's profit margins of gouging remain high does not like trade wars, but there is another aspect of trade wars which the defense establishment relishes in hegemony and it is this economic fact.

US fires next shot in China trade war - BBC News

US fires next shot in China trade war. ... Is child sex abuse in India rising? Why the end of US sanctions hasn't helped Sudan. Elsewhere on the BBC Football phrases.

Trade Wars bring sanctions, tariffs,  retaliation and  the real weapon in all of this called inflation. See economic sanctions to economic sanctions are not the same in China as in the United States. Where you are deprived of your MAGA promises by Trump selling your gas to foreigners for profits to the oil barons, the reality is in China that their inflation problems brought on tariffs are the literal 1% can afford them, while the 1.2 billion poor Chinese can not afford them.
The Chinese have a state sponsored economy where prices are all subsidized, but China does not have a perpetual money printing machine or money laundering capability. The regime in Peking can only underwrite and absorb so much, before it's economic structure will begin to erode from the paper tiger it already is. In other words, China has allowed it's subjects to become addicted to meat and other things like gasoline. Increase those prices in trade wars and market inflation, and a Chicom peasant simply is destroyed in a matter of months as Peking in it's paper tiger economy can only withstand such tariffs for a yearly period before it's reserves will be depleted.

That is why Donald Trump brought Xi to Florida. He first made peace with the last piece on the board he should have in reverse psychology as he moves to the first piece, he positioned last in Moscow. China was told it was the main card and believed it, when in reality it is the weakest card on the table and becomes weaker every day.

China does not possess a land bridge to anywhere to invade for succor or supply. She is surrounded by 2 billion Indonesians and Indians in the south, and a nuclear Russia in the north, with desert waste in the Muslim lands. An army does China zero good for gaining it's needs and it's needs are a very long supply line over oceans, which are vulnerable and expensive and tariffs make things more expensive which China can not afford, as her major expenditure already is energy at above market purchase prices as China was in the market at 100 plus dollar a barrel of crude oil.

That is why China seeks the silk road to Europe, but Europe has rebuffed China as being Chinese slaves does not appeal to Europeans. So the investment China is making is to the zero markets of Muslim lands and the zero markets of Russia.

That is the opening salvo in this in Donald Trump in trade wars with China are the inflation of tariffs, which will bleed the dragon out. The military in the PLA will be fed and fueled, but at the expense of the population and in this scenario, the people then become an equal threat to Peking in revolution and riot as America and Moscow are.
Take the next step in Trumpageddon in America removing 3/5ths of Chinese oil supply by dealing with Iran, and China  implodes quickly to a Mao era of draconian state control to survive. If she starts a war to kill off her people, her problem is she has to kill off the masses, while keeping the PLA from dying first or killing off the Xi dictatorship and taking control.

Americans can survive a trade war due to Trump printing press spending of massive debt. That is why Donald John is roughing up everyone in Europe in Trump is gaining the currency trade back to Americans terms, instead of underwriting Europeans not working and always on vacation most of the week.
There is a real strategy in this forming and Mr. President has been positioning pieces around the board, including North Korea, which China is attempting to position as a war front again, but Trumpageddon in the Mideast is the next phase once Russia complies, in putting China on the Russian energy leash of control as America gains control of Chinese oil arteries which come out of the majority of the Mideast. That is why Iran is a key component in this, and why Syria has been allowed to survive, thankfully for Assad protecting the Christian communities, as America is in complete control over the Syria oil fields run by American companies in the northwest, and the last piece in this the Rook of Iranian oil being cut off.

Zbigniew Brzezinski the Russiaphobe stated in his chessboard that China was much too big and it was necessary to break China up, or Balkanize China. That is what this trade war is intended to do in soften up China by making her people in riot against the regime as they eat supplies like a cancer, the way to break apart China as a power.

China was too large to attack as Japan, America and Russia learned. It would require too many resources to be expended in distance and population. The only solution is revolution from within as China consumes her cancerous self. Her leadership has always been ripe for manipulation as the Asian mind believes itself superior and will believe anything it is told. China has over extended and is top heavy. Unplug the oil from a regional hub and China is defanged and declawed.

This is the lesson of trade wars which is never spoken of as it reveals the inner workings of Mockingbird and why it is hidden from public understanding. As I never have the problem of being underwritten by the government, the facts come out in these pages, and depends upon some rich people acting like Christians in greater numbers so the poor will not have to give up food and futures in their donations here.

You learned once again more in a few paragraphs here than in years of pages on all the other sites combined.

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